List Building 101


Building an email list is STILL one of the smartest things you can do in your business!

It’s one of the very first things you should think about - before your business actually even gets off the ground!

But what if you’re already in business?

Don’t panic, you can still build and grow your email list.

Before we get into email list building strategies, let’s go over a couple of other things that I hear from Entrepreneurs…

‘Email Marketing is DEAD’

Sorry to disappoint you, but email marketing is FAR from dead!

Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) than any other platform.

In fact, it’s even better than social media marketing.


But everyone is always talking about how awesome social media marketing is!

And it is…

BUT - smart entrepreneurs know that they should be getting their audience OFF social media and ON to their email list.

Social media is great at getting you more visible online and can generate traffic for you, but you have to DO something with that traffic - and that audience.

You have to get them on your email list!

Or as Derek Halpern says:

“If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot”

Blunt, but true!

If you want more proof, here’s the stats:

73% of millennial’s identify email as their preferred means of business communication.

Nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day; this number is expected to reach 246 billion before 2020.

In the UK, every one pound spent on email marketing has an ROI of £38; in the US, it's $44.

If you have a business, you MUST be constantly focusing on growing your email list!

Don’t be that person who makes excuses for not growing their email list!

Too often, I still hear things like:

“It takes too much time”

“I don’t need an email list., I use Facebook”

“I don’t know how to grow my email list”

Well, if you’ve ever said any of those things, read on, because I’m going to solve them all for you!

If You Think You Don’t Have Time To Grow Your Email List…


You’re flat out wrong. Sorry!

Growing your email list means growing your business. What’s more important than that?

You might be thinking about all the 1001 other things you have to do on a daily basis, and I totally get it! BUT… Do YOU really have to be the person that does every single one of those things? Can you free up some of your time by letting someone else handle some of the admin for you?

If you really think you have to do those things ALL yourself, then what else can you do to free up some time?

Perhaps you could get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, or combine walking the dog with listening to your morning podcasts or meditation so you can use those 30 minutes to work on growing your email list?

And don’t forget a great email list building strategy includes aspects of automation, so once it’s set up, it does all the work for you!

If You Think You Don’t Need An Email List…


Your email list is MORE than just a list of names and email addresses.

It’s a direct line of communication to your target clients and it helps you to build trust, connection and a relationship that will help you to keep moving forward in your business.

It means you are creating a pool of people that are listening to you, getting to know you, trusting in your advice and will buy from you if you put the right offer in front of them.

If I put you in a room with 5000 of your target clients, all of which had the exact problem you knew your product could solve, would you pass up the opportunity to speak to them? Of course you wouldn’t!

We live and work in a digital age, so if you’re not building and consistently growing your email list, you’re living in the dark ages!

As an online entrepreneur, you don’t have a brick and mortar store. You don’t have a shopfront. You don’t have ‘passing trade’.

You have a website, on the world wide web. Amongst billions of other websites!

  • YOU have to go out there and get your audience yourself.
  • YOU have to reach out and create relationships and contacts.
  • YOU have to attract your target clients and OFFER them your products or services!

If You Don't Know How To Grow Your Email List...

You offer something of incredible value that solves a problem for your target client. And give it to them, in exchange for their email address.

Here are a few ideas of what to offer:

  • eBooks
  • Checklists
  • Video training’s
  • Resource lists / tool kits
  • Reports
  • How to’s

There are a ton of different list building strategies you can implement! In fact, I have over 20 in my Zero to Hero List Building course!

There Is A Simple Formula For Growing Your Email List FAST!


Ease + Relevance + CTA = Growth

Step 1: Make it INSANELY easy for people to sign up to your email list.

If your sign up process is to difficult to find or long winded, people won’t subscribe. Make it ridiculously quick and easy!

Step 2: Your opt-in (aka Lead Magnet) must be HIGHLY relevant.

You want people in your email list that are your target audience. To get the right people inside, you should provide content that is laser focused and targeted on one specific problem that your target audience has.

Step 3: Use a POWERFUL Call to Action

Your CTA (Call to Action) is the final step in the formula. ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ simply won’t cut it!

When writing your CTA, ensure it is short, sharp and to the point. Entice your audience through your words. Make it exciting and add a sense of urgency!

Use your brand voice and personality to help you!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Let me in!
  • Get free lifetime access
  • Hook me up!
  • Grab the templates!
  • Start the challenge!
  • Gimme!
  • I’m in!
  • Access now!
  • Join in
  • I’m ready!
  • Claim your free trial
  • Get started now
  • Take me there!

So now you know WHY you should be focusing on your email list and understand the formula to encourage people to subscribe to your list!

Now let's have a look at HOW to actually create the CONTENT that you're going to need to use as Lead Magnets and grab those email addresses!

How to Know What Content to Create for Your Lead Magnet


And for your social media platforms... and blog... and emails!

1.  Listen to your audience

Simple, easy and free.  Why wouldn't you be doing this every day already?!

The biggest mistake I see most entrepreneurs making here, is that they put up a post on social media, or email their current subscribers and ask something like 'What's your biggest struggle at the moment?"

If you want generic, one word answers or things like "I need more sales", then sure post that!


If you want actual useful information that can help your business grow and help you to give your audience what they actually need, you need to go a bit deeper than that.

For instance, you might say "What is your biggest struggle at the moment with your sales conversations?" or "How do you feel when holding a discover call with a potential client - and have to then start talking about how much it costs to work with you?"

Questions like these go much deeper into a problem that you already know your target audience has.

It allows you to speak to their inner fears and concerns and helps you to develop freebies, products & services that you already KNOW your ideal client wants and needs.

When your audience responds to your question, go back to them individually and ask another question.

Dig deeper.  You'll find that most people tend to give quick short answers to start with as they don't think anyone actually cares enough or will find the time to go back and answer them personally.

Be the person who does.

Be the coach who digs deeper, who asks the right questions and who understands their concerns.

Be the expert who gives advice freely and genuinely helps them.

Once you start doing that, they'll come back to you time and time again.  You'll probably find that their second answer explains in a lot more depth what those fears or struggles are!

2. Keep track of your answers

Again, this isn't rocket science, but something that it's so easily missed!

Keep a spreadsheet of your findings (I love Google Sheets) and update it with new information each time you send out a survey or ask a question to your audience.

Do you use the Groups 'Ask a Question' feature when a new member requests to join your Facebook group?

Make sure that one of these questions helps you to find out more about your audience and allows you to provide the best lead magnets & content for them!

Remember to take a screenshot of these answers before you hit 'accept' as once you do the information is gone forever!

Add this info to your spreadsheet too!

3. Keep focused

When you're creating your content for social media, or a lead magnet, it can be all to easy to get distracted and go off on a tangent!

Always keep your ideal client in mind when you are creating anything!

Here's a couple of questions I like to use (and teach my clients to use) before they hit 'Publish!'

  1. Is your ideal client likely to see this content?
  2. Why are you posting it?
  3. What benefit does it give your audience?
  4. What result do you want from this piece of content?


Growing your email list is a must for every online business owner!  It's not a 'nice to have' or a 'one day I'll get round to it' activity.  It's a 'do it now and every single day in your business' strategy for getting more leads and potential clients into your business.

Remember to always create content with your ideal client in mind and ask the right questions!





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