Let's talk POP-UP'S - The Pro's & Con's

I've just been visiting some website and blogs and pretty much got bombarded with website Pop Ups.

Pop-ups aren't exactly a new thing. Have you ever been to a shop and a salesperson came over and asked you if you needed help with anything? That's a pop-up too! Just in the real world!

What is a Pop-Up?

A Pop-Up is a bar, banner or image box that 'pops up' when you visit a website or blog. They can be placed on certain pages only, or all pages. A Pop-Up can hugely increase subscribers to your email list (you have to connect it to your mail provider first), but they can also annoy people!

When do Pop-Ups Display?

Pop-Ups can be visible to the user in various ways, depending on how you set them up.

You can opt to have your pop-up appear in a few different ways:

  • after a certain amount of time (usually 10 seconds, 30 seconds etc)
  • after the user has scrolled a certain percentage down the page (25% down, 50% down etc)
  • on exit (this only works on a desktop / laptop as it uses the positioning of the mouse
  • over the 'x' to as they move to close the page down before the pop-up appears

You can also select not to show the pop-up to someone who has visited your website in the last day, week etc.

Note: these options vary depending on which pop-up provider you use.

Pop-Up Examples

You'll notice that I have two here at Notton House Academy. See that little aqua coloured bar at the top? It's an 'announcement bar' which allows me to share special news and is another way for you to get on my email list! You can get something similar from Hello Bar here if you like!

Many people use Pop-Ups to ask people to subscribe to their email list in a really generic way.

Here's an example:

Let's talk POP-UP'S - The Pro's & Con's12

Image Source

The other option I have for a pop-up is this one which you see on exit.


The Pro's & Con's Of Using Pop-Ups


  • They convert website visitors into email subscribers - which is the aim of your website!
  • Conversion statistics are really good - it works!
  • You can get free or paid versions which enable to you target specific users
  • The ROI (return on investment) is great 
  • They demand attention
  • You can create different pop-ups for different pages
  • You can customise the look and style of them so they fit your brand


  • They are super annoying when done wrong
  • They may push some customers to leave your site
  • They can be too intrusive
  • They don't work well on mobile (and Google can penalise you, so turn them off for mobile visitors)

How To Use Pop-Ups The Right Way

  • Don't use a pop up that covers the whole screen and can't be easily dismissed
  • Set your timings correctly.  I really don't understand the point of a pop-up appearing 5 seconds after you land on a page - you haven't had time to read anything yet, so why would you sign up to the website?
  • Offer something of real value to your reader
  • Ask a question in the pop-up and email them information that solves their problem
  • Always edit your pop-up to fit your brand image, colours and style
  • Link your pop-up to your chosen email service provider
  • Always make them easy to close - don't hide the 'x' button somewhere silly
  • Disable them for mobile visitors
  • Be selective - think if you really need a pop-up on every page
  • Be relevant - ensure your pop-ups are adding value for your visitors

Where Can You Get A Pop-Up?

There are many places to grab a pop-up from, but the first thing you should do is check your own website provider.

  • Squarespace has a built in pop-up generator and is a great website platform (it's what we use here at the Academy & at Notton House Photography)
  • Hello Bar is awesome for simple, unobtrusive email capture 
  • You can get various plugins for Wordpress like Hustle
  • Sumo is great for pop-ups, plus other fab tools (lots are free!) to automate your growth

5 Ideas For Your Website Pop-Up

  1. Subscribe to your newsletter
  2. Give away a free gift
  3. Ask a question
  4. Survey
  5. Discount codes / free delivery

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