The BEST Content Strategy to Reduce Overwhelm!

Entrepreneurs fall into one of three categories when it comes to creating content and coming up with ideas for blog posts and social media.

Type A: Has SO MANY ideas whizzing around their head they never get round to using them at all or don’t know where to start with planning and creating content!

Type B: Sits down to write some content for their blog, email or social media accounts and suddenly they have NO CLUE what to write and feels completely stuck. #screenstare

Type C: Has 6 months content planned, written and scheduled and can sit back and relax (or work on other parts of their business) knowing that it’s all taken care of!

Which one are you?

You’d LOVE to be a TYPE C, right? I mean who wouldn’t?! But what if I could give you something EVEN BETTER?

So if you’re fed up with writer's block, watching that cursor flash in front of you for hours on end… While you rack your brain desperately trying to think of something to say or write that makes you sound witty, professional, friendly and like you know your stuff all at the same time..


If you have so many ideas whirling round in your head, that you just get too overwhelmed, confused or never find the time to get those ideas written down and published in the world…

Then this is for you! And with Christmas just around the corner, we all want (and need!) a bit of down time ti relax and enjoy ourselves over the holiday season!

Would you rather be spending time on Facebook on Christmas Day or having fun with your family & friends knowing that your social media content is already done?!

In This 5 Step System I’m Going To Show You How You Can ALWAYS Have A Steady Stream Of Content Ideas Planned, Written, Designed, Published And Scheduled For 12 Months At A Time.

No Joke!

And I’m not going to lie.. it’s not going to take you 15 minutes.. but it will only take you a matter of hours. One day TOPS.

For AN ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of content, all done and scheduled in advance!

Free Social Media Content Plan
...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!

Should You Use Free Content (aka Content Marketing) in Your Business?

I’m often called a ‘content machine’ or ‘blogger box!’ My clients are always saying how much invaluable content I give out for free on a regular basis on my blog, Facebook Group and in my emails.

I often get asked the question: “How do you come up with ALL this content?!”

The answer is simple: I have a system.

It’s only with this system in place that I can give all that I do for my audience and clients. Without it, I would so be a Type A content creator!

Now before we get in to this system, which I will be giving you IN FULL in just a minute, I want to address something that I hear floating around the business world.

“Can you give away too much FREE content? Why would people pay for information if they can get it for free?”

There are actually three parts to this answer.

Part 1: Businesses Have Always Given Things Away For Free!

Whether it’s a free cookie in a bakery, a free trial of a new software or a helpful ‘How-to’ guide, freebies provide something super powerful which is hard to gain in any other way:


Once you have a person’s trust, you have it for life (less you do something really stupid, like steal all their money, of course).

And once you have someone’s trust, they are more likely to buy from you, right? So it goes without saying that you should be doing everything in your power to create a relationship with that person an build their trust in you from day one.

Part 2: You Can NEVER Give Away Too Much Free Content!

Let’s say you do a free webinar every week for 3 months on your chosen topic. That’s 12 webinars, all 100% free to your audience.

From their perspective, they are getting a TON of free information that will help them in their business. That’s great right? It means you are helping them and by doing som, building trust with them. They wouldn’t waste their time watching each week if they didn’t place value in what you are teaching them.

Now, in theory, you may think that you are giving away ALL your knowledge on a particular subject that you could have charged for. And you’re right, you may be.


Here are a couple of comments I have received in the past:

“WOW! I’ve never received so much brilliant advice from someone for free before! THANK YOU! I’ll be watching out for your next email and will definitely follow you online!”

“I got more practical help and advice from you in 30 minutes than I have spending hours with my previous business coach!”

And what they’re thinking is:

“If she gives out this much great info for free, I wonder how fantastic her paid programmes and courses are!”

Part 3: Be Like Amazon

We all love Amazon. Sad (maybe!) but true! They give us exactly what we need, when we need it. A plethora of products and services at our fingertips, next day delivery (or instant delivery if it’s an online service).

But Amazon don’t make all their own products. A huge percentage of their products are from independent retailers and sold through their online marketplace.

Amazon collects all the products in one place and gets paid a percentage of each sale. The key here is that Amazon does the hard part - saving you hours of searching independent shops and online stores trying to find what you need.

This is where you come in. As a business owner, it’s very unlikely that what you sell is 100% new, unique or it can’t be found elsewhere on the web.

The difference between your product and someone else’s (in the majority of cases) is one simple, but powerful thing. YOU.

Take Zero to Hero List Builders for example. In this online course, I teach entrepreneurs how to build an email list of raving fans, so they can sell their products with ease, get noticed in the online world and become an expert in their field. Yep, building an email list really CAN do all that for you!

But I’m not the only Business Coach that teaches people how to grow an email list! Many other people offer this too! So what’s the difference between us?

It’s me. My personality, how I deliver the content, how I relate to my students, how I explain things and every other thing that makes me, ME.

Some people will prefer learning from me over someone else and that’s where I have exactly what they need, when they need it.

And if I’ve been focusing on my content marketing (and doing it the right way!), I’ve built relationships with these people and they already trust me.

So what does this have to do with free content, I hear you ask?!


How many hours have you spent searching online, reading blog posts, grabbing snippets of information from social media, Google or YouTube?

Hundreds, right?

And how much easier and faster would it had been if all the information you needed was in ONE PLACE. Where you could log in and work at your own pace to discover everything about a particular topic?

That’s the value of an online course or a business coaching.

And that’s why you can never give out too much free quality content.

Because no matter how much you give out, there will always be more to come and people who don’t have the time to waste searching for the information - they want it all, in one place, right now - so they can fast track their way to success!

Need more examples? Take Expedia,, Flightchecker, Argos, Udemy, Creative Live, Money Saving Expert, Compare the Market… the list is endless!

Content is good!! Free content is AWESOME!

So, now we’re all on the same page, let’s get started creating that killer content of yours!

Free Social Media Content Plan
...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!

5 Steps to Creating Content Quickly & Easily for the Next 12 Months:

Step 1: Decide on your Content Topics

Step 2: Listen to Your Audience & List Ideas

Step 3: Choose Your Format

Step 4: Batch Create Your Content

Step 5: Schedule your Content

By following this super-simple system you can create an entire years worth of content for your blog, email marketing and never have to worry about what to post on Facebook (or any where else) again!


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