7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Have you ever struggled with the dreaded Facebook Ads?  Yep, Me too!  But this guy, Ben Heath, the Founder of Lead Guru.... well, he sure knows his stuff!  And he very kindly agreed to write a blog post for us on Facebook advertising mistakes - and how to avoid them!

Over to you Ben...!

Facebook has become a very complex advertising platform.

Sure, the added functionality makes it incredibly powerful and sophisticated but it makes it difficult for Facebook advertising beginners (and experts) to avoid the many pitfalls.

In this article I’ve detailed 7 mistakes that I regularly see Facebook advertisers make and how you can avoid them.

1. Offering Something Mediocre

This sounds obvious, but is one of the most common Facebook advertising mistakes.

If there is nothing unique, interesting or new about what you’re offering then people are not going to take the action you want them to take.

Of course, not everyone offers products or services that are inherently interesting, in fact few businesses do.

In that case, you need to get creative with how you advertise.

Don’t create ads that directly advertise your products and services to cold audiences.

That is highly unlikely to work.

Instead think of special offers, discounts, bundles, an added service, etc. that will get your target to pay attention and most importantly, take action.

Nothing will have a greater impact on your Facebook advertising cost than your offer.

2. Not Installing The Facebook Pixel

I get it, the Facebook Pixel can be difficult to install if you’re not technical and everyone is excited to get their campaigns live as soon as possible.

But without the Facebook installed on your website, you are almost certainly going to waste your time and money.

When the Facebook Pixel is installed properly on your website it allows you to accurately track the results you get from your Facebook campaigns.


This means you’re able to determine whether or not your campaigns are profitable. And make vital adjustments and optimizations that can have a massive impact on your campaign’s profitability over the long run.

Installing the Facebook Pixel also allows you to retarget website visitors, which is a crucial component of successful Facebook advertising.

People that have already visited your website are some of your most valuable prospects.

Being able to advertise to them multiple times after they have visited your website can be a game changer.

3. Killing Campaigns Too Early

When most people start advertising on Facebook they’re really excited.

They’ve probably heard from someone that’s it’s a fantastic advertising platform or they have seen the results that someone has been able to generate online.

And honestly that sets a lot of people up for a fall.

I have seen make people spend less than $100 on a campaign that has run for just a few days and not generate any results.

They then go onto declare that Facebook advertising doesn’t work, or even more ridiculously, that it’s a scam.

Facebook advertising is a skill and just like any other skill it takes time to get good at it.

Experience counts for a lot on this advertising platform so I would recommend that you commit to it for the long haul.

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4. Not Promoting Any Content

Facebook audiences are very different to Google audiences.

On Facebook there is no searcher’s intent. People are not actively looking for what you’re advertising.

This means you need to warm up people that don’t know anything about your company before you ask them to buy.

The best way to do this, is with high quality content.

Personally, I love using Facebook video ads.

They are a fantastic way to warm up cold audiences and build your brand.

5. Not Using Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are almost without exception the most profitable cold audiences available.

For those of you that don’t know, Lookalike audiences consist of people that are very similar to another group of people.

Creating a lookalike audience from customers can be very effective.

Facebook has a huge amount of data about its users and these lookalike audiences can be very accurate.

Who wouldn’t want to advertise to people that are very similar to their previous customers?

Nearly all the campaigns I create feature lookalike audiences at some point and I would strongly recommend that yours do as well.

6. Boring Ad Creative

This is another mistake that sounds quite obvious and it is, but I still see a lot of boring ads on Facebook.

The Facebook newsfeed is an incredibly interesting place with tons of distractions.

If your ad imagery and copy does not grab your audience’s attention and keep it, your ads will not be very effective.


It’s best not to use boring stock imagery like you can see above and where possible look to include bright, bold colours that aren’t white and blue.

And remember that people buy for emotional reasons.

Yes, you want to list the features of your products and services but link that to an emotional benefit.

What are your prospects going to feel when they make a purchase?

7. Not Retargeting

I touched on this in point 2 but it warrants its own point because even amongst those Facebook advertisers that do have the Facebook Pixel installed on their website, not all of them are retargeting.

People that have already visited your website have demonstrate a clear interest in your content, products or services.

Retargeting these people is a fantastic strategy to boost Facebook advertising ROI.

And retargeting isn’t limited to website visitors.

You can retarget video viewers. Which can be a very effective strategy if you’re creating and promoting video content.

You can retarget previous and existing customers.

This is particularly effective if you have a new product or service offering.

People that have already bought from you are the most likely people to buy from you again – provided they had a great experience the first time.

Of course, if your business is brand new and your about to start your first Facebook ad campaigns, then you won’t have anyone to retarget yet.

But, a month or so in to any advertising campaign you will, and it at that stage it would be a big mistake to not take advantage of this awesome functionality.


To ensure that you’re not jeopardizing your Facebook ad campaigns avoid the following 7 mistakes:

  1. Offering Something Mediocre
  2. Not Installing The Facebook Pixel
  3. Killing Campaigns Too Early
  4. Not Promoting Any Content
  5. Not Using Lookalike Audiences
  6. Boring Ad Creative
  7. Not Retargeting

Just before you go, I’d love to know which of these mistakes you have made, and the results you’ve got by correcting them.

I know I’ve made a bunch of these mistakes in the past. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Author Bio

Ben Heath is the Founder & CEO of Lead Guru which produces high quality Facebook advertising resources for business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs.

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