5 Things I Discovered From Scheduling Content In Advance

To schedule or not to schedule?!  That’s the debate, right?

I’ve heard people say that by scheduling content it breaks all the ‘rules’ of social media.  

If you’re not sharing content that’s on your mind in that very second, does that mean it isn’t relevant for your audience?

Of course not!

I’m a massive advocate of scheduling your social media content (and your blog posts & emails too, just FYI) and by doing this, it has quite literally changed my business and my lifestyle.

Scheduling content is strategic.  It has purpose. Instead of posting just for the sake of posting (because someone told you that you’ve got to post everyday) you’re sharing well thought out content that reaches your ideal clients at the time of day that it’s most likely to get seen, engaged with and commented on.

And isn’t that the point of using social media for your business?  To reach those ideal clients and share content that they will value?

Now, I’m not saying here that you can’t post ‘ad-hoc’ content too - of course you can!  If something inspires you, or you have something important to say, go right ahead and share it!

But creating a strategic, purposeful content plan will grow your audience, build your authority, position you as an expert in your industry, open hundreds of doors for you and get you fully booked with clients faster than any other system. 

Here Are 5 Things I Discovered From Scheduling Content In Advance

1.  It’s still natural

Although you’re writing your social media, blog and email content in advance, it’s still 100% natural and authentic content.  It’s still YOU writing it.  

You’re still sharing your views, opinions, your skills & experience with your audience.

There’s nothing unnatural about that - you’re just making the most of the tools we have in this amazing online world!

2.  You MUST Go Back And Comment

Now, this one sounds kinda obvious, but it’s really important and way too easy to forget to do when you schedule content in advance.

This is the one time you’re not allowed to ignore your notifications!  A couple of times a day, go back to your posts and reply to everyone who has commented!  Ask them another question, cheerlead for them, show you care and you’re genuinely interested in what they are saying!

After all, they took the time to comment on your post, so be sure to reply! 

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3.  It Saves Time & Reduces Overwhelm

Ever get stressed out with the million things you have to do every day?  Are you ‘too busy’ working in your business to actually do the one thing you must do every day to succeed?  Yes, I’m talking about getting visible and being seen by your ideal clients!

When you schedule content ahead of time, you will save HOURS per week!  It’s like being gifted an extra hour or two every day!

Scheduling your social media content also really helps if you’re feeling overwhelmed with ‘all the things’!  It’s much easier to do something once right, rather than doing the same thing (ie creating content) every single day!

Which leads me fantastically well onto my next discovery...

4.  Batch Creating Is The Key To Consistent Content!

And let me tell you this - batch creating your content is FUN!

Yep, you heard me right!  

I absolutely LOVE creating my content in one go!  Once you pop you just can’t stop! The creative juices start flowing and ideas will fill your head sooner than you can say “sugarplum fairy!”

Here’s my top tip on how to batch create your content like a pro!

  1. Try to write all your blog posts in one go - you can easily write 4 blog posts in an evening, but if that sounds like too much for you, do it over two evenings.  Not only is your creative mind at work, but you’ll also get a better flow from one blog post to the next.
  2. Want to pre-record videos for your blog, social media or YouTube?  Record as many videos as you can in one sitting. Change your top, put your hair up & swap out your earrings and it will look like a brand new video, shot on a different day!
  3. Keep a ‘vault’ or swipe file of ideas on your phone or computer so you can dip in whenever you need to!

5.  You’re More Strategic With Your Content

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, you’ve got to have a strategic content plan to run a successful online business.  It’s simply the easiest and fastest way to get in front of your ideal clients!

The more purposeful you are with your content, the more you can create content that fits around your products, services & offers and warm you audience up before your cart opens!

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