How To Overcome Indecisiveness

Is being indecisive ruining your business?  Is indecision blocking you from reaching the success you desire?

If you're a bit of a procrastinator, this article is going to show you exactly how this negative habit is affecting your business, your mindset, your bank balance, and ultimately, your happiness and success - and of course, how to overcome that indecisiveness!

What happens when you get stuck in that place where you are trying to get more clients but you simply don't know what you're supposed to be doing each day?

Or you can't choose between saying yes to something or saying no to something?

Or when you can't choose whether to launch your online course just yet or not..

Indecisiveness & procrastination can affect all aspects of your business, big or small.

Maybe you've been wanting to hire a Business Coach to get you to 6 figures, but you still haven’t taken that step to make it happen.

If you’ve watched any of my Live trainings, or heard me on any podcast, you’ll know that I have two saying that I use to help me overcome indecisiveness as well as fears and self doubt:

Nike:  Just Do It!

Dr Pepper:  What’s the worst that could happen?

First, I like to go with the ‘just do it!’ statement.  Before you have any time to think about it or talk yourself out of it -just do it!

Send that email, hire that coach, launch that program.

Go with your gut. 

What do you feel about this opportunity or decision initially?  Excited?  Fearful?  What does your gut say? 

What is your initial thought before you start analysing and overthinking. 

Before you get the arguments going on in your head and the self-doubts and limiting beliefs kick in.

Still can’t hit that button and make that decision?

That’s ok!  Sometimes (especially at first) those fears, doubts and worries might be a little too used to taking control of your thoughts and actions - and that’s where Dr Pepper comes in!

One of the reasons that we tend to be indecisive is because we are scared of the outcome. 

And if you're scared of the outcome, it’s because deep down you know that your answer should probably be YES!, actually, you NEED to do it. 

Everything is on the other side of fear, right? 

Everything good is in that place where you don't feel comfortable, where you don't feel safe. 

You're not in your comfort zone.  You're stepping outside of that and everything good happens for you personally and in your business when you step outside of your comfort zone. 

So ask yourself, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’

  1. Will the world implode?
  2. Will you lose your house?
  3. Will you die?
  4. Will you loved ones, friends or family get hurt?
  5. Will it make you bankrupt or homeless?

If the answer to those questions is a no (or more likely, a “No, of course not!”) then it’s safe.  You can make this decision and know that you will be ok, no matter what else happens.

Let’s put this to the test with an example:

You want to go to a big conference or event where 100s of your peers and other big names in your industry will be.  You know it will be good for you to meet these people, you know it will help you grow your business.  

But you’re scared.  You can’t quite manage to hit the button to buy those tickets.

If you can’t use the ‘Nike, Just Do it!’ technique, run the decision through the Dr Pepper test.

What is the worst that could happen? 

  1. Will the world implode?
  2. Will you lose your house?
  3. Will you die?
  4. Will you loved ones, friends or family get hurt?
  5. Will it make you bankrupt or homeless?

No?  Then do it!

Need to go deeper?  Play the event out in your mind:

So you go to the event, and the absolute worst worst case scenario is you go and nobody talks to you.  You don't talk to anybody else, you're quiet the whole time and you sit at a table furiously taking notes.

And you end up learning a tonne of stuff for your business. 

That you really, really wanted and needed to know. 

The worst outcome is not that bad, right? 

The next thing to look at is what is the best that could happen? 

So let's take that same scenario…

The best thing that could happen is that you're at this event, you meet some amazing people, you swap numbers or contact details.  You follow them on social media, you learn a tonne of stuff from the event, you implement it into your business, you start making more money…

You're still in touch with a couple of people that you met at that event. 

They then ask you if you want to do a joint venture with them or to be a Guest Speaker for their next Online Summit and suddenly your audience triples.  

You grow your email list, you make more sales, your visibility, impact and your influence skyrockets. 

Now you’re so happy to have made that decision, that you took action & went to that event!

Do you see how procrastinating and being indecisive can make or break your business?

The next time you have a decision to make, run it through this quick strategy!

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