How to Go Live on Facebook with A Guest

Video is HUGE. Facebook Live (aka live streaming) is even more HUGE.

Sometimes though, it can be a little mind-bending when you're trying to go Live on Facebook and bring on a guest with you too!

Here are two simple ways to go Live on Facebook with a guest or host a webinar via Zoom on FB Live - and all for FREE!

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How To Bring A Guest With You On Facebook Live

Here's what you'll need:

  1. FREE Facebook account
  2. FREE Zoom account
  3. FREE OBS Software


Facebook Live Via OBS

  1. Open your Zoom meeting (You MUST do this first!)
  2. Open OBS, click SETTINGS > STREAM
  3. In 'Stream Type', select STREAMING SERVICES. In the dropdown menu of 'Service', click FACEBOOK LIVE. Leave 'Server' as DEFAULT.
  4. Click APPLY > OK
  5. Go to your Facebook Page / Profile / Group you want to go live in & click on LIVE VIDEO in a new post
  6. Switch to the CONNECT button at the top and copy your STREAM URL. (Tip: If you check the box to make it a persistent stream URL you won't need to do this step every time you go Live via OBS)
  7. **Optional - If you want to schedule your Live for a future time / date, you can do that here.**
  8. Go back to OBS and head back to SETTINGS > STREAM. Paste your STREAM KEY, click APPLY > OK
  9. On the bottom right hand corner, click START STREAMING
  10. Head back one last time to your Facebook Live screen and you'll see it starts searching for your stream. (Note, you won't be live until the next step!)
  11. Type in your title & description & hit GO LIVE!

Facebook Live + Guest

Now that you've got that down, let's turn this up a notch and in just a couple of simple steps you can be live on Facebook via OBS with multiple guests! Great for webinars, presentations, live demos & more!

  1. In Zoom, schedule a meeting and send the join URL to all guest participants.
  2. Follow steps 1-8 mentioned above, then come back here
  3. In OBS, click on SCENE > '+' and then name your Scene. I like to call mine 'Guest Webinar'
  4. Next, click on SOURCE > '+' select WINDOW CAPTURE
  5. Click CREATE NEW if this is your first time doing this and title it 'Zoom'. If you've done this before, click on ADD EXISTING and then choose 'Zoom'. Hit OK.
  6. A box will appear displaying what your camera is showing in Zoom. Resize your display by dragging out the red lines to fill the screen. (Tip: If you need to make extra adjustments, resize your Zoom screen so it better fills the OBS display). You can also check Facebook Live to see that it all looks good!
  7. When you bring on a second (or multiple) guests into Zoom, the screen will split to show all attending guests
  8. On the bottom right hand corner, click START STREAMING
  9. Head back one last time to your Facebook Live screen and you'll see it starts searching for your stream. (Note, you won't be live until the next step!)
  10. Type in your title & description & hit GO LIVE!

Top Tip: This is a super cool way to host a webinar for FREE too! Add multiple attendees on Zoom and follow the steps above!

Facebook Live + Guest + Share Your Screen

Want to share your screen too? Easy peasy!

  1. First of all, follow steps 1-7 in the above guide 'Facebook Live + Guest'

Sharing Your Screen with Zoom

  1. Next, open the presentation / web page /image etc that you want to share on your Facebook Live / webinar
  2. In Zoom, click SHARE SCREEN and select your presentation / web page from the icons that appear. It will list everything you have open on your computer, so just pick the one you need!
  3. That's it, you're done! Click on START STREAMING & GO LIVE on Facebook to start!


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