You don't just want to show up on social media and post a pretty photo...

You don't want to waste time doing things that worked 5 years ago and fall into the pit of despair wondering why no-one is booking you...

You don't want to chase leads and clients like your dog who has seen someone eating pizza in the park...

You need to create valuable content that intrigues, engages and converts your ideal clients - with ease & grace!



You see, I believe that you're here by divine intervention, that the cosmos has brought us together for a reason.  And you & me?  We're meant to be!

You are a passionate, driven, motivated woman who is ready to shine.  You're kicking nerves to the curb and going full throttle in your business.  You're ready to make an IMPACT.


And that's where I come in...

I'm Lesley and I teach female entrepreneurs like you how to stand out online, become the go-to expert in your industry, be the name on everyone's glossy lips and create a consistent cash flow in your business.


You're probably struggling right now with getting noticed on social media, right?  

You don't want to cut through the noise on Facebook, you want to blast your way through and have everyone talking about your business!  But I'm guessing you've tried all the usual ways (like posting photos, asking questions etc) and you're still not making the impact on your audience that you need.

I'm often called the Content Queen, a 'BloggerBox', and in my younger days, 'ChatterBox' was quite often my name!  Basically, this means that although I'm NOT an extrovert, I know how to be center stage and influence people to stand up and take notice of me!

Which is exactly what you need to do too!


You're looking for a way to create content that is COMPELLING, that entices and excites your audience and that positions you as THE Expert.

(Definitely not just any old expert!)


Since 2017 I've been helping women just like you to get their brands into the spotlight and out of the trenches.  And I have grown my coaching business using the exact techniques, tips, strategies & hacks that I will share with you!

And no, you don't have to swear, be a loud mouth, dance around naked with a couple of well-placed tassels OR have a bright orange website to get noticed online!

Here's The Truth:

That people would rather watch paint dry than see another in-your-face Facebook advert in their news feeds, messenger inbox, video streams... (and anywhere else for that matter!)

That to truly make a difference in the world, you have to find that unique difference in yourself first.

That being a woman, a mum, a wife and an entrepreneur, is like being on a paddle boat in the sea in the middle of a hurricane whilst have sharks snapping at your feet waiting for you to crash into the deep blue...

That every woman is fully capable and deserves to run a business that is fun, exciting, profitable and fits in with you & your lifestyle.


You don't NEED to have a bunch of qualifications and letters after your name to build and grow a successful business.


You need a certain amount of savvy smarts (which can be learned) and you need the belief, determination & strategy to make it happen.

Oprah got told she was "Too emotional & unfit for TV"; Elvis was fired by his first Manager and told "You ain't going nowhere, son".

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and JK Rowling was at rock bottom both emotionally & physically and her first Harry Potter book was rejected 12 TIMES before finally being accepted.

I started my first business way back in 2009 with a (really!) old laptop and a vision.  No money, no experience, no clients, no connections, NADA!

Features, Press & Speaking Engagements

I'm totally honoured to have been featured in some of the most well-known and incredible websites, blogs & magazines online as well as having been asked to speak at industry leading online summits too!

It's time to stop hiding and start dazzling the world with your magic!

Drop me your email below and we can get started!


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