5 Branding Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Ok, so we've been talking a lot about branding and design lately and there have been a few things that have come up a couple of times! So in this post, I want to straight up tell you about 5 of the biggest branding mistakes that entrepreneurs make when creating images or graphics for social media.

Are you ready?

Let's go!

Here Are The Top 5 Branding Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make..

Branding Mistake #1:

Too much text.

It's a simple one and one that seems pretty easy to fix, but is it really? you have so much to say and only a small image to say it on! So what do you do?

The best thing is to include the majority of your text in your actual Facebook or social media post and keep the text on the image to a minimum.

People love visual content on social media because it's easy to digest.

Too much text has the complete opposite effect. After all, you're creating a graphic or image right? If you wanted to say something more in depth, you'd write a status update, or better yet, post a blog post or send an email about it!


Articles that include images receive 94% more views than those without


Branding Mistake #2:

Your images are bad quality.

Nothing says 'unprofessional' more than a low quality, pixelated image. Viewers won't spend the time to look at it, won't share it and definitely won't become a paying customer!

If you don't have the budget to spend on a professional photographer, don't panic, save up until you do - it's well worth it! In the meantime, look for some great stock photos that you can legally use.

Ensure your images are high enough quality for desktop computers as well as phones or tablets. Check there is no pixelation (the squares, dots, or 'fuzziness' you sometimes see!)

Branding Mistake #3:

Your images don't reflect your brand.

Think of the qualities, beliefs, values and services your company offers. Does EVERY image you put out on the internet reflect this?

Your fans & followers follow you for a reason - they either like you, your product or service or what you stand for. Remember, once you put something out there, you can never totally take it back!

Branding is about consistency and consistency builds trust. What does trust build? SALES.


People remember 80% of what they see (as opposed to 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear)


Branding Mistake #4:

Your designs don't stand out. If you want your image to be seen and notice amongst the constant stream of text, images, photos, graphics and videos online, your designs MUST STAND OUT!

Branding Mistake #5:

You don't know why your posting - or who it's aimed at. This one is HUGE! What's the point of posting something on social media 'just for the sake of it'?! you may think that you're being consistent, or you have a social media marketing strategy that says you must post twice a day every day...

But if you have no REASON for posting other than that, you're doing your business, yourself and your followers a disservice!

Every time you are creating content for social media, whether it's a text update, image, graphic, video or anything else, there must be a strong, obvious and clear reason behind it.

Ask yourself these questions before you create anything!

  • Who is this post aimed at?
  • Who do I want to attract?
  • What am I saying to them?


Images impacts purchase decisions: 93% of people rate visual imagery as the most important factor influencing whether or not they purchase an item online.


Social Media marketing isn't just about paying for Facebook ads, it's way more than that. Every time you post on social media you are marketing your business, so make sure you are creating content that your audience is attracted to!

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