30 Marketing Ideas for New Businesses

Whether you're brand new in business or it's time to give your company a health check, make sure all of these 30 marketing ideas are in place as soon as possible!

PRO TIP: Some of the ideas listed below only need to be done once, but you will benefit hugely from doing many of them a second time!

30 Marketing Ideas for New Businesses

  1. Create a marketing plan
  2. Start your market research
  3. Hold a focus group
  4. Write your USP
  5. Define your target market & niche
  6. Write your ideal client
  7. Define how your product or service solves your clients problems
  8. Create your website
  9. Design a logo
  10. Write your autoresponders, general emails
  11. Write a professional email signature. Include details, links, SM links, sign up or offer
  12. Create your business cards
  13. Create your brochure - online & hardcopy versions
  14. Make a list of networking events, meetings & groups near you
  15. Join networking groups / social groups within your niche on facebook & linkedin
  16. Create a spreadsheet of days & hashtags when you can promote your business in these groups
  17. Update your social media profiles with your website, what you do and how you
  18. help people. Link to your facebook page!
  19. Write and practice your elevator pitch
  20. Claim your business on google places, yell, bing, elsewhere on the web for max exposure
  21. Create a blog
  22. Create all your social media accounts - including You Tube
  23. Link your business in online directories relevant to your business
  24. Create an email opt in, (usually a free gift) lead funnel and email campaign
  25. Create a competition
  26. Create a rewards / referral programme
  27. Start your email list
  28. Create an email newsletter
  29. Create infographics to promote your business on SM
  30. Plan your first weeks social media content and schedule it - be sure to mention your grand opening!
  31. Plan your launch event or grand opening & invite the local press, mayor, local celebrity or all three!

I hope you found these marketing tips & ideas helpful for your business!

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