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What is the £100K Club?

It's everything you need to create a business that's successful, profitable and runs without you being tied to your desk 24/7!

Discover Simple & Effective Processes & Systems to Use In Your Business

Hi!  I'm Lesley, The Marketing and Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs!

And if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure I know a few things about you already:

  • I know that you’re an entrepreneur at heart...
  • You have that spark inside you to make an IMPACT in the world!
  • But that you also need someone you can trust to show you the way...

I'm not one of those coaches who brags about numbers, sales and all the amazing people I've helped...

Because THIS, right here, this isn't about me...

It's about YOU.

We may not have bumped into each other until now, but I think this might sound like you: 

  • You want to create something meaningful that will change your life and the lives of everyone you love...
  • You either have your own business already and want to scale it to £100K+...
  • OR you have a dream of being your own boss and making an impact in the world...
  • Do you work on your business every hour of every day? 
  • Or perhaps you also have a day job or you take care of the kids & try to cram in time for your business around that...

If that sounds like you, you're probably thinking that you DESERVE to be making a good deal of money from your business right now!

And you'd be right!

So WHY isn't it happening for you like you see it happening for so many other women online? 

You're not making enough money from your business yet, you're struggling to get clients, or dealing with 'time-wasters'...

Maybe you have so many ideas that you just don't know what to do or where to start!

You're probably also trying to get noticed and be VISIBLE in this crazy online world!

If so, you're probably feeling pretty confused, overwhelmed and maybe even a bit of an 'imposter'!

I mean, what are you SUPPOSED to be doing?


There's so many people telling you a ton of different things, and convincing you that the next strategy or system will work and you'll become a superstar business owner overnight!

So, you buy a ton of different courses, read eBooks & blog posts, spend hours trailing through Facebook & YouTube trying to pick up that special golden bullet of success...

& NOTHING changes!


Apart from working yourself into the ground and ending up feeling like a failure :(

The thing to remember though, is that there is no magical golden bullet, no secret sauce and no Fairy Godmother who is going to wave her sparkling wand over you and suddenly, you're making 100K+ per year.




What you really DO need is something else, let me explain... 

What you need is support, guidance, a step-by-step plan to follow and training that teaches you how to be the master of your own business.

YOU are the CEO of your business! 

YOU are the only one who can change things!


Are you ready to live the life you deserve?

If you are & if you're ready to earn £100K+ per year, then...


I like to personally invite you to join the 100K Club!


If you have a million things you could be doing or feel like you should be doing - and sometimes you feel like you're all over the place or don't know what the next steps are in order to make your business thriving, profitable & successful...


Then click the button below and join a community of female entrepreneurs who were once where you are now, and let us help you & bring you on this amazing journey with us!


We'll see you on the inside!

With love, success & gratitude, 

Lesley x


Then read on...! :)

How YOU Will Benefit:

  • Get more email subscribers: Proven, quick & easy to implement tactics to grow your email list, so you can shoot out an email and make sales whenever you want
  • Make more of an impact online: Get noticed, stay visible and attract your ideal clients
  • Make more from your website & entice viewers to click & buy: Simple solutions to take your website visitors into becoming paying clients 
  • Become an authority in your industry: Methods for creating credibility, trust and become the go to expert
  • Get more sales: Easy to implement selling techniques that you can start using right away
  • Get personalised coaching specific to your business: Achieve faster growth than ever before with 121 & group support
  • Have the support, encouragement, solidarity, focus and help from other entrepreneurs who can help you in our exclusive & super friendly online community


Monthly Video Masterclasses in simple bite-size chunks to watch in your own time!


Masterclass Topics:

Check out what Masterclasses are coming up in the £100K Club!

Attracting Clients With Messenger Bots

Work Your Money Like A Boss!

Simple Sales Funnels

Irresistible Lead Magnets

Creating Content That Converts

StorySelling 101

Creating a Buzz in your Business - PR For Female Entrepreneurs

How to Build a 7-Figure Business While Reclaiming Your Free Time

SEO Made Simple

How to Grow Your Business with Happiness

Speak Up and Elevate Your Business!

The Pinterest Traffic Multiplier

Master a Heart-Centered Sales Call that Sells

4 Steps to Higher Converting Emails

How To Get Paid As An Influencer

...and many more!


Everything You Need To Know (And Do) To Get More Sales Online

Training & Coaching From Lesley Notton

You'll gain exclusive and personal training & coaching to attract new leads, make sales and run a successful online business

Feedback & Guidance on Your Marketing

You'll receive personal 121 'hot seats' where you can get direction and guidance on your marketing, email, website and more!

Tried & Tested Strategies From Guest Mentors

You'll get exclusive video training and the chance to speak with our Guest Mentors as you uncover the proven system to implement in your business

Success Partners

You're 95% more likely to succeed if you have a team of people supporting you and holding you accountable.  We keep you focused, on track and have weekly check-ins to grow your business fast

Goal Setting & Achievement Calls

Go big or go home!  In the £100K Club we make BIG goals and then go BIGGER.  Get the support, insights and motivation from Lesley & other female entrepreneurs, just like you

Downloadable Resources

Download & print our handy checklists, workbooks, eBooks and resources so you can achieve more in less time


Enjoy an entire month of the £100K Club, all the Masterclasses, coaching and the benefits to your business. 

And you're either thrilled with everything, including how it gets you more time, freedom, leads, clients, support & sales... or anytime within 30 days you can request your 100% refund. 

Simply send one email, and with zero hassle you will immediately get your money back.  It's as simple as that!


What You Get Today



  • Powerful Video Masterclasses taught exclusively for you by Lesley Notton & our Expert Mentors
  • Checklists & Workbooks to help you put what you've learnt into your own business, quickly & easily
  • Live Q&A Calls to answer any questions and help you start using the strategies you'll discover
  • Intimate Group Coaching Calls with Lesley where you can get support, advice and coaching on the monthly topic
  • 121 Hotseats are the perfect opportunity for a live critique of your website, sales page, lead magnet, funnel, or anything else you need help with!
  • Accountability Partner to help keep you focused and on track
  • Monthly & Quarterly Goal Setting Calls to create big & exciting goals and break down how you'll achieve them
  • Exclusive Resource Vault full of video trainings, audio files, eBooks, PDFs, Infographics & more to help you grow your online business faster
  • Exclusive offers & discounts on courses, products & services from other members, Lesley & Guest Mentors


Here's a sneak peek at just some of the workbooks to help you build, grow & scale your online business:


A personal 121 Coaching Call with Lesley worth over £250, FREE!

Kickstart your business growth by breaking through those beliefs and stories that are keeping you blocked and shift your mindset to one of confidence, success and worthiness.

Lesley will also help you to eliminate overwhelm, and clearly identify what you should be focusing on right now to get you more sales in your business as fast as possible.



Is the The £100K Club Right For ME?


Have you ever heard yourself saying (or thinking) any of the following? 

  • "What if nobody buys my what I have to offer?"

  • "I'm struggling to make a consistent income..."

  • "What if I can’t make money or get any clients, will have to go back to a 'proper' job?"

  • "I'm overwhelmed & / or confused - what am I supposed to do next?!"

  • "How can I run a profitable business and manage a home, family and more!"

  • "What if I FAIL and everyone knows about it?"

  • "I wish someone would just tell me what to do & I'd do it!"


I used to have those exact same fears and frustrations! 

I believe that anyone can master the art of building & scaling a successfulfreedom givingprofitable online business.

Seriously, if I can, then you can too!

Let us help you build the business & lifestyle you've only dreamt of... until now! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

After you've watched a Masterclass you'll use the actionable checklist and workbook to help you implement the tactic, technique, process or system into your business.

From the very first time you do this, you'll see a huge increase in the number of ideal clients coming your way and the sales will start coming in!

And that's just from ONE of our Masterclasses!

The more strategies & systems you start to use, the faster and more consistently the sales will start coming your way.

Whether its booking clients in for months in advance, selling products via your email marketing or selling your services online, you'll see results faster than ever before.

Great question!

The £100K Club works on the 3 key aspects of creating a successful business - Marketing, Mindset & Strategy - which means that all our training & coaching is based around these 3 core pieces.

I've paid £1000s for an online course before, and although the strategy may have been there, I've found that the marketing or the mindset elements were missing - and unfortunately, that means you just won't see the results you expected & wanted!

With all our 'Grow Your Business' Masterclasses we give you the strategies to use and show you EXACTLY how to implement them into your business right away.

These in-depth Masterclasses also give you TONS of marketing ideas for every niche, industry & type of business, so after watching them, you'll have tons of ideas on how to market your business, attract more leads & get sales.

Our 'Mindset & Personal Development' Masterclasses focus on busting those blocks, eliminating the self-doubt, anxieties & the old (false!) stories you've been led to believe all your life - until now, that is!

We'll uncover what's keeping you stuck and help you to get past those restraints so you can fully open yourself up to the opportunities and possibilities that are around you every single day!

Because we release just one masterclass each month, you have just one thing to focus on.

We don't overwhelm you with tons of new stuff to learn or do - you've probably got plenty on you 'to-do' list already!

Instead, the £100K Club gives you a unique way to grow your business each month so you can watch it in your own time, take action and start booking in more clients and making more sales.

I love it when I get asked this!

You see, I believe that EVERYONE can be successful in this day & age with an online business, and I want to empower as many women as possible to create their own independence, impact & income online.

Because we have a recurring monthly fee, rather than a one time, high end price, it means we can keep the price super low for all our members!  

Unlike online courses where you can easily pay THOUSANDS for just one thing, we believe in building everlasting relationships with our members so you really do feel part of the community.

Also, in contrast to other, higher priced memberships or masterminds, the £100K Club is perfect for people just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey as well as the seasoned pro!

This creates a wonderful feeling of belonging and you can wave goodbye to not feeling good enough to be there!

Of course!

There are no hidden fees, you're not tied to any contracts and you can cancel at any time!

To cancel your membership, simply log in to your account or drop me an email at [email protected]No fuss, no hassle!

And of course there's our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee too!

If you don't fall in love with us and the £100K Club then let us know within the first 30 days from the date of the original purchase and we'll refund your money!  You can even keep everything you've learnt! :)


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