How To Create An Irresistible Brand On Social Media

When I say the word ‘branding’ to you, what are your first thoughts?

Do you think about logos, colour palettes and fonts?

If the answer is yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone!  The problem is though, that even though these elements of your brand ARE important, they aren’t everything that makes up your brand.

Branding is more about how you set up your business to stand out from the crowd. 

The two most important elements of your brand are:

  • Your message
  • Your mission

When these two key elements of your business line up authentically, you become memorable to your audience and attract your ideal clients with ease!

For those in the coaching or therapy industry, creating a personal brand is super important - it's part of what sells your products and packages to your audience. 

YOU are the face of your brand. 

And yes, this can be a huge shift that you need to make in your own mind first.  You are the face of your brand. Your face. Your voice. Your photos. Your personality.

Check out this post if you need tips to become more confident!

So, does how you portray yourself online match up with the real-life you? 

How much is too much to share?

Should you change aspects of your personality online?

What does being ‘authentic’ even mean?

Here are four tips to develop your personal brand on social media & attract your ideal clients:

1. Identify what you do, your goals, and your objectives.

Let’s say you’re a coach. You’re not just any old coach though are you?

You’re a business coach, a health coach, a book coach, a marriage coach... there are a million types of coaches out there!

Add any adjective you want before the word “coach” that identifies YOU and don’t be afraid to tell people exactly what you do!

Wear that title proudly, add it to your social media accounts, your email signature and your website and soon your community will associate your name with your chosen title!

Your goals and objectives will form your mission, which in turn tells you who your target market is.  

Grab a pen and paper and write down what you want to accomplish as a business.  What do you stand for? What are your beliefs, your morals & ethics? Who do you want to help and why? 

For example, my mission statements looks something like this:

“Empowering women to create a successful and profitable online coaching business so they can live their best life”

This doesn’t have to word for word perfect.  It will also probably change slightly each time you say it - that’s ok too!

2. Determine your brand attributes.

What do you want people to think when they see you online or at events?  What image should appear in people’s minds when they hear your name?  

Write a list of all the words that you can come up with!

Here’s a few of the words that fit my brand:

  • Empowerment
  • Visibility
  • Impact
  • Mindset
  • Marketing / Content marketing 
  • Social media
  • Content
  • Expert
  • Influence

What are the words for your brand?

Do your words match up with your brand?  

Do the same thing for your fonts and colours!

For example, if you are a sleep coach, a colour palette of pastels would work better than bright red or yellow! 

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3. Create a consistent online presence with your website, blog, and social media platforms

Ok, so colour palettes, headshots, and logos are important and definitely play an important role in your online presence. 

Creating a consistent and clear brand image is an easy way for people to identify with your brand quickly. - Just think of McDonalds or Coca-Cola if you don't believe me!

But if you're not sharing content online consistently, you’re going to get nowhere fast.  Or at all.

Yep, we’re talking about your blog, your emails and all your social media platforms!

Every piece of content you share needs to have a purpose to it.

Whether you’re writing an email to your subscribers or a post to share on Facebook, you need to always keep your brand identity at the forefront of your mind.

Simple tweaks like branding your images with your colours, creating content that attracts your ideal clients and writing with passion, authenticity and being yourself on social media will all help to solidly your brand, make it easily recognisable and get you fully booked!

4. Bring your brand to life with live videos

People want to know, like, and trust you. 

There is no better or faster way to do that than to use live video!

Video brings you into their homes and allows you to share the provocative thoughts and daily tips and encouragement they are seeking. 

Video is positive proof that you are a real person, and they will know fairly early on if your personality/brand jives with their own. 

Although pre-recorded video is great - there really is nothing better than LIVE video!  It’s like video, but on steroids!

Always remember - walk your walk and talk your talk!  There is no room for ‘faking it until you make it’ in this industry.  Be authentic, be yourself, be human!

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