The Biggest Blogging Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

alt="best blogging tips & mistakes to avoid for marketing your online business. Marketing & Mindset Coach, Lesley Notton"/>

alt="best blogging tips & mistakes to avoid for marketing your online business. Marketing & Mindset Coach, Lesley Notton"

As an Entrepreneur you know you need to be blogging often, right?

But there is one MASSIVE mistake that 99% of business owners and bloggers make:

They hit ‘publish’...

...and that’s it.

They don’t do anything else with their blog post!

Ok, if you’re good, you’ll share your new blog post (that you probably spent hours writing) on Facebook…

And if you’re very good, you might even email your list and tell them to check it out.

But why are you stopping there?

Do you know that there are a TON more things you can do with your blog post?

Why is Blogging Important For Your Business?

Let’s take a step back for a second and understand why blogging is so important for online businesses!

There are a ton of benefits of blogging, here are just a few of them!

You Can Sell With Your Content

In the digital age, content is everything

Humans don’t like being sold to, but they LOVE buying things - it makes us feel good!  Endorphins are released in the brain and we shimmer with excitement about our new purchase!

But if people don’t like being sold to, how do you get your product or service in their hands?

You have to sell without sounding like you’re selling.

That means, you have to ‘soft sell’ every single day and the best way to do that is to create irresistible content that attracts and identifies with your ideal clients.

Content can mean anything by the way, it doesn’t just have to be blog posts!

It can also be:

  • Emails
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Live videos
  • Quotes
  • Text posts on social media
  • Podcasts
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Masterclasses
  • Challenges
  • And so much more!

So if we’re soft selling every day through our content (whilst also providing huge value for our audience) we need to create a lot of content, right?

Well, sort of!

In fact, what you really need to do is to create one piece of AMAZING content and then be smart with it!

Use that same piece of content in as many different ways as possible and on as many different platforms as possible.

Blogging Attracts Your Ideal Clients

You need to get your content into the hands of your audience (your potential buyers) and that isn’t as easy as you might think.

Just by writing a blog post, doesn’t mean that people will read it.

In fact, they probably won’t even know it exists.

Unless you tell them - time and time again!

It takes people at least 7 times of seeing something before they are ready to take action on it - ie before they click a link, read a blog post or buy something from you.

We have so much information coming at us through TV, social media, radio, paper etc… that we need convincing something is worth our time before we even trust it enough to go take a look.

So how do you tell people about your new blog post with sounding repetitive and boring?  

Or, god forbid, like you’re trying to sell something or you’re desperate?!

That’s where content repurposing comes into play.

The smartest entrepreneurs understand this and repurpose their blog posts into lots of other types of content, giving people multiple opportunities to read the blog post!

Blogging For SEO & Traffic

Writing amazing blog posts is also a great way for your website to be found on Google.

All you need is a little basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - which tells Google which keywords are important to you.

So when someone types in their search query to Google, yours will come up.

Which means more traffic for your website.

And more traffic equals more leads & sales.

Now this doesn’t happen instantly, SEO is more of a long game, but it’s important nevertheless.

You have to give Google a reason for indexing your site!

Each blog post you publish is a new Page that Google can index.

Imagine this for a moment:

You have a 10 page website, beautifully built which you spent months ‘tweaking’ yourself to get it ‘just right’ or you paid someone else thousands of pounds to create for you.

That’s 10 pages that Google can index for you and show when someone types in their search term.

But it’s only 10 pages… in the billions of pages on the world wide web…

Now imagine you wrote and published a new blog post every week for a year…

That’s an extra 52 pages that Google can now index for you!

And over the course of 5 years, you’re at 260 pages!

You’ve got WAY more pages that Google can send people to!

Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages

Websites with blogs have 97% more indexed links

Blogging Gives You Authority

Why else is blogging important for your business?

When you write a blog post, you’re writing about something you know and understand, right?

You’re showing your talents to your audience in a way that helps them and increases your authority at the same time.

87% of US consumers trust information and advice they read on blogs

That’s why I always suggest you write your own blog posts (instead of hiring someone to do it for you).

By writing a blog post about a particular topic, you’re giving your readers much needed help and advice and in turn, they will come to trust what you have to say.

You become the expert in your industry.

Other Sites Can Send You Traffic

Yep, it’s totally true!  Free traffic is possible!

The more content and blog posts you have, the more likely you are to get found in searches and some of those people will be other businesses who want to link to you!

I get emails all the time from other websites that have seen my content and want to link to it (and there’s a whole ton of links out there that are directing people back to my blog posts that i didn’t get notified of too!)

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links

Why do you want other websites to link to your blog posts?

Because they have their own audiences!

Let’s say your audience is around 10,000 people (which is easy to do if you’re using social media the right way).

And another business links to your blog post when they are writing about a particular subject.

Chances are, there’s going to be some overlap in your target markets.

And they just sent their audience right to you.

They may have a smaller audience of 10,000 people or a massive audience of millions of people!

Either way, a selection of them will click on that link and come over to your blog post!

TOP TIP: This is another reason why you should be using content upgrades to capture those new people on all your blog posts!

You Can Keep Readers On Your Website Longer

By consistently writing great content for your audience you’re also increasing the number of times readers visit your website AND the amount of time they stay there!

HINT: Google wants people to stay on your website longer as it shows that your website is valuable.  The longer they stay, the higher you’ll rank.

When you write a blog post, link to other pages and blog posts on your website to encourage readers to click through and continue reading!

You’ll Get More Lead & Sales

I know I alluded to this earlier, but it’s so important that it deserves it's own point!

Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI

Because you're giving value on your blog posts, your readers will come to trust you.

And what's the key to getting more sales?  Like, Know & Trust!

Blogging also gives you more opportunity to sell to your audience without being 'spammy' or sounding like you're asking for the sale all the time.

You'll Grow Your Email List

If you don’t know that growing your email list is the single most important thing you should be doing, you’ve been burying your head in the sand!

By growing your email list, you’re literally surrounding yourself with people who are interested in buying your product & services.

Blogging is a great way to grow your email list through content upgrades, which are quick & easy to create!

So now you understand the huge benefits of blogging for your business, let’s look a little deeper into how to blog like a pro!

How To Blog As An Entrepreneur

First up, you don't have to be a writer to be able to blog.

If you can speak, you can blog!

I love writing, so it’s easy for me to sit down and create a 3000 word blog post in a couple of hours.

But that might seem like a total nightmare to you!

If you hate writing, try using something like Google Voice Recorder which is a free app you use with Google Docs.

Simply hit the ‘Record’ button, start talking and watch the words appear on the screen!

Voila! Your blog post is written for you!

You'll need to do a little editing with punctuation and check it all makes sense, but if you hate writing, it’s a lifesaver!

TIP: Save time by hiring a VA or freelancer on Fiverr to edit the blog post for you!

How Often Should You Blog?

It’s highly recommended that you release a new blog post at least once per week to keep your website fresh, attractive to Google and give a reason for your audience to keep coming back to you!

If you’re new to blogging for your business and that sounds a bit much, aim for one post per fortnight to start with and then increase to once per week when you start to get into the flow of things.

I’d recommend publishing one epic blog post per month, with the other 3 posts being mid length (more on that below…)

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

It’s the next logical question, right?!

As I mentioned earlier, blogging is massively important in this digital age and gone are they days when you could write a couple of hundred words and expect your pages to get indexed on Google.

There are 3 types of blog posts:

  1. Short Form Posts
  2. Mid Length Posts
  3. Long Form Posts

Short form blog posts are short and sweet, more of an ‘add on’ to your blog or something a little extra when inspiration hits!  These are up to 1000 words.

Mid length blog posts are around 1000 - 3000 words in length and will probably make up the bulk of your blog.

Long form blog posts are what Google really loves and can also be known as Epic Blog Posts or Content Pillars.

This is where you put your heart and soul into the blog post and they are 3000-5000 words.

For a quick reference point, this blog post is currently 1832 words, which makes it a mid length post… as of here!

Where To Share Your Blog Post

Ok, so now let’s come back to the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make when it comes to blogging!

As I mentioned as the start of this article, the majority of business owners will spend hours writing a blog post and then not do much (if anything) with it!

Think of your blog post like a new pair of Louboutin shoes!

They’re simply too good to only wear out once!

Your blog post is the same!  You’ve put all your effort into creating this epic piece of content… make the most of it!

10 Places To Share Your Blog Post in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. Share your blog post on Facebook Page
  2. Share your post on LinkedIn
  3. Share your blog post on Instagram
  4. Pin your blog post to your Pinterest board
  5. Tweet about your blog post
  6. Email your subscribers a link & tell them why they should read it
  7. Share your blog post in your Facebook Group
  8. Share it in other Facebook Groups (some groups will have specific days / threads, some you can share whenever you like)
  9. Pin your blog post using free Tailwind Tribes
  10. Send a Push notification to subscribers

The best bit?

Most of these can be done automatically using the techniques I show you in my Content Repurposing Plan inside the Content Creators Vault!  

And in fact, I also share with you a ton more places you can get your blog post on for free, PLUS how to re-use what you’ve already written to create fresh new content for social media and increase your leads, conversions & sales!

Check out the Content Creators Vault here!




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