The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster of Life


This week’s guest blog post is a MUST READ for any entrepreneurs no matter what stage of their journey they’re at!  The very talented Charlotte Ellis is here to talk about the things we sometimes avoid altogether! the journey of an Entrepreneur can be.. let’s face it - cruel.

It certainly a roller coaster of a ride! The lows can be heartbreaking, but they highs? Oh, the highs!!!

(and FYI, I didn’t pay Charlotte to write this post, or the lovely things she has said about me!!!) ;o)


I get it, its super tough when you first start out in business, the thoughts & emotions that run through your body and mind when you first begin are like a huge soul-destroying tsunami.

What are people going to think?

What If…?

What about money?

What if people don’t buy it?

We’ve all been there. Yes, even the ‘big boys’ at the top. They all started out just like you and I.

The life of an entrepreneur is sometimes cruel, and I am not going to try and dodge the subject at all.

I am going to be open and honest with you, and try to give you the best small business advice that I can, from my own journey through the struggles.


Life Is Cruel, But It’s Also AMAZING

Life has this wonderful way of putting barrier, roadblocks and diversions in our life that take us from one route to another, and sometimes we have no idea which way to turn.

Now let me tell you there are 2 types of people in the world, and you can decided to be either.

1. The ‘self-pity woah is me’ kind of person

2. The ‘ok, lets deal with this and move on’ kind of person.

Being truly honest I think we all start out on number 1.

Then slowly, overtime, through the lessons that life throws at us, we become resilient, adapt, change and grow, until we are number 2.

Every entrepreneur starts off their business with an idea. A wonderful idea and we get excited and can feel the passion rise through us.

The next step is putting the idea into a plan, and putting it out there to the world.

At this point we are climbing to the top of the roller coaster and we can almost see the top and then BOOM! Someone will make a comment or suggest that what you are doing isn’t right - and down we fall over the edge of the roller coaster, back to the bottom.

Lesson 1 – Nobody Actually Gives A Sh*T.

This is true! You may laugh, but I can promise you that nobody actually cares about your logo, your website or your Facebook posts.

The people around us are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t actually care about what you’re doing - they only want to know what you can do for them.

Now don’t get me wrong, there will be a minority (family being the worst), that feel they can give you their honest opinion - and because they are close to us, we feel that we can trust what they are saying.

Let me tell you, don’t listen to them.

When family don’t agree with what we are doing, or make a comment about our desires or goals, it isn’t from a place of nastiness, it is from a place of misunderstanding.

They don’t understand what you see.. and THAT’S OK!

Once again we are at the bottom of the roller coaster feeling slightly deflated, thinking ‘why do I bother, maybe I should give u!’.

Am I right?

So next, we move on from that and we get everything perfect, mission statement, logo, website, and we are ready to get networking. We’re ready to meet new people and find out first client.

In the back of our minds, cash flow and bills are flying around our heads.

So, we get out there, to find our first client, full of excitement and passion for what we do and who we can help - and then we meet our ‘competition’.

As if we didn’t know this before we started. Who would have thought that there would be competition? !

Drum Roll please….. and we then welcome in comparison and self-doubt.

Oh how I love these two!

How these two combine together to make life so difficult for the entrepreneur!

That little voice in our head joins them, and tells us that we are…

  • Not good enough…
  • Others are better than us…
  • We can’t charge those prices…
  • We are not worth that…
  • People don’t like us…
  • People won’t buy our products…

Let’s face it, the list could go on for days!

You know the limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves, and just a word of warning, they never go away.

After years of practicing and teaching mindset, even now I get those thoughts creeping in…


Lesson 2 – Self-Doubt And Limiting Beliefs

Probably the worst part about owning a business is self-doubt and having limiting beliefs.

They can be super crushing and can cause you to give up far too easily if you believe them.

Trust me, I have seen many amazing and talented people give up on their dreams, because they truly believe what they are telling themselves.

(Go back and read that sentence again!)

They are truly believing what they are telling themselves and are giving up.

So, let me ask you this: why not start telling yourself that you are amazing, that you are the expert in your field, and that everybody loves your product.

Why not start telling yourself that, to the point that you believe it, and become successful.

I know which one I’d prefer, do you?!

We call these positive affirmations, an affirmative statement that we tell ourselves and feel with emotion.

The most common and easiest way to affirm something is by what you say after I AM..

For example:

  • I am strong
  • I am powerful
  • I am successful
  • I am loved
  • I am wealthy, healthy and happy!

TOP TIP: Write down 10 ‘I AM’ affirmations that are aligned with you. Then every morning while you’re in the bathroom, or waiting for the kettle to boil. Read the affirmations out loud to yourself.

Do it for a week, and see how different you feel.

Getting Back On Track

We are back on track and climbing back up the hill.

Everything is great and clients are starting to come on board. We stay on level, stable ground for some time, doing our thing, making a difference and making money!

Starting a business is the most amazing and rewarding thing you can ever do!

Owning and running a business is one huge lesson of life, it’s a chance to keep learning.

Life happens for us - not to us.

Always remember that, and these big curve-balls that are put in our way are lessons to make us a better person, or to help us in the long run. Change your mindset to see them like this and I guarantee things will run a lot more smoothly for you!

Finally, let’s talk about YOU!

Yes, it’s time to address the ‘elephant in the room’ and talk about you.

What would your business actually be if it wasn’t for you? Where would it be - and would it be anything at all?


Lesson 3 – You Are Amazing!

You have created a business that’s going to change so many lives, whether it be a product or a service that you provide, it wouldn’t be available in the same way, if it wasn’t for you.

We all have competition but what makes your business amazing is you!

No one else can share your story like you do.

No one can sell your product/service like you do.

Take a moment now to feel proud of yourself for what you have achieved so far.

It’s really important as business owners that we take time for ourselves and show the love and respect to our bodies and mind that we deserve.

Here are my top tips for living a great, happy, healthy and fulfilled life as an entrepreneur.

1. Take Time Out

Take time out for yourself and your family. Remember why you are doing this in the first place.

We all need a rest and need to take a step back every once in a while to recharge our energy.

2. Brain Fuel

As an entrepreneur it is so important that we keep feeding our brain with knowledge, from books to podcasts to live events.

With this we can implement the teachings that we have learnt into our own businesses, which in the long term is going to benefit us and our clients.

3. Don’t Change

It’s also important than when you reach a certain level in business that you don’t lose you.

You don’t fall into the trap of trying to become somebody else, because that is what society is portraying over the internet.

Your clients buy from you, because of you!

4. Follow Lesley Everywhere

No, I don’t mean to the supermarket or to a restaurant!

I mean on all social media platforms! Lesley is amazing at creating fantastic content and training for all entrepreneurs (both free & paid, and it’s well worth the investment!)

She dedicates her time to make sure you have the resources available to make your entrepreneurial journey as easy as possible! Whether it’s growing your audience, running your own business, getting noticed, making more sales or content marketing!


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