The Most Important Thing in Business {Guest Blog}

What Is The Most Important Thing You Need To Be Successful In Business?

This question is one of the most common questions I come across in the business networking and support groups I am a member of – you see a real variety of answers and it’s something that everyone will have their own answer to.

For me the answer to this question is BELIEF.

I see belief as being the backbone to success in any business, in fact I think it goes much further than and is the motivating force behind success in all areas of your life.

Your beliefs determine so much in your life – your mindset, your decisions and your interactions being just a few of these.

I have spent quite a bit of time over the last few years studying The Law of Attraction and looking at the key principles behind it.

Admittedly of late with the popularity of books such as The Secret it has received a bit of a Hollywood makeover! But if you try to see past the articles telling you how to manifest a lottery win or a 6-figure salary simply by writing yourself a blank cheque, the bare bones behind it make a lot of sense.

That our beliefs shape our lives and everything that happens in them.

“I see beliefs like an operating system for a computer – what we put into our brains and tell ourselves is inevitably what will happen.”

If we have negative beliefs, we are inadvertently programming our brains to see the negative; whereas if we replace these with positive beliefs our brains become programmed to seek out the positives in a situation and we begin to have more positive experiences because of this.


Our mind is a very powerful tool, it listens intently to what we tell it and acts on it. We have all heard of the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” if you continue to tell yourself something enough you will start to believe it and become that thought.

Before we can start to be truly successful in life we need to rewire our beliefs, identify all of those which aren’t positively serving us and work to change them.

For example, I always used to see myself as an unproductive person. I would start each day writing myself never ending to-do lists which I had no chance of completing even if I managed to clone 20 versions of myself.

At the end of every day I would look at the list and focus on everything I hadn’t got done, giving myself a hard time for not getting these things done and completely disregarding the things I had accomplished that day!

I was unknowingly strengthening the belief I was unproductive and starting each day with the view I wouldn’t accomplish much - so I wasn’t!

I now spend 5 minutes at the end of every day writing a list of all the things I have achieved and focusing on those. This has helped to change my belief that I am unproductive, as a result becoming more productive in day to day life.

Our beliefs although often deeply ingrained, are fluid and something we have the power to change and take charge of.

In business we need to not only believe in ourselves and our abilities, we also need to believe in our businesses and what we do. Does your face light up when you talk about what you do? Does it make you excited? Does your excitement have the power to excite others? What drives what you do? Why does the world need you and your business?

Primarily, if we don’t believe in our business and what we offer, how can we expect others to believe it and invest in what we are offering them?


It goes much deeper than this though.

By believing in our businesses we gain the ability to motivate ourselves through all the challenges that inevitably will come our way. These could be financial challenges, workload, opposition from others, personal challenges and so many more.

If we believe strongly in what we are doing and ourselves we will have the power to navigate through these, we will be able to find the resources to simply see these as a challenge which can be overcome, as opposed to a complete stumbling block.

Our beliefs have the power to keep us going through the difficult times as we believe in what we are doing and the result.

Without doubt our beliefs are what shapes what we do and how we do them. Therefore, it is key to ensure that you are constantly working on developing and maintaining a positive belief system.

Look at it this way: a car engine powers a car so you make sure you service it regularly to keep it at maximum performance, you replace parts that aren’t working efficiently or are impacting on the cars overall performance.

Your brain & mindset is your engine, your car is your business, and your replacement parts are your beliefs and values.

Our beliefs and our mindset are what powers us and our businesses, so we need to make sure we are working to make these as positive and efficient as we can.

About Jo Meakin

Jo is the Founder of Find Your Bloom where she supports people in creating happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Jo runs well-being events, and online community and workshops designed to inspire you and enhance your mental, physical spiritual and emotional health.

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