How to Create Actionable Goals

Using David Allen’s GTD method, we’re going to look at the process for how to create actionable goals in your business.



Firstly, let’s pick an example everyone can relate to – being hungry!


‘I’m hungry! I’ve got to get something to eat’ – this is your vague goal

‘I’m craving…Chinese food’ – specify your goal

‘What Chinese food to I want to eat?’ – brainstorm your ideas on your Mind Map

‘I want noodles and sweet and sour chicken’ – choose your ideas & subtasks

‘I’ll call to arrange a delivery’ – figure out a concrete action step to achieve your goal


Let’s choose the example of updating your website and we’ll go through how this should look:

1. On your Projects List should be your vague goal and your more specific goal to start with.

  • Update Website (vague goal)
  • Update my About Me Page (specific goal)

2. Use Your Mind Map to brainstorm ideas


3. Back on your Projects List, add in subtasks to do

  • Paragraph about me (bio)
  • Photo of me and me at work
  • Call to action

4. On your Waiting On List, you’ll add:

  • Contact photographer for personal branding photoshoot OR
  • Get photos from photographer on **/**/**

5. Lastly, it’s time to list your concrete action steps on your Daily Action Steps List:

  • Write paragraph about me and what I can do for my customers
  • Add a compelling call to action

The best way to create an actionable goal is to break it down in to smaller chunks and most importantly, organise them in to achievable concrete steps you can take each day.

'Updating your website’ or even just your About Me page can seem like a huge task, requiring lots of effort, time and knowledge; but spending 10 minutes writing your bio and explaining how you can help others is much easier to accomplish.

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