A Little Bit of Business 'Woo Woo'

Have you noticed how 'woo' (or 'woo woo') is becoming more and more popular in the business world?

What do I mean by 'woo'?   

No, I'm not talking about the scrumptious cocktail made of vodka, peach, schnapps and cranberry juice (although on a Friday evening, I highly recommend one!), I mean spirituality, nature & mysticism.

From the law of attraction, crystals and lunar cycles, to visualisation, manifestation, tarot, feminine energy and more, the entrepreneurial world is becoming a little more ‘woo’ every day.

At last, it seems that more and more business owners & entrepreneurs are feeling empowered to be true to their inner energy, step into their innate power and use these ‘woo’ techniques to guide their businesses.

And it's not just us female entrepreneurs either!

I’m pleased to see that more men are getting involved!  Personally, I’d like to thank James Wedmore (who is one of my Mentors & Coach) - he has really opened up the ‘woo’ movement to a lot of people all over the world by sharing his practices and results in his own super successful business.

This post is pretty in depth, so use these links to jump to a particular section if you'd like to:

Using Spirituality & New Age Techniques To Grow Your Online Business

What is ‘Woo Woo’ in Business

Does ‘Woo Woo’ Have a Place in Your Online Business?

How to Use ‘Woo Woo’ Your Business

Goal Setting Visualisations

Meditation For Entrepreneurs

How to Start Meditating

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka ‘Tapping’) to Stop Procrastination

Procrastination Tapping Exercise

My Top Tips For EFT:

Using Crystals & Crystal Grids in Your Business

Using Incense in Your Home Office

Oracle & Tarot Cards For Business Growth

How to Ground Yourself 

A Step by Step Guide to Grounding Yourself for Female Entrepreneurs

Future Life Progression

Using Spirituality & New Age Techniques To Grow Your Online Business.

I’ve been spiritual my whole life and always known that there is more to this world than meets the eye.  I’m an empath and an intuitive and use these gifts with my coaching clients to help them dig deeper and get to the core of a problem or fear.

I find that injecting a bit of ‘woo’ into my business helps me to balance the strategy of business with the mindset of the entrepreneur and cover all bases of growing a successful online business!

To me, everything is energy and everything is an equal balance.

You have both male & female energies within you and around you at all times.  It’s balancing these energies that provide the harmony you need to succeed.

Money comes in, money goes out.

You give value, you receive value.

If you’ve ever felt like something isn’t feeling quite right, deep within you, then it’s probably that you’re suppressing one of these energies.

"I find that many women in business step into a very masculine energy when they start their business.  After 10 years in corporate (construction at that!), I definitely did this when I started over 7 years ago.  

I felt like I had to compete and hustle hard. The lack of sleep and long hours I put in was almost a badge of honour.  

Until I burnt out!

It was then I tuned into the real magic we have access to, our innate superpower and catalyst.

I'm talking about energetic alignment.

So often this is seen as separate to business and yet energy is everything.  It’s how we create our reality, how we attract the opportunities, clients, money into our life.

Without taking care of our alignment and stepping into our feminine energy of creativity, play and desire, we are missing out on so much; the ease we get to step into grow our business and the fun we get to have along the way.

This is without doubt the missing piece for so many of us in business now.  What is interesting, is that we also have proof of that alignment, even in seemingly masculine areas like sales funnels and ads, will easily 10x your results."

Shari Thompson

What is ‘Woo Woo’ in Business

So as I sat down to write this article, I thought I’d do a quick Google search to see what the ‘official’ definition of ‘woo woo’ was.

Unfortunately, there’s not much out there.

Here’s what came up from Google:

relating to or holding unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine.

The Urban Dictionary does a little better…

descriptive of an event or person espousing New Age theories such as energy work, crystal magic, Reiki...

I’d love to know what your interpretation of business ‘woo’ is?  

When I asked my audience, I had so many answers it was insane!

From the hundreds of people who love and use ‘woo’ in their business every day, to a few who thought the term was a little derogatory.

And when you see definitions like this one pop up from the Cambridge dictionary, it’s not hard to understand why:

based on false beliefs or imaginary things, rather than reason or scientific knowledge.

Just because Science hasn’t ‘proven’ it yet, doesn't mean it’s not true or doesn’t exist.  The world was thought to be flat until it was proven otherwise.

Does ‘Woo Woo’ Have a Place in Your Online Business?


So many of my friends, colleagues & clients practice some kind of ‘woo’ in their business!  

Like Michelle Childs, who says:

I inject some woo magic into my business every day!  Sometimes it’s through meditation, visualisation, affirmations or more intensely my energy editing, which is a method of Kinesiology.

I also work my woo magic for others too, so it’s a key part of my business life.  

I truly believe that I wouldn't have achieved the success I have without practicing these things on a regular basis and trusting that there are higher forces in place guiding and helping me.

Or Lucy Smith who says:

I have always used visualisation and meditation as part of my morning routine.  Visualising my business habits and goals and also using visualisation for confidence and happiness.  

I meditate at least twice a day using the guided meditations on the Insight Timer app.

I have the ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ card deck and pull a card daily for guidance.  I always wear my Fluorite and Citrine bracelet while working!

There are so many different ways you can incorporate a little bit (or a lot!) of ‘woo woo’ into your online business!  

Let’s have a look at just some of them next!

How to Use Woo Woo in Your Business

From adding just a sprinkling of business woo, to showering your world, office and life in it, a little touch of woo magic in your business can change the way you feel, act and make decisions as well as help you to get more impact, more income and more influence in your industry.

How far you go is up to you!

Goal Setting Visualisations

One of the most commonly practices of ‘woo’ for entrepreneurs wanting to grow and scale their online business is to use goal setting visualisations.

I personally try do this this every day, but if that feels like too much to start with, just try it out once or twice and see how it feels.

The best thing about visualisation is that because you go deep into your subconscious, your brain create the sights, sounds & smells that go along with it - and then you can recall these visions even when you’re not visualising!

Ruqayya Daville shares how (& why) she uses goal setting visualisations every morning to help her grow her online business:

Going deep ... is a way of truly connecting to your inner vision.  I started to devote every morning to dreaming about my wildly successful business.

I was going through a transition and struggling to phase out my medical legal consultancy to nourish my new business vision I was stuck, overwhelmed even a little scared... I chose to dream, visualise and meditate the sheer joy of the new business.

What I found is that when you create an emotional connection it really inspires you to envisage the growth and impact you can have.. and your next 10 steps to make it happen!

You start to visualise those steps, and implement them into your business plan.

It awakens your intuition, deepens your connection to the soul of your business to make better decisions.  In my case I am now totally navigate the change with ease and enthusiasm.

It is just you and your dream having fun every morning!

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Meditation For Entrepreneurs

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind, calm and focus yourself.  

It’s a way to relax your mind, gain a deeper perspective, reduce stress, increase your creativity and channel your thoughts and focus into a particular goal.

How to Start Meditating

If you've never meditated before, it’s going to take some time and practice!  Meditation is a form of exercise for your mind, and just like physical exercise, you can’t expect to be the best at it on the first go!

Here are my top tips to get started with meditation:

  1. Start by finding a comfortable position, either sitting up straight with your legs crosses or lying down (just don’t fall asleep!).
  2. I love using guided meditations and have done for over 20 years!  My absolute favourite person to listen to is Jason Stephenson who has the most incredible channel on YouTube - I highly recommend you go and subscribe to it!
  3. You can also get some great apps for your phone or tablet, or go ‘old school’ and buy a CD!
  4. Remember to be patient with yourself.  At first you’re going to get a million thoughts racing through your mind, you’ll remember a long list of things you ‘should’ be doing and probably start feeling tingling or itches appear on your body!
  5. Try to ignore it all as best you can.  It’s ok to notice the thoughts & feelings, but then let them go and come back to focus on your breathing.
  6. You may only manage a couple of minutes the first few times you meditate and that’s totally OK!
  7. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to slowly increase the time you can do it for

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka ‘Tapping’) to Stop Procrastination.

I’ve also grown up with EFT as my Mum was a complementary therapist before she retired a few years ago.  ‘Tapping’ is a normal part of my life!

I spoke to the lovely Gitana Piscikiene about how to prevent procrastination as an entrepreneur!

All to often we think that we procrastinate because we're lazy or don’t have enough willpower to succeed.

Procrastination can affect any area of your life, including healthy eating, exercising, managing your money or growing your business because you just can't seem to commit yourself to doing what you know you should be doing!

It might come as a bit of relief to find out that procrastination has got nothing to do with your willpower and the reasons could be as simple as feeling overwhelmed!

This is usually because your goal is too big or too vague.  It could also be buried deep down in your subconscious mind and express itself as one of the most basic & powerful human emotions – FEAR.

There are lots of different variations of fear – fear of rejection, fear of criticism, failure, fear that you are not good enough, fear of being a fraud aka ‘Impostor Syndrome’.

To get to the bottom of your why you procrastinate, I suggest asking yourself a few questions.  Be sure to write your answers down.  There are no right or wrong answers as long as you give honest answer.

1.  Think about the goal you want to achieve and start by asking yourself if the goal is really your own desire or if it has been handed-down to you by someone else - like your parents, relatives, teachers.

For example, of you want to set up an accountancy practice – what is it that lights your heart on fire when you think about your career/business?

Is being an accountant your dream job or did you choose it because everyone was saying “You're so good with numbers, you should be an accountant!  You can make so much money by doing that!”, and at some point, it became your 'borrowed' dream.

2.  If you're procrastinating about marketing your business,  that might be a fear of visibility.  Ask yourself “What is it that I believe is going to happen if I DO xyz?”

It could be that you're nervous about potential clients asking you difficult questions.  Or that people will totally ignore or reject you?   

Perhaps your fear is that you don't feel worthy of getting paid for your services, or thinking that you're not knowledgeable, experienced or skilled enough?

3.  Is this belief justified?  Has this happened before?  How do you KNOW that it will happen this time?

4.  What is the WORST that can happen if this will become truth?  Will everyone still be safe?  Will anyone get actually hurt (apart from your ego or pride)?

5.  The most important question is - is this belief helping me to enrich my life experiences?

We can use EFT, or 'Tapping' to help you overcome these fears and start taking action in your business.

Tapping is an Energy Healing Technique that releases stuck energy by tapping on meridian points with our fingertips.

Here's a simple tapping technique you can try:

Procrastination Tapping Exercise

Think about a particular task you are procrastinating about and how it makes you feel, then follow the instructions below.  On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest what level of distress or anxiety does this give you?

If you like, feel free to reword these statements to suit you better, these are just example statements!  Say what feels right for you.

1.  Start with the ‘Karate Chop’ point and tap, saying out loud:

“Even though I keep procrastinating I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

“Even though I’ve got so much to do and I keep doing stuff that I don’t need to, I still deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself.”

“Even though I procrastinate a lot I choose to love and accept myself anyway.”

2.  Tap on the Eyebrow Point ( EB) “Procrastinating about XYZ drives me crazy”

3.  Tap on the Side of the eye (SE) “I keep procrastinating about XYZ”

4.  Under the eye (UE) “I'm feeling overwhelmed and don't know what to do first ”

5.  Under the nose (UN) “I keep procrastinating and not taking action”

6.  Chin (CH) “I keep doing all the other ‘stuff’ instead of what I need to be doing”

7.  Collarbone (CB) “Procrastinating drives me crazy”

8.  Under the arm (UA) “Procrastinating makes me feel stressed and anxious”

9.  Top of the head (TH) “And I keep procrastinating”

Take a deep breath and check in with yourself – how does it feel when you think about that task of yours? Make a note of what level you’re on now (between 1-10).

If you still feel resistance for doing it, tap again:

EB: "I know what I should be doing but I can’t make myself to do it"

SE: "I’m scared that people will think I’m some kind of a fraud"

UE: "I'm afraid people will think It’s not worth their money or time"

UN: "Or they just ignore me"

CH: "No one will get back to me and I will look like an idiot"

CB: "They will reject me and it will hurt, just like the last time"

UA: "It will make me feel upset and hurt"

TH: "I don’t want that to happen so I might as well just don’t do anything at all."

Check in again and see how it feels. If the resistance is still strong keep tapping.

Make a note of what level you’re on now (between 1-10).

If it has decreased, then it’s time to swap negative statements for positive ones! 

EB: "Bad things happened in the past but that doesn’t mean it will happen now"

SE: "Whatever has happened before I have survived and am stronger"

UE: "I gained more knowledge, skills and confidence"

UN: "People rejecting my offer has got nothing to do with me as a person. It’s not personal. They just don’t need it at the moment."

CH: "There are a lot of people out there that do need my services and they are waiting to be served by me."

CB: "I have got my gifts and talents to share with the world so I have to make sure those clients can find me."

UA: "My clients are waiting to be served and deserve to be served by me. No one can serve them the way I can."

TH: "I am clearing all the reasons why I cannot or don’t want to be doing XYZ and joyfully embracing sharing my skills with my potential clients by doing XYZ."

Now think about the end result and how it will feel once you completed your task!

Close your eyes and start tapping on your Karate Chop point again while visualising yourself achieving your goal and keep feeling that feeling for as long as you can.

Whilst tapping,  keep that feeling for a couple more minutes and keep embracing that vision of you achieving your goal.

Take a deep breath.

Now go back to your task and see how it feels when you think about doing it.  Better? More relaxed? More confident?


My Top Tips For EFT:

  • Be as specific as possible when creating your statements
  • Try to tap for around 15 minutes each time you do it
  • Use a journal to make a note of your feelings and score them as you go along.
  • Write down any other fears, anxieties or feelings of guilt that come up so you can work on those too.

Using Crystals & Crystal Grids in Your Business

I love crystals.  Ever since I was a small child I’ve been attracted to them and I still have some of the very same ones!  And of course, my collection has grown over time :)

I have a beautiful piece of Citrine (also known as The Merchant’s Stone or The Success Stone) which is great for aiding in manifestation, positivity, cleansing, abundance amongst many other wonderful benefits.

I also have a beautiful Pyrite crystal which is known for its strong protection benefits, as well as attracting wealth and increasing willpower.  It is also empowering to the spirit, encouraging you to overcome fears and take action.  Perfect for the entrepreneur!

I have many other crystal too, set up in my office at home, all having various properties & benefits.

I recently spoke to the lovely Joanna Hunter about using ‘woo’ practices in her own business...

I love using crystals in my work not only for myself but with clients too. I often gift VIP clients sets of crystal to help with their energy.

The living crystal kingdom is fascinating - crystals like everything else are energy, depending on the colour and crystal matrix (how it formed) each crystal produces vibration and frequency- the vibration and frequency can affect our own energy and help move us into better energy alignment by holding or working with crystals.

Crystals are great for creating grid work - which harnesses the frequency of the crystals and sacred geometry (the building blocks of all life) to create harmonious energy and open up your conduit/energy to receiving or clearing energy which no longer serves you.  

Perfect for manifesting your next launch!

Try Clear Quartz for an energy boost- the Quartz crystal is famed for amplifying electromagnetic energy and was used in watches and early radio’s as the main power source and amplify radio signals.

Smokey Quartz is fabulous for filtering out EM radiation from computers and electrical devices produces. If you frequently get headaches round screen time - try a piece of smoky quartz to see if it helps.

Amethyst is wonderful for boosting and opening the third eye chakra which can help you with psychic development. It has a soothing effect on the mind and can aid in lucid dreaming.

Blue Lace Agate has a calming effect on the central nervous system and can help with anxiety and reducing stress. One of my favourite healing stones.

Using Incense in Your Home Office

I’ve used incense sticks since I was a teenager!  

The one burning as I write this, is Palo Santo (affiliate link), which is one of the most important trees used by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes as a spiritual remedy for purifying, cleansing and spiritual healing.

Bergamot is perfect for prosperity, joy, protection, concentration, alertness, confidence, balance & more!

And for winding down at the end of a long day, why not try burning a Lavender incense stick or cone to promote relaxation and rest?

Oracle & Tarot Cards For Business Growth

I use Oracle Cards to help me almost daily in my business and these Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards are my FAVOURITE!  You can get them on Amazon here (affiliate link) or have a Google!  They are so beautiful!

Mandy Tinglert, from The Design Prose, shared her story with me on how she uses tarot cards to help her set her business goals and plan for the year ahead:

Each month I do a 3 card reading for my business and put the outcome in the front of my monthly planner.  I refer to it throughout the month to make sure I’m listening to the guidance.

I do a wrap up full reading at the end of the year, and a full reading at the beginning of the next year. This becomes part of my annual planning.

Around 3-6 months I will do an ‘interim’ reading to make sure I’m on track or to freshen up my intentions if my plan has taken a different direction or new opportunities are on the horizon.

It has been a trusted source of guidance for me, and encourages me to keep tapping into my intuition, as it rarely gets me in trouble!  I love the ritual of consulting my cards, using my full moon charged citrine mala as my secret weapon in making my dreams a reality.

How to Ground Yourself 

Joanna Albrecht is also an Intuitive Empath and Author, and I asked her to share with you all why grounding yourself is so important and give you a step by step guide of how to do it!

Joanna says:

We have lived in our body our whole life…it shouldn’t be so hard to ground.  And yet many of us have trouble staying energetically in our body.

Stressful days and traumatic events make us want to run from our body and go other places with our energy so we don’t have to be present to the moment.  

Sometimes the present moment is stressful so we think it would be better to move our energy in the past when things were easier, or in the future where things could be better.

The problem with this is that our body needs us fully present in this now moment in order to have enough energy to run itself.  

When our thoughts are in the past or in the future we can’t think clearly and we don’t feel whole, complete or grounded.

When we don’t feel grounded and aren’t aware that we just need to bring our awareness back the the present moment we will turn to food, drugs, TV or other people to try to ground us.

We try to fill our body with whatever energy we can in order to feel whole again.

Distractions and getting random energy from around us to ground will help for a while, but we end up having a false sense of security.  When the house gets empty and we are by ourselves we never quite feel at peace.

We are always searching for our next hit of something to ground us and make us feel better.  The next thing that will bring us peace.

The way out of this cycle is to learn how to ground ourselves into our own body.

A Step by Step Guide to Grounding Yourself for Female Entrepreneurs

There are a few steps to this.

Step 1: Understand Why You Need to Clear Your Energy

First of all, many people don’t think they like to be grounded because it feels weird in their body.

The reason why it feels weird is because when you left your body in the first place you left a gap open that was filled in with other things.  This helped you for a while, but slowly the energy that was not yours stagnated and created this yucky feeling because it’s foreign energy that does not being to you.

When we clear out the energy that is not ours we create a clean house for us to move back into.

When it's just you in your clean body it feels safe and like home because your physical body is your Soul Mate.  It’s the reason you get to be here this lifetime.

Your physical body is the perfect mate for your soul and the safest place you can be this lifetime.

Step 2: Feel & Clear the Unwanted Energy

In order to clear out the physical body of energy that is not yours, you need to feel into the place that is “off” or “gunky”.  

As you feel into this energy, use your intention and your breath to move this energy out of your physical body.  

Ask that this energy be returned to where ever it came from in a loving and gentle way.  Breathe, release and go deeper into this area.

In the beginning it might feel weird or scary, sometimes intense emotions come up, but stick with it.  

As you continue to relax and breathe, the foreign energy leaves and you get to move deeper in, until there is nothing left but your energy and a peaceful feeling of being home.

Step 3: Ground Yourself

When you feel fully clear and full inside of your body, send two lines of energy from the base of your spine, down the outside of your legs and into the Earth.  This will give you extra stability.

Allow yourself to feel your root chakra open as you move deeper into your body.  If anything feels off, just do the breathing and clearing exercise again in step 2.

The more you relax during this exercise the more easily and faster it goes, so just be patient and gentle with yourself.

With practice it becomes automatic!

Future Life Progression

FLP is a technique that where the person will be in a trance like state, like hypnosis, in which they are guided into the future and asked questions to find out what they want to know.

Sheila Kadeer is an Intuitive Business & Life Strategist and helps her clients through Future Life Progression (FLP).

Sheila says:

Imagine for a moment you are thinking of starting a new business, you are a product based business and you need to know if there is a market for this and if you will be successful.  

Using Future Life Progression you will be able to look at how your business looks in 2, 5 or even 10 years’ time.  Are you successful? Are you the market leader? What year did your competition show up? What do you need to be aware of?  You can then bring that energy back with you which can speed up the process of getting to the point of success.

What if you are thinking about writing a book?  

Well let’s go out into the future and look at the published book.  Let us have a look at the chapters in the book. Now armed with that you can begin writing your book.  No more procrastination.


Using a little bit of ‘woo woo’ in your business can help you on so many different levels.  It doesn't matter what you call it - woo woo, spirituality, mysticism, 'new age' techniques!

In this article we’ve covered a lot of different types of business woo, from the popular and most widely used to the more niche and less common ones - and there are still many more things you can do!

Let me know if you’d like to know more about this subject and using woo to help you grow and scale your online business and I’ll write another article for you!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you use ‘woo woo’ in your business! Is it something you shy away from or lean into in your business?  Let me know here!


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