How To Find Your Deeper Purpose As A Coach

Finding your ‘deeper purpose’ or your ‘why’ as a Coach is probably one of the most important things you can do.

Without knowing your core reasons for being in business, you’ll never have the motivation to keep going when things get tough.

And trust me, they will be tough at some point!

It may be right when you start out and you’re trying to find your space in the online world…

It might be when you’ve been in business a year and still haven’t reached the time and financial freedom you had dreamt of.

Whenever it is, knowing the why behind it all is what will keep you going.

When you first launched your online business, it’s likely you were already in a 9-5 somewhere, right?

Or maybe you are like me, and started your business when you were on maternity leave?

In either case, you didn’t want to carry on with your 9-5, and some of these thoughts probably ran through your head on a daily basis! 

  • “I hate my job!”
  • “I can’t wait to get away from this place!”
  • “I just want to be home with my kids.”
  • “There must be something more to life than this!”
  • “This dead-end job is going nowhere.”
  • “I’m tired of working crazy hours and never getting the recognition I deserve.” 
  • “I know I’m worth more than they’re paying me.” 

These and many, many other thoughts go through the minds of every online business owner, and are often the driving force behind that long awaited, “I quit!” 

But while they’re great at lighting a fire in your heart and inspiring you to make that scary jump to business ownership, they’re not so fabulous at motivating you to grow and improve. 

They won’t inspire you to increase your skills, raise your rates or to be brave and authentic in your marketing. 

They won’t help you find the courage to hire a new coach or launch a brand new program. 

They’ve done their job already, now it’s up to you to find out why you hated your past job so much and what the real reason is behind you launching your online business.

To find the inspiration to make your business thrive, you have to identify the deeper purpose behind what you do. 

I believe we’re all on this Earth for a reason.

We all have special, unique gifts to uncover and share with the world.

And that’s where you start when you’re uncovering your ‘why’.  

Your Deeper Purpose 

We’re going to go all in here and start with a fully loaded question:

What difference do you want to make in the world?  What changes do you want to see happen?  Is your business aligned with that?

Yes, we all want to make money and we’ll get to the financial reasons for starting your online business in a minute, but even more than that, you need to know why doing what you do is so important.

How will it help other people?  What impact can you make in your industry, your niche or to the world as a whole?  

For me, being a parent is a major part of why I’m a Coach.

  • I want my children to see that they can create their own life - it’s not predetermined or set in stone for them. 
  • I want them to know that they can choose to live any life they desire.  To forge their own path, even when others try to convince them that ‘another way’ is better, or the ‘only’ way.
  • I also want my kids to know that they can create that change in the world.

And, importantly, I want to help affect that change by creating a world where they are acknowledged for their own unique skills & abilities.  

I want to make this world better for the next generation.

Passionate Whys

‘Passion based’ is a phrase that’s found a massive following in the past few years, and seems to be the holy grail of entrepreneurial adventures. 

And for online business owners with a true passion for their field, it can be a strong motivator. 

Infact, I would go as far as to say that if you’re not deeply passionate about what you’re selling or the service you’re giving, you shouldn’t be launching a business.

What are you truly passionate about?

Do you spend hours every day or week immersing yourself in or learning about a specific topic or subject?

Perhaps your passion lies within helping a particular person or niche?

Whichever type of passion-based business owner you are, learning to harness that passion will help you take your business to the next level. 

Freedom Whys

Being a parent means I want to be able to spend time at home with my kids.  I want to watch them grow up, play games, take them on holidays and create memories that will last forever.

Perhaps freedom for you means the same, or maybe freedom means that you can earn money whilst exploring the world, or sitting on a beach sipping cocktails.

Perhaps freedom is more about knowing that you are in charge of your own life, your own goals and being your own boss.

Freedom has many different meanings and it’s a big part of why you want to have your own business for many of us.

Financial Whys

As I mentioned earlier, we all want to make money.  We need money to live and it’s a perfectly natural and normal part of our everyday lives.

So part of the reason why you want to start your own online business is likely to be financially based.

Perhaps you want to retire at 40 to travel the world, or send your kids to an elite private school. 

Maybe you love fast cars, and dream of driving a brand new Ferrari.  (Not my thing, but hey, some people like cars!)

Maybe you simply want to pay off all your debts, credit cards & live mortgage free for the rest of your life.

You might want to be able to take incredible holidays every year with your family, or by yourself!

Whatever your big goal, you know that by working for someone else, there is always a ‘cap’ on your income.  You’ll only ever get paid what they think you’re worth - or worse, what they choose to pay you.

As an entrepreneur, YOU decide your rates.  

You decide your worth.

You decide whether to make £5K this month or £50K this month.

Money is a necessary tool of life. 

We need it, and the more we have, the easier life is for us and for those we decide to share our wealth with. 

Wanting more money is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you maintain your integrity and authenticity in pursuit of it. 

Charitable Whys

Plenty of online business owners go into business so they can have more to give. 

You’ve probably seen business owners who use their earnings to fund mission trips, build schools in war-torn, third world countries, and support a variety of charities at home and abroad. 

Others use the time freedom they’ve built into their business to volunteer with local hospitals, animal shelters and children’s organisations. 

If you have a heart for a cause, a charitable why might be the driving force that takes your business to the next level. 

To find your own whys and the deeper purpose behind running your own business, think about your biggest dreams and ask yourself these questions: 

  1. If money were no object, what would you be doing? 
  2. Would you do it for free?
  3. What do you want your life to be like?
  4. What changes do you want to make in the world?

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