Facebook Engagement Strategies to Get More Customers


If you’ve noticed your Facebook engagement dwindling in the past months, you’re certainly not alone!

Ever since their last big algorithm change in January 2018, where Mark Zuckerberg put a huge emphasis on bringing people together and focusing on friends, family and groups, businesses have suffered.

In this post, I’m going to share the latest strategies to boost your Facebook Page engagement - strategies that are working, right now!


Now, I’m actually in agreement with Facebook here - it is a social platform and it is annoying to see too many promotional posts if you just want to see what Aunty Sue’s birthday cake looked like, or photos of the children back at school!

Saying that however, I’m also a business owner and entrepreneur, so I do like to use Facebook for my business. And with over 2 billion people on Facebook, you’d be missing out if you didn’t.

So what can you do to help boost your Facebook Page engagement and reach a wider audience?

Well, luckily, there are actually a ton of strategies that will help!

Before I start talking strategy, let’s take a quick look at what we actually mean by Facebook engagement - it can mean different things to different people.

Facebook defines ‘engagement’ as:

  • Reactions (like, love, haha, wow, sad face, angry face)
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Click-throughs

Types of Facebook Engagement

There are two types of engagement that Facebook measure - Passive and Active Engagement.

Passive Engagement includes the number of post clicks, image views, video views and link clicks.

Active Engagement includes reactions, comments and shares.

It’s these active engagements that Facebook really prioritise. Why? Because Facebook don’t care how long you stay on the platform for, but more of the quality of time you spend there.

And if you are ACTIVELY engaging on Facebook, you are having ‘meaningful social interactions’.

Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg says:



Mark also stated that “Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.”


“Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.”
— Mark Zuckerburg


This means that in order for your Facebook Page’s posts to get in front of people and in their news feed, they need to have active engagements on them.

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How Reactions, Comments & Shares Make a Difference

Comments, reactions and shares make a difference to the algorithm too.


If someone spends an extra second putting a ‘love’ on a post, that takes more effort and is considered ‘meaningful engagement’. The same goes for all the other reactions apart from the quick click ‘like’ symbol.

Encouraging your audience to use these other reactions will give your post a little boost.

Comments & Replies

We know that comments are great on posts, but did you know that replying to comments are great too?

Yep! So next time someone comments on your post, take a minute to reply to each comment individually and Facebook will love you! Remember, Facebook wants ‘conversations’, so that’s what you need to have!


Sharing a post on Facebook is good, but your audience can go one step better (if you suggest they do!)

What’s better than sharing a post? If someone takes a minute to share your post via Messenger! More effort > More meaningful = Higher priority in the newsfeed.

Another point to note with shares, it the amount of engagement the shared post receives. The more engagement your shared post receives, the more priority it will receive again.

What Else Does Facebook Prioritise?

Your Facebook Page information!

The more fields a Page has completed, the better. This is so your audience can get a better understanding of you and your business.

Here's how to create a Facebook Page the right way: (If you already have a Page created, skip to Step 7)

Step 1: Click here to get started and choose 'Business or Brand'


Step 2: Name your Page and pick the category that best describes your business. Start typing in any word and choose from the list that appears.


Step 3: Add your address and choose whether to have your full address shown on your page, or not. Click Continue!


Step 4: Add your logo where it says 'Upload a Profile Picture'. Hint: I used Canva to create one in 30 seconds!


Step 5: Upload your cover photo.


Step 6: Your Page now looks something like this! Click on 'See all Page tips'.


Step 7: This pop-up box will appear! Work your way through these steps, filling in all the information about your business!

Click 'Not Now' on the second pop up that appears when you've completed each task, so you can continue to work through the list of Page Tips.

Be sure to complete everything from here on to ensure Facebook sees your Page as complete and as a proper business.


Step 8: When you have created your username this popup will appear. Save a screenshot or copy & paste the information for future reference!


Step 9: Now it's time to invite your friends, family & colleagues! Be sure to only invite people who are interested in your Page though.

For example, if Aunty Sue hates dogs, although she likes you, she won't ever become a customer.

The trick here is to keep your Page Fans & Followers (these are the people that Like or Follow your Page) TARGETED.

TOP TIP: It's better to have a smaller following of targeted fans who will buy from you, than 1000's of people who aren't your ideal client and won't engage with your Page.

And one more thing... please take a minute to change the default text in your invitation! You'll get a better response and more likes, I promise!


Step 10: Add a short description for your page. You only have 155 characters so make them count!

Using your keywords here is a great way to optimise your Facebook Page.


Step 11: Almost done! This time, when you see this screen, click 'Edit Page Info'.


Step 12: Complete all the fields in the screen (it will only take a few minutes!)


Step 13: Lastly, click 'About' on the left hand side and fill in your story and any other missing information!

(Hint: If you can't see 'About', click on the 'See More' button on the left!


That's it! Your Facebook Business Page is created and set up just how Facebook likes it!

So what's next when it comes to Facebook engagement? Well, there are some things you definitely need to AVOID doing too, so let's take a look at those next.

Facebook Posts to Avoid

Anything that Facebook terms as ‘Engagement Bait’ is a big NO!

Here’s what Facebook says: “We want to reduce the spread of content that is spammy, sensational, or misleading…”

Here are some examples of what NOT to post:



How to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page

But before you panic about all the things to avoid or how to get your posts prioritised in the Facebook newsfeed, take a breath and keep this in mind:

As long as you are creating valuable content that your audience wants, they will see it and engage with it.

This may not happen overnight, and you may have to focus your efforts a little more than you used to, but Facebook marketing is a long-term strategy for your business and one that is worth your time.

Remember, the key to Facebook is consistency, authenticity and regulatory.

How to Create Posts that Spark Meaningful Interactions

So now we know that facebook likes positive, meaningful interactions, how do you go about creating posts that illicit these?

The answer - focus on EMOTION.

Humans are ‘feeling’ creatures! We are hard-wired to respond to anything that evoke an emotion or feeling in us. When you create your next Facebook Page post, bear that in mind.

So what creates a positive reaction in us?

  • Humour
  • Hope
  • Gratitude
  • Good Surprises
  • Feeling Valued
  • Motivation
  • Passion
  • Romance
  • Joy
  • Serenity

Facebook Engagement Strategies That Work

1. Ask Questions

Instead of ‘comment baiting’, try asking a genuine question to your audience instead, therefore creating a conversation!

For example:

Instead of “Comment if you agree with this!” you could write “I can’t wait to know your thoughts!”

2. Encourage Shares (But Don't Bait!)

‘Share baiting’ is not allowed!

For example: “Share this post for a chance to win!”,

But encouraging people to genuinely share content is fine.

3. Keep It Local & On Trend

Facebook also mentioned that they want to prioritise local and trending topics.

When scheduling posts on your business page, think ahead around what events, occasions and notable dates are coming up and create posts around those.

You don’t have to focus on just the obvious holidays either (Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day etc) but you can also delve a bit deeper and create posts around national or international days or holidays.

Bring your dog to work day? Yes please!

4. Get Your Friends Involved

Instead of asking your audience to ‘tag a friend’ which isn't allowed, ask your audience to share the post in a private message to a friend who might also enjoy it!

5. Don't Do Everything Yourself!

Encourage your audience to create content for you!

For example, if you run a cake shop, ask your customers to post their own photos of their cakes (and everyone enjoying them!) on your Facebook Page!

Now that’s pretty meaningful, right?

Got a client meeting?

Ask your clients to check in, take a selfie with you and post that on your Page. You may even give them a gift card or a bottle of wine to say thank you!

6. Vary & Test

Experiment with the length of your posts, as well as the type of post.

Check your Facebook insights to see which got more engagement - longer or shorter posts, video or images, quotes or stories?

A Final Tip for Increasing Your Facebook Reach

Use video more - way more!

Just today, I posted a quick 3 minute video on my Facebook Page sharing a simple tip on how to find your old notifications (did you know you can only see a limited number in your normal notifications tab?)

In just 5 hours, my reach on facebook skyrocketed and went up by 1712% and is performing better than 75% of my other posts.

No joke - I did the math! 1712%!



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