Do You Have a Business or a HOBBY?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been working your backside off all day and don’t seem to be any further on?  Think about the last month: Did you meet your goals?

Did you make enough money to give yourself a decent wage, pay the bills, feed your family, have fun and invest money back into the business?

I get it.  You have a great business idea and you’ve put your heart and soul into it. But if things aren’t quite going as you’d planned, there may be one simple reason why.

It’s usually this: you don’t have a business.

You have a hobby.

That hobby sometimes brings in the money and sometimes… well, it doesn’t quite get there.

If that's the case, you have a hobby, not a business. (Sorry!)

You may have a website, you may work every available opportunity you get, but if what you are doing isn’t bringing you a CONSISTENT stream of income, then it’s simply not a business.

If what you currently have is a hobby, that’s perfectly ok if that’s what you want!  But if you want a profitable and successful business, you have to put more skin in the game.

“A business doesn’t just require time and effort, it requires dedication, perseverance and money"

You have to invest in your business to make it a success.

But you can’t just throw money at it and hope it sticks.  You need to have a plan.  And investing in your business is more than just paying for a website and posting on social media.

Investing in your business means investing in yourself too.

You need to become the very best version of yourself.  You were meant for greatness, you CAN achieve anything.  And it all begins with mindset.

Your mind creates everything you do, say, write, feel and create in your life and your business. So if your mind isn’t clear and focused, you’re starting off on a bad footing.

Setting The Foundations For Your Business

Think of your business like a beautiful Oak tree.

This big, strong, oak tree has been standing for hundreds of years, but it started as just a tiny acorn hidden underground. With the right tools (nutrients, water and light) it grew into a sweet young sapling.

This young seedling is nourished, protected and cared for, and in time it strengthens and grows to become the mighty Oak tree.

It’s roots dig deep into the soil and gather all the nutrients it needs to grow. It sprouts upwards and into the world gaining momentum and visibility. Soon, fresh green leaves start to appear and reach upwards and outwards, basking in the light of the sun.

Your business grows in exactly the same way. You plant the idea, then invest and nourish it to health.

Just like the trees roots, you need to always be soaking up everything you can to grow your business.

You have to invest in yourself daily - listen to podcasts, watch tutorials, read articles and books and take business courses. Get a business coach or mentor to help you succeed.

If money is an issue to start with, hit pause and save. Work another job while you save up for an online course or work 1 to 1 with a business coach. Trust me, you’ll still get there a whole lot faster than if you tried to do everything alone!

Understanding Your 'WHY'

One of the many things you’ll hear about, is understanding your WHY.

Finding, declaring and focusing on your ‘why’ will change everything you do, say, write, feel or create. From your website copy, to the images you use, the colours and branding you choose and your strategies and processes you adhere to.

Here’s a few questions to get you started!

Q1: Why do you want to be in business for yourself?

If it’s just for the money, then you’re in the wrong game. Being an entrepreneur is tough, it’s a rollercoaster of highs and lows (of which there will be many!) and earning a great wage can take time. You may be better off getting a 9-5, being paid each month for your work and having fun the rest of the time with family & friends!

Q2: Why do you love the product or service you offer?

Is it personal? Has something happened to you or someone you care about that made you take this path? Perhaps it’s something that makes you come alive, that you can talk about for days on end or that brings you joy, fulfilment and excitement.

Q3: What does a great day in your business look like for you?

Are you out in the world talking to thousands of people, creating beautiful artwork that adorns people's homes or something else entirely?

Q4: What does real success look like for you?

This doesn't have to be about financial success, although it probably will come into it. Success could mean leaving your mark on the world, helping a group of people or having a particular lifestyle.

Don't forget that to really grow in your business, you need to set realistic, specific and achievable goals.

I love to use a 90 day plan to set me up for success, review what's worked and plan my sales and marketing strategy for the next 90 days!

Check out this post for more info on how to write your 90 day plan!

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