How to Create Images that People will Share

Are you producing 'shareable images' that create interaction?

Instagram has quite literally taken over the social media world, with more than a billion people interacting with Instagram each and every single month – many of them spending hours and hours on Instagram every day!

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Instagram - sometimes, I use it tons and then I seem to forget about it for a while!

However, my Instagram following continues to grow even when I don't post very often.

Got to love that though right?

The aim is to create a following on all your social media platforms. But do you know why?

It's because the next step is to convert those followers in to email subscribers.

Creating images that people will share and like is a huge part of that. You need to create post images that resonate with your followers (your target market) and encourage them to engage with your content regularly.



Here are some tips to help you create images that people will share:

Use A Professional Camera

Sure, Instagram makes it really easy to create amazing posts on directly from your mobile, but when it comes to creating REALLY compelling images that are going to drive the engagement on your profile, you’ll want to take them with heavy duty professional cameras and edit them just like the experts do.

Occasionally, (and depending upon the kind of “brand voice” you’re looking to create) more amateur photos shot directly from your smartphone can be effective as well, but if you really want your images to stand apart from the rest of the pack you have to go the extra mile to create those visually stunning images to begin with.

Be Clever With Your Phone

I know I just said to use a pro camera if you can, but sometimes, you just can't! Perhaps you don't have the budget for one at the moment, or you're out and about and see something you know you're followers will love.

It's ok to use your mobile, but be a bit more clever with it!

I picked up these great lens adapters from Amazon a while back and I love them! I'm a professional photographer too, so yes, I have a humongous professional level DSLR but I don't carry it around with me 24-7. And to be honest, my iPhone is much easier and quicker to use!

For just £4.99 they are a bargain! The kit contains a macro lens which I love, fisheye lens (please do not overuse this!), and a wide angle lens - perfect for shooting in small spaces! You can grab your kit here!

Spend Time On Your Captions

A lot of people waste this huge opportunity. Captions are there for a reason - to draw people in and invoke an emotion.

The captions that you add to your posts are going to tell the story of the image.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to hire professional copywriters to write these captions (though it can be advantageous to do so), but you definitely want to make sure that your captions spark interest, engage directly with your followers, and (ideally) push them deeper and deeper into your social media content or your marketing funnel.

Don't forget to include hashtags on Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn!

How do I get people to share my content?

So you've taken some beautiful photographs and written your captions and/or description. now you need to get it out in to the world!

Obviously, the very first thing you need to do is to share your images and content yourself, but that's not where it ends!

Free Social Media Content Plan
...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!

Here are some tips to get people to share your images & content for you

Share Their Images

The quickest and easiest thing you can do is to share other people's content with your followers. Ensure you link back to original author / poster and tag them. Let them know that you've shared their images and why you think your audience will love it too.

Chances are, you'll get a lovely thank you note back!

By sharing other people's content, you help them - and in turn they are likely to share your images.

Ask People To Share Your Image

As long as you ask them nicely and explain why you think it would benefit them, people are usually more than happy to share your images and content!

Create A Partnership

Everyone needs a constant stream of content nowadays, so why not try approaching some experts or industry leaders and see if you can partner with them? I wouldn't necessarily go for the 'Richard Branson's' of the world (unless you're at that level in your business too), but look to see who is influential in your industry or niche and offer up a partnership.

Make sure it's beneficial to them as well as you and you are way more likely to get a very happy yes!

Add Social Sharing Buttons

If you're writing a blog post, add social sharing buttons at the bottom of each one. Make it easy for people to share your content!

I love Add This & Sumo for social sharing!

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