Content Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Content Marketing Ideas

Ooh you're going to have so much fun!  

Creating content can be and IS fun!  I love writing, so blogging is a perfect for for me, but if you’re an entrepreneur who hates the idea of writing a 1000 word blog post, there are still a ton of other ideas you can use in your content marketing strategy!

Here’s a list of different content marketing ideas for entrepreneurs that you can save for future inspiration!

How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Every entrepreneur needs a content marketing strategy - without it, success or failure is just a matter of luck.

Step 1: Content Marketing Mission Statement

Your first step is to create a mission statement. Now before you let out a huge sigh and think 'oh no, another mission statement!', don't panic, this is quick and easy!

Try using this formula:

"We provide [target audience] with [type of content] to help them [business goals]"

Step 2: Business Results

List the results you want your business to achieve by using content marketing in your business.

Here are some ideas:

  • To boost SEO
  • More brand awareness & online visibility for your business
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Start / grow an email list of targeted subscribers
  • Make more sales
  • More authority & a larger following on social media
  • To improve customer retention rates
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • An increase in customer referrals
  • Collaboration & networking opportunities

Step 3: Set your Goals

In the corporate world, these are called KPI's (Key performance Indicators) but we entrepreneurs usually like to simply call them 'goals'. Hey, we ditched the corporate word for a reason right?!

By now, you have defined what your content will provide for your audience and what it will provide your business too. But how do you measure those results and find out if your content marketing strategy is actually effective?

It's as simple as defining your goals for each result you want to achieve!

For example, you may want to increase members in your Facebook group, from 200 to 500 in the next 3 months. Or perhaps you want to add 1000 more people to your email list by the end of the year.

You could set a goal of having your first £10,000 month within the next 3 months, or be invited to participate in 3 new events in your industry this year.

The key here is to set the result of what you want to achieve and the timescale in which to do it in.


Have these goals written down and look at them at least twice per day!

Have them as a screensaver on your phone or a posts it not on your computer. Stick a note to your bathroom mirror or blue tack your goals to your fridge or office wall!

The more often you see them, the more empowered and encouraged you will feel to achieve them!

Step 4: Determine Your Best Platform

What works for one business or entrepreneur might not work for yours. Just because someone else gets a ton of traffic on Pinterest, doesn't necessarily mean it the best platform for you to use.

To determine which platform is best for your business, go to Buzzsumo which has a free online tool perfect for this task.

Here's how to do it:

  • Go to Buzzsumo
  • Enter your website in the bar provided
  • See which social media platform has the most engagements!

How to find the best social media platform for your content marketing strategy.

In the example above, Neil Patel's content is definitely doing best on facebook, so this is where he would be concentrating his content marketing strategy on for the most views and engagement.

Free Social Media Content Plan
...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!

Step 5: Determine What Types Of Content You Will Create

As mentioned previously, there are a ton of different types of content you can create, from blog posts to videos, checklists to podcasts. What you create is entirely up to you, but you should bear in mind what format your audience prefers.

If you have created lots of different types on content already, check your analytics to see which was the most viewed, shared or had the most engagement.

Blogging is still on the rise with 84% of businesses say that blogging delivers results.


“Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages on Google than those without.


Step 6: Frequency & Scheduling

Not only in providing quality content important, but so is the frequency that your publish your content.

There is no hard and fast rule for how often you publish your content other than one - be consistent.

If you want to publish a blog post once per week (which is what I recommend) then that's great! Perhap publish a podcast once per week is too much though and once per month is better.

Whatever your schedule is - stick to it. Being consistent builds trust with your audience and they will come to expect that email from you talking about your latest YouTube video or blog post.

Step 7: How To Distribute Your Content Marketing

Distribution and marketing are key players when it comes to your content marketing strategy. You won't get the results you want unless these are done correctly.

One of my favourite ways to distribute blog posts is to use Missinglettr.

Missinglettr is an online tool that allows you to schedule social media posts once - and they go out over a period of 12 months.

This means that you are constantly repurposing your content and driving more traffic to it over the course of a year - without having to do anything extra!

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“The key to great content is to provide huge value and have a clearly defined goal.”
— Lesley Notton



Content marketing is a great way to gain traffic, exposure and new customers for your business. As an entrepreneur, you need to be making the most of this cost-effective digital marketing strategy!

Don’t forget to save the content marketing ideas (and this post!) for future use!

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