10 Tips For Planning Your Social Media Content

For most entrepreneurs, creating content for your blog, social media & email list can be tough and overwhelming.

Trying to be consistent online whilst speaking to clients, planning your launches, creating offers, writing sales pages (and a million and one other things!) can seem like a never ending task…

But it doesn't have to be that way!

I spoke to some of the top content creators online to see how they do it and put together a list of 10 ways you can create your content marketing plan with ease - and without the overwhelm!

10 Tips For Planning Your Social Media Content

To kick us off, here's my TOP tip:

Always remember the WHY of your content!  What is the purpose of it for you and for your audience?  Do you want to give value, get engagement to build authority or relationships or ask them to do something?

Your content should ALWAYS be in alignment with your goals - if you don't have a content plan that supports your goals, and helps you to reach them faster, you’re missing out - and your business will suffer!


Danielle Ralston from Be Boss Girl shares how she organises her content ideas to save time when she sits down to write out her content plan:

Have a brain dump spot for content ideas and keep popping ideas in all the time. I use a Trello board for this. That way when it’s time to sit down and write you have inspiration to kick start you! 


Debora Luzi loves to focus on variety and personality in her content:

One of my best tips when it comes to content planning is to variate your content as much as you can, making sure you not only speak about your business and products but that you create emotional content, curious and engaging content.

Remember to always share pieces of “you” and your personality in any content you create. Eventually people will always end up buying from you because of the way you show up, your energy and your story. 


Kriss Judd at Kriss Writes reminds us of the value of repurposing content:

You can get 30-40 pieces of content out of one topic.  After you write one blog post, you can share it as a Linkedin article, a Medium post, and use snippets for Facebook and twitter, graphics for Pinterest and Instagram, and so much more.

You don't have to be everywhere, but you can easily be wherever you want to be!


My good friend Shari (aka the Marketing Alchemist at Shari L Thompson) shares how finding her soulmate client changed how she used social media to connect and speak directly to her audience:

The biggest game changer for me in my business was when I finally connected with my soulmate client. Not just the idea of my soulmate client - the soul deep intimate connection that can cut through the noise on social media and connect to her heart in an instant. This was a turning point in my community ... and my sales. 

Finally, I was able to make my social media work for my business. Instead of aimlessly, relentlessly and frustratingly posting all day with nothing to show for it, I was able to grow my community and make sales. 

Understand who your soulmate client is at a true soul depth and your marketing gets a whole lot easier and you’ll see the results instantly.


Shari is also speaking at my epic online event the 2020 Content Planning Mastermind on 12th & 13th November 2019 and teaching a masterclass on how to create social media posts that sell!  How awesome is that?!


Katarina's biggest tip is to remember that you are not alone!  As I always say: collaboration over competition every damn time! 

Network with other businesses to share content.  It not only increases your reach, it creates a wonderful sense of community and provides variety for when you are struggling for content.

Katarina Wurzbacher, Her Umbrella Magazine


Sales Strategy Coach Shari Balouchi says:


Let your audience lead! It's easy to get trapped inside your head or sit staring at a blank document when you need to create copy + content for your audience. So, be sure to include them in the process:

1) Ask them what they want to hear from you about. Find out what their struggles are, what questions they have, and gear your content towards helping them with those.

2) Read through testimonials, reviews, and feedback from your clients/customers and make sure you echo their language when talking about your business. This will help you to avoid sounding stiff. By reflecting your audience's language about what you do, you will sound more natural and your content will resonate more deeply with your audience.


I love this tip from Farah too:

Don't limit your brainstorming sessions to your meeting room or your team!  As smart and talented as you are, it's of crucial importance to be constantly interacting with other practitioners and members of your target audience, answering the actual questions they're asking, solving for the problems you hear them talking about facing day to day. 

If you're only talking about the problems you're facing in your own company, you're probably missing something.

Farah Mohammed, Content Marketer, Wishpond


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Ruth's biggest tip to help you create content for your audience is to stay aligned with your story and what your business stands for:

For me it is getting really clear on who you are and what you stand for. Tuning into your story and how you have got to where you are now and sharing this in a way that resonates with your audience.

To build your audience the most important thing is consistency and clarity on who you are and what you offer.

Ruth Kudzi


Pixel Power's Erica, reminds us to be aware of important dates - but not in the way you might think!

Be aware of holidays and days of remembrance so that you aren't posting something inappropriate or insensitive on those dates. 

Also, if you are going to post about a holiday, be sure you understand what it's about - all too often I see people make mistakes such as wishing veterans a happy memorial day when that isn't at all the intention or the tone of that day.

Erica Rae Larson, Pixel Power


Deborah (another one of our amazing speakers at the 2020 CPM!) reminds us that clarity & confidence are key to creating authentic content:

For me it’s about creating a brand that is authentic to you; not how you think your brand should be. 

It’s knowing the who, what and why of your brand that gives you the clarity and confidence to create meaningful content that resonates with your people.

Deborah O’Grady, The Brand Coach

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