How to Master Your Message & Attract High End Clients


What is your brand’s message? What do you tell people you do for a living? How do you attract a steady stream of high-end ideal clients to your business?

I’ll give you a clue - it’s all in your messaging.

What is my ‘Message’?!

- and why is it so important?

The core message of your business is your why, what, where, when & who.

This can sometime be quite a mouthful! And not always what you should be saying when you are simply being introduced to someone (or introducing yourself to a potential client).

Your brand message is a variation of your core message and IS what you say!

It could also be your tagline, slogan or part of your 60 second pitch.

When someone asks you “What do you do for a living?”, what is your response?

Do you stumble over your words or give a long drawn-out answer?

Or do you have a quick, specific sentence or two that rolls off the tongue?

Your brand message should be specific and clear, focusing on a particular problem and outcome.

For example, mine is:

“I help female entrepreneurs to get more online visibility, grow an audience of highly engaged, ideal clients and create a sustainable & profitable online business.”

Do you see how it connects to a particular group of people, tells them how I can help them and speaks to their ultimate goal?

So Why is Mastering Your Message so Important?

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to speak directly to your ideal clients to enable you to attract and grow that audience.

To do this, you need to clearly define and understand who you are speaking to.

If your messaging is too vague or tries to speak to everybody, you’ll end up speaking to nobody!

For instance, if I said:

“I help people create businesses”…

Well that’s great and all, but you wouldn’t really feel like I was speaking directly to YOU and you probably wouldn’t follow me, be in my Facebook community, email list or be particularly interested in buying anything from me.

It’s not SPECIFIC enough!

Your audience needs to feel that you are speaking directly to them. You know that feeling on a date when you only have eyes for one person - that you’re the only person in the room?

That’s how you need to make people feel with your brand message.

Take a moment to look at your brand message and see what it says to your audience.

Need Some Help Mastering Your Message?

Run it through this quick checklist:

  • Who does it speak to specifically?
  • What do you do?
  • How to you help your ideal clients?
  • Where does working with you get them?
  • Is it short and sweet?
  • Can you remember it easily?

By mastering your message, you create an instant connection with your ideal clients which then starts the Like, Know & Trust paradigm.

master_your_message_& _attract_high_end_clients


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