30 Facebook Tips & Tricks To Attract Ideal Clients & Grow Your Audience

So first of all, there's one thing I just want to make super clear because I think a lot of people get really, really frustrated with social media because they expect immediate results.

And that isn't what social media is. 

If you want immediate results, you've got to pick up the phone. 

You've got to call a client who almost said yes to you and convince them on that phone call to book you.  Tell them why they should say yes to you now and get that yes!

That's how you get an immediate result in something. 

Sharing content on social media (which is part of your larger content marketing strategy) and social media marketing will not get you immediate results from day one. 

It will however get you consistent results over a period of time and you can keep things moving. 

You've got to really understand that social media is a long term marketing strategy.

If you want to be in business, to be profitable & successful and create financial freedom…

If you want to make a name for yourself, be visible, make an impact and to help hundreds or thousands of people…

If you truly want more wealth, impact & freedom in your life...

Then social media marketing & content marketing is the best strategy. 

Here are my top tips for getting more reach on Facebook and growing your audience:

  1. The more you post and the more consistent you are with the types of content you share is key to getting Facebook to notice you.
  2. You must post every single day without fail - not just every single day for a week - every single day without fail, forever.
  3. If you're only planning to run your business for six months, then don't bother with it with Social Media.  It's not worth it.  It's not worth your time.  It's not like your effort.  
  4. If you're planning on creating your online business as a business for life (and why wouldn’t you?!) then Social Media will play a massive part in that.
  5. Your mindset matters!  You've got to be 100% committed.  A lot of people think they are committed to their business, but in reality, they’re not.  BE 100% COMMITTED EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  6. You've got to have a schedule in place so that everything on your social media accounts is taken care of. 
  7. Nothing happens without us thinking about it and without us taking action on it.  “Knowing and not taking action is the same as not knowing at all.” 
  8. You can’t beat the algorithm - but you've just got to play its game!
  9. The minimum number of times you should be posting on your Facebook Page is once per day.  There is no maximum!
  10. You're not going to annoy people if you're posting content that is relevant to them.  If you're sharing things that they want to know about, then you're not going to be annoying them. You're going to be giving them exactly what they want! 
  11. Increase your Page posts a little at a time.  Ease into it. You should already be posting once a day.  Increase it to three times a day, morning, noon, and night fast for next week.  Then increase it again by a couple of posts the week after. 
  12. If you want more interaction, you've got to ask for it.
  13. Cross promoting is key to expand your audience and become known as an Authority & Thought Leader in your field
  14. The ‘like, know and trust’ factor can be achieved through social media and by creating engaging relationships
  15. Create your online community.  Call them what you want to call them, ‘raving fans’, ‘ideal clients, ‘your ‘community’, ‘fans’, ‘audience’... It doesn't matter. 
  16. Your audience needs to have a two-way relationship with you. 
  17. Use your personality to your benefit.  ‘Like attracts like’.
  18. Use Social listening to understand your audience.  Look at what they say to you, at what they write and the words that they use.  Pay attention to how they say things, the comments, the replies, the questions, etc
  19. Whenever somebody says something to you online, ask them another question about it.  Always go back to them with a question.
  20. If you use social listening in the right way, you're going to be able to sell more products and more services because you know what people want. You know what their pains are. You know that fears are, you know what their pleasures are. You know what excites them. You know what they hate, what they love. 
  21. Create a consistent posting schedule by planning out your content in advance. At least one weeks worth of content - preferably a month's worth. 
  22. There should always be some psychology behind what you post and why you post certain content on certain days. 
  23. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to when is the best time to post on Facebook.  
  24. The only way you're going to know when to post is by posting consistently every single day for a month or two and then checking your insights and tweaking things. 
  25. Every single person, business, individual and audience are different.  You have to make social media work for you AND for your business.
  26. Decide on which formats you want to create your content in:  video, Live, graphics, blog, text posts, infographics, quotes etc
  27. Live streams are the best and quickest way to connect with, engage and build relationships with your audience.
  28. Always use the newest features of the platform
  29. Always have your Facebook Page and your Personal Profile optimised to attract more leads and clients. 
  30. Use tools, software and pre-made customisable graphics to make content creation & scheduling quick & easy!

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