3 Lies About Online Visibility

Before you can be successful as a Coach you need to be visible to your target audience.  And that means being highly visible online - and in particular, on social media.

But so many women have a really hard time with this.

There are so many lies and misconceptions about being visible online and so today I wanted to smash those lies into slithereens for you!

Social Media Visibility Lie #1:  Visibility Is Vanity

I once had someone tell me that anyone going Live on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) was just for the sake of their own vanity.

Let’s call this guy Bob.

Bob made his case by saying he would happily watch pre-recorded videos from Coaches but never a Live video.

According to Bob, people only go Live so they get the adoration and applause from people watching the Live.

Say what now?

Pretty much every Coach, Therapist or Online Entrepreneur I’ve ever known has been nervous (or downright terrified!) of doing Live videos!

They’ve panicked about how they look, their weight, what clothes to wear, whether to sit or stand, what they will say and if they will mess up.

Most people are worried that they’ll forget what to say, not look at the camera, have a sneezing fit or a million other things that come up!

Let’s get this straight right now:  Being visible is about Marketing, not vanity.

Now, remember that this was Bob.  He was ONE person in an audience of THOUSANDS who saw the original post and commented on it.  He was the ONLY person who had this point of view.

Let me ask you a question:

If you could be in the room with Opera or Marie Forleo and speak to them in person… wouldn’t you rather do that than send them an email?

Wouldn’t being with them in person be more beneficial to you and your business?

Wouldn’t you feel closer and more connected to that person?

That’s why Live video is so much better than pre-recorded video.

It’s not about vanity, it’s about business.

It’s about building relationships, connection and showing your authenticity.  Letting people see the REAL you - whether you spill your drink on the laptop in the middle of the livestream or not!

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Social Media Visibility Lie #2:  Everyone Sees Everything

This is another huge myth about social media that can have devastating effects on your business.

There are nearly 3 billion people on Facebook alone and trust me when I say that not everyone sees your posts.

And if they do happen to see your post but perhaps they don't take action on it (ie. click the link, comment, sign up to your freebie etc) maybe they are just busy!

Maybe the kids got paint all over the walls, perhaps the phone rang, someone came to the door or they just plain old forgot to reply to your post!

It happens more often than you might think!

If you only share about your course, free challenge, offer or lead magnet once or twice, you’re missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential leads and sales.

Social Media Visibility Lie #3:  You Need To Create New Content Each Time You Post

This social media myth is still banging around the interwebs, no matter how many times I tell people it’s not true!

In fact, it’s more than just a social media myth, it’s another outright visibility lie that keep you busy Coaches overwhelmed and feeling strapped for time!

The truth is, most of the top influencers & Coaches I know are repurposing their content, multiple times, on multiple platforms.

You can absolutely create a live video, share it as a watch party, write it up as a blog post and split it into social media posts - that's content marketing repurposing 101.

But did you know that you can also use the exact same copy and images multiple times on the same platform too?

You don’t have to create a brand new piece of content every time you post about the same thing!

I love using PostPlanner which has a great built-in feature to share the same piece of content every day, week, month - for as long as you like!

This is a great way to share tips on your Facebook Page, daily themes for your Facebook Groups or your Irresistible Lead Magnet once a fortnight.

But what if you are going full throttle on the weeks leading up to your launch?

Of course, if you’re posting about the exact same thing, with the same image and the same copy day in and day out, then yes, that is quickly going to get irritating!

But that doesn't mean you have to create tons of completely fresh, new content either!

You can simply change the first line or two of your post copy and change up the image!

It looks like fresh new content to your audience and peeks their interest!

You’ve got to remember that everyone is unique and a different headline can make all the difference to capture their interest.

What are some other lies you’ve heard about online visibility?  Come and join in the conversation in our free Facebook Group!

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