How To Gain Hours Per Day & Stay Consistent On Social Media

Do you want to save time during your work day?

Ever wish you had an extra 18 hours to accomplish everything on your to do list?!

Most people would answer, “Hell yeah!” to those questions because a coach’s to do list is never really complete, especially if you don’t have a VA or any support staff to help you.

Automating certain tasks, like social media, is one way to gain some much needed time back in your day - but bare in mind that it does still require you to interact with your audience!

Social media schedulers, such as HootSuite and Buffer, are one of the first tools I started using in my business.

I knew that Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn were crucial to getting my name out there and making an impact in the coaching industry.

Most schedulers are simple, easy to use (even if you’re not tech-savvy!), convenient and don’t cost the Earth either!

One of the easiest way to get more done in your work day is to plan and schedule your social media content!

Simply log in, schedule which posts should publish on which platform, and hit the save button. Voila! Done.

Now you can get back to those coaching calls with your clients!

Some platforms, like Meet Edgar, PromoRepublic, Send Pilot & PostPlanner are even more powerful because they continue to share your evergreen social media posts into the future!

Most of the time, it’s a quick one click to activate the repeating post mode, say whether you want th post to repeat daily, weekly or monthly, set the time and you’re done. FOREVER!

Yep, you can give me a WHOOP WHOOP here!

I never want to hear you say you don’t have time to be consistent on social media again!

Using schedulers is an amazing way to automate tasks to free up more time in your day - and you can even create the content yourself (or repurpose older content, obvs!) and then ask your virtual assistant to take over and schedule it in.

A quick word of warning here though:

This doesn’t mean you get to be ‘hands-off’ from your social media accounts.

In fact, you should be totally hands-ON, but in a strategic and focused way!

You still need to be aware of what’s happening in your social media world...

If followers are asking for your opinion, you need to be there in a timely fashion giving your opinion.

If clients are asking specific questions about a product, service, program or course, you need to be on the ball answering those questions; otherwise you’ll be getting refund requests because your customers feel neglected!

And you definitely don’t want that!

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Also, remember to always be active in your social media world and connect with your ideal clients online.

Yep, it’s wonderful when people in your tribe find you but that doesn’t always happen - and it certainly won’t grow your business as quickly as you otherwise could.

Spend some time every day to connect with your ideal client. Passive marketing (or hope marketing, as I’ve heard it called) puts too much power into the hands of your ideal audience...

Don’t wait and hope that they find you; make them want to CHOOSE you.

Show your audience how you can help solve their problems. To do this successfully, you need to have a personal presence online instead of allowing a social media manager or third-party scheduler to be in charge.

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