How Do I Find Blog Post Ideas? The Ultimate List for Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wonder how your going to find ideas for your next blog post?  If the thought of finding content ideas and topics for another blog post is giving you a headache, then you’re going to LOVE this list of Ultimate Blog Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs!

Promotional Posts

  1. A Case Study / Past Client
  2. Write a post around your Lead Magnet & link to it (TIP: you should be doing this at least once per week)

You may wonder why the Promotional Blog Post section is so small!  But it’s actually the largest category of them all! Every single blog post you write should mention and link to at least one of your products, offers, or services, PLUS your opt-in!

Value Based Posts

  1. Solve a challenge / problem / issue
  2. Saving time
  3. Productivity
  4. A-Z post
  5. List post
  6. Top 10 things…
  7. Growth
  8. Saving Money
  9. Making Money
  10. Event you have coming up
  11. Management
  12. Improvement
  13. Avoiding something
  14. Guide / How to / Tutorials
  15. FAQ
  16. An Interview you did
  17. An Interview you held
  18. Preparation
  19. Best books in your niche
  20. Best resources in your niche
  21. Best YouTube channels to subscribe to
  22. Best Facebook Pages & Groups to join 
  23. Truth vs Lie / Mythbuster
  24. Favourite Blogs in your niche
  25. Pinterest accounts to follow
  26. Instagram accounts to follow
  27. Best tools / services / apps you recommend
  28. Best events in your industry (upcoming)
  29. Best events you’ve been to
  30. Link to your Facebook Lives
  31. Invite people to join your FB Group & tell them why they should!
  32. Share templates / downloads
  33. Quick reference guide
  34. Mistakes you’ve seen / you’ve made
  35. A Beginners guide to…
  36. Reach out to experts & collate them into one blog post
  37. Pick one subject & write a collaborative post (example here of one I have done recently)
  38. People who inspire you (share you blog post with them!)
  39. Customer experience 
  40. Customer Service
  41. Round up posts ( of the summer blog posts)
  42. Round up posts (eg best on a particular topic)
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...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!

Generous Posts

  1. Host a contest
  2. Host a competition
  3. Host a giveaway 
  4. Thank your audience!

Timely Posts

  1. Seasonal topics
  2. Holiday ideas
  3. Gift Ideas
  4. Trending news / sports
  5. Business updates

Personal Posts

  1. Your opinion
  2. Your experiences
  3. A day in the life of you!
  4. Balancing your job & being a parent
  5. Work / life balance
  6. Your bucket list
  7. Write about why you started your business (& relate it back to how it helps THEM)
  8. Share reviews
  9. Your manifesto

Controversial Posts

  1. What If? posts
  2. Debate style post
  3. Predictions post 
  4. Reactions post

Engaging Posts

  1. Post a quiz / survey
  2. Quotes related to your industry
  3. Jokes / Memes related to your industry / audience
  4. Challenge Post
  5. Create an infographic (highly shareable!)


Over at The Content Creators Vault we have all these blog posts ideas and social media statuses ready and waiting for you!  All you need to do is copy & paste!

So that was 71 blog post ideas for you!  That should keep you busy for a while!  ;)  Remember, you should always be linking to your other blog posts, your opt-in and your offers in your posts!



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