5 Quick Ways to Make Money TODAY in Your Business

Sometimes we need all need a little income booster in our business, so today I want to share with you 5 quick ways to make money TODAY in your business!

Maybe there’s an unexpected bill that's come up that you need to pay off or a training course, coaching call or membership club that you’ve had your eye on and want to get in before you miss out.

There could be a billion other reasons too!

Here are 5 money-making ideas to get you a little extra cash this week!


1.  Have a Flash Sale

It’s obvious but that because it’s also always a winner!  

The trick here is to offer as big a discount as you possible can - the bigger the better!

Think along the lines of 75% off or more.  You could make this a site-wide sale, or have it just for specific programs, onlines courses, or services you offer.

You want to make it so irresistible that anyone who has ever even thought about buying from you before will be jumping in quick! 


2.  Affiliate Sales

There are two ways to make money with affiliate sales:

  1. Sell other people's products
  2. Set up affiliate links for your own products and get other people to sell them for you

Do you have a product you are an affiliate for?  

Why not put out some content on social media, or write a blog post about the product, software or service and include your personal affiliate link.

You could even go Live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and talk about the product there or show a behind the scenes of how you use it.

Follow up with an email to your list (& anyone who engaged with your content), include your affiliate link and give your income a boost!

Do you have affiliates for your own products? 

Now’s the time to get in touch with your affiliates and give them a nudge!

You could send them new promotional email copy, a couple of new images created in Canva, or go the whole 9 yards and create a brand new offer for them to promote to their audience. 

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3.  Set up Your Tripwire

This one is super quick, easy and always a winner!

For this you'll need a couple of things:

  1. An Irresistible Lead Magnet (if you need help creating yours, check this out)
  2. A low cost product to sell (which is set up & ready to sell)
  3. A landing page 

Step 1:  Go check your stats to see which is your highest converting lead magnet

Step 2:  Change your thank you page to a tripwire page.  I recommend creating a new page rather than editing your existing thank you page just in case you ever want to change it back again (although I don't see why you ever would!)

All you have to do here is add a little detail about your product, add a buy it now button, and then promote your freebie on your email, blog & social media!

Tripwires work best when they are offered between £7-£14 and have a big discount attached to them.

For example it might be £47 down to £7 or £125 down to £14.

The key thing here is that they can ONLY get this incredible offer ON THIS ONE PAGE - let them know it isn't available anywhere else or at any other time.

Step 3: Share and promote your lead magnet across all your social media platforms, blog, website and email list.


4.  The BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free)

How about running a 48 hour buy one, get one free sale?  

You could do this for coaching sessions, retreats, ticketed events, info products or services!  


5.  Set up Your Funnel!

Funnels are simply one tripwire after another. 

The only difference is that they tend to have more pages (therefore more offers) attached to them and your pricing can be low or high, depending on your product or service.

Discover more about creating a super simple sales funnel inside the £100K Club for just £35.


6.  BONUS IDEA!  Host a Paid Webinar!

What can you talk for hours about without any prep work?!  

For me it’s content marketing!

For you it may be something different, but whatever it is, pick a date in the next couple of days and spend 5 minutes in Canva creating an eye-catching graphic.

Write a little intro into what you’ll be teaching, add a low cost price tag and start telling people about it!

Hope these ideas help you to make some extra money in your online business this week!



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