Hi!  I'm Lesley Notton!

Welcome to my world!  I work with entrepreneurs who want a Business Coach, Marketing Mentor, Content & Online Visibility Coach or simply that person who has got your back and will keep you focused and moving forward in your journey as a business owner.


You may be here for a couple of reasons:


 You have an online business but you're struggling to get a consistent income

 You're a true entrepreneur and are on a mission to create an online business that can provide for you and those you love

 You want honest, proven strategies and guidance to attract your ideal clients, grow your audience and a coach to help you get there fast.

 You want to create a business that gives you financial stability, freedom and the time to enjoy those things


If you've found me, I believe it's for a reason.  I tend to attract a certain type of person!

So who am I?

I'm Lesley, the woman behind the Marketing & Mindset Coach & the Founder of the £100K Club and the Content Creators Vault. I'm a Mum of a gorgeous 18 year old son, and a beautiful 7 year old daughter, wife & dog lover!

If you want a 'job title' I'd go with: Marketing & Mindset Coach, but my clients call me a Marketing Coach, Business Mentor, 'Content Creation Machine' and many other things! (I've even had 'genius' once or twice! lol!!!)

I also love a bit of 'woo' but for me it's much deeper than that...

I've been told I'm an empath & an intuitive and have a way of getting to the core of any problem, situation or fear.  That's just one of the ways I can help unblock you and shift your mindset to one of success.

How I can help you

I love digital marketing and have used it in my businesses for over a decade.  My background is in marketing, sales and education and I put all that experience into showing you how to attract your ideal clients, grow your audience, convert your audience into customers and design a business you're proud to put your name to.

But does that mean you need to work 18 or 20 hour days? 


I love teaching entrepreneurs just like you how to have an empowered & successful mindset; about building incredible businesses in the online world that work FOR you, not against you!

I also love smiley faces & exclamation marks! :)

There's one thing I want you to know:

You don't NEED to have a bunch of qualifications and letters after your name to build and grow a successful business.

You need a certain amount of savvy smarts (which can be learned) and you need the belief, determination & strategy to make it happen.

Oprah got told she was "Too emotional & unfit for TV"; Elvis was fired by his first Manager and told "You ain't going nowhere, son".

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and JK Rowling was at rock bottom both emotionally & physically and her first Harry Potter book was rejected 12 TIMES before finally being accepted.

I started my first business way back in 2009 with a (really!) old laptop and a vision.  No money, no experience and no help.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it PROVES what I truly believe - anyone can create the life they deserve.

That means YOU CAN TOO.

My children are a huge part of why I do this.  I want to show them both that they can do anything they set their heart on, with a little bit of belief, strategy and support!

I'm honoured to have been featured in some pretty amazing websites, blogs and magazines as well as having spoken at incredible events and online summits too.

So what is the Marketing & Mindset Coach?

I started the Marketing & Mindset Coach to fulfil my dream of coaching other business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, to learn strategy, mindset, marketing & sales and to create an online business that works for them.  

So many entrepreneurs feel stuck or get confused or overwhelmed & my mission is to give you the exact processes and systems you need so you can reach your goals.

“Staying ahead of the game is the one thing which most entrepreneurs fail at - they’re always paying catch-up - but as long as you know what to do, and how to do it, the ball is in your court!”

I've been alone, I've done the whole 'I'm not good enough' thing and I'm on a mission to ensure that every woman who wants to be a Coach, Consultant, or have any kind of Online Business... is able to do so.

To quote L'Oreal - 'because you're worth it!'!  It's TRUE! 

You know what?  YOU DO.

Get in touch:

I'm super excited to help you get everything you always wanted in your business so if you're passionate, ambitious, determined and READY to take the next step - let's do this!

Drop me an email to book in your FREE 121 Call with me so we can chat, or join the £100K Club Membership now!

Whichever option you choose, I'll be right here with you!

Lesley x


To find out how I can help you grow a profitable & wildly successful online business, without working 18 hours days, click the button and say hello!


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