3 Ways To Create Content People Actually Want

One of the problems I see coming up every single day is online business owners trying to come up with content that their ideal clients really want.

Quotes are nice.  Gifs are cute.  Memes (can be!) funny.

But none of those things will attract, captivate & convert your ideal clients.

What you need is content that gets in front of your ideal clients and it resonates with them so deeply that they literally think you are reading their thoughts.  That’s the type of content that converts and gets you more clients from your emails, blog & social media.

Today I want to share with you 3 unique ways you can easily create amazing content for your audience!

The best thing about this type of content is that it doesn’t matter what format you are creating it in, or what format your audience consumes - these ideas work for Facebook Lives, YouTube or Podcast Episodes, blog posts, emails, social media posts & stories...

How To Create Content Your Audience Really Wants

Content Creation Idea #1:

Let's say you are a Mindset Coach who works with Mums. 

Head over to Amazon.com.  Click on Amazon Books and type in ‘mindset mums or any combination of your main keywords.

Step 1:  Read through the titles of the most popular books - this just by itself can give you content ideas!  The more popular the book is, the more people are buying it and therefore the moore people want & need information on this topic.  So it’s a pretty good bet that your audience will too, as they are the types of people who are buying these books.

Step 2:  Check the reviews!  Look at the kind of three to five star reviews first.  These will usually contain comments from people who have opinions of what was missing and what they needed more of - perfect content ideas!

Your Ideal Clients are literally telling you what they need from you!

Content Creation Idea #2:

Next up, we’re going to put a spin on the typical ‘ask your audience’ post. 

This is a super important thing to do because your answers are coming directly from your own audience, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind when you do this!

How often have you seen a Facebook Group post that says ’What’s your biggest struggle with....?’

Are you bored to death of that post??  I know I am!

When that question first came out in the online world, hundreds of people commented on it - it was new, exciting and to the point.  It was a genuine question.  Now it’s so overdone that it just seems spammy and people don’t really take it seriously anymore.

So we’re going to ask the same thing but in a completely different and new way.  


The idea here is to still find out the same thing, but by rewording the question, or changing up the copy altogether, you’ll be more unique, different and your post will stand out from the sea of noise online.

Here’s a couple of ideas for you:

  • What do you love most & hate most about…
  • If you could ask Oprah one question, what would it be?
  • If you had 10 minutes with your dream Coach, what would you ask him / her?
  • If you could speak to the richest person in the world, what would be one tip that he / she could give you to help you in your business?
  • Fill in the blank:  I need help with ______ today!

Just think of different ways that you can ask a question that gives you the answer you want to elicit from your audience!

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Content Creation Idea #3:

Another great way to find out what content to create for your Facebook Group, email list or blog readers is to create a competition!

You can take one of the questions from the previous tip, and simply turn it into something super fun!  Why not give a gift away when you get 50 answers?  Or a free coaching call for one random person when you get 100 comments?

When you ask your question from tip #2 or #3, be mindful of one thing - if the answers you’re receiving aren’t in line with the services you provide, you’ve got a mis-connect with your audience.  This means you’re attracting the wrong people with your messaging & content you’ve been putting out there.

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