188 Social Media Post Ideas

When you're posting on social media every day, several times a day, it can be really tough to come up with unique, new and interesting content ideas!

In this article we're not going to dive into all the reasons why you need to be posting on social media for your business, but I'm going to get straight into it and give you as many social media post ideas as I possibly can!

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188 Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Post a snippet from one of your blog posts
  2. Share a stat or a piece of information from a white paper / survey you have written
  3. Offer giveaways to your facebook fans 
  4. Cross-promote your snapchat, instagram, pinterest, facebook, linkedin and twitter accounts
  5. Share the daily activities of your business
  6. Run a themed series of posts
  7. Share a link to your FB group & give them a reason to join
  8. Create a fan challenge
  9. Post a screenshot of what you’re working on
  10. Share the funny mistakes & outtakes from your videos / podcasts
  11. Ask your followers about their needs
  12. Play a game with your audience
  13. Make an announcement
  14. Change your profile picture/cover photo - this always get a few extra likes!
  15. Preview one of your new products
  16. Share an award you have been nominated for or won
  17. Share a famous quote 
  18. Write an intro or get to know me post
  19. Share the countdown on an event you have planned
  20. Something funny that happened recently and/or how your product or service saved the day
  21. Share your startup story
  22. Share a snippet from your podcast
  23. Share your podcast link
  24. Ask your audience to share your page with their friends
  25. Ask your audience to tag people who would be interested in a post you have published
  26. Share your success (eg a bid/tender you’ve won or a project you’ve completed)
  27. Provide encouragement & motivation
  28. Give value
  29. List your favourite tools or services
  30. Inspire others
  31. Share your to-do list
  32. Share your opt-in / lead magnet
  33. Publish a customer case study with an image highlighting a result
  34. Share company selfies
  35. Share a sneak peek
  36. Share where you have been featured
  37. Post something seasonal
  38. Create a poll
  39. List your favorite business books
  40. Post Inspiring quotes from an unexpected source (eg your children!)
  41. Create a product highlight video
  42. Post about trending topics or news in your niche
  43. Create a ‘find-the-product’ or ‘find-the-cat’ post - encourage your audience to go to your website to find the product or cat and DIRECT message you with where it is to win something!
  44. Post testimonials
  45. Share photos and videos of industry events
  46. Share your guilty pleasures!
  47. Create a fan-only discount
  48. Host your own special events
  49. Share fill-in-the-blank questions
  50. Create a funny meme/post related to something that’s trending
  51. Run a competition
  52. Share a photo of what your product/service has done for someone.
  53. Short answers to faqs about your product
  54. Recommend pages for your audience to like on Facebook
  55. Share a video from your YouTube channel.
  56. Post a comparison post about your product’s features
  57. Use negative headlines to show a positive outcome
  58. Have an account takeover
  59. Provide some quick tips
  60. Post a customer interview
  61. Ask your customers to share photos of your product in use
  62. Tell customer stories
  63. Cross-promote with someone else in your niche
  64. Share a quote from a customer review
  65. Share your values
  66. Talk about your mistakes and failures
  67. Thank people for making a positive comment on your post
  68. Recommend groups you audience may be interested in joining on Facebook
  69. Make predictions
  70. Share other people’s content
  71. Reveal a personal passion that drove you to create your business
  72. Promote an upcoming e-course or interview
  73. Ask questions
  74. Share a story about some awesome customer service you received
  75. Do an AMA (ask me anything) post and continue answering questions for 2-3 days
  76. Share the success of partners and integrators
  77. Target specific segments of your audience
  78. Team photo collage
  79. Review a product you use
  80. A post that elicits positive emotions
  81. Tease upcoming sales/offers
  82. Short video clips
  83. Share content from charities and causes
  84. Recycle popular posts
  85. Feature your latest how-to guide
  86. Behind-the-scenes shots of your business
  87. Your workspace
  88. Post an infographic
  89. Go live 
  90. Ask customers what their perception of your brand is.
  91. Crowdsource content from your users
  92. highlight a work in progress
  93. Post any job openings you have
  94. Create a myth-busting series about your niche or product
  95. Share a special offer using a hashtag holiday
  96. Share your company's blog posts (lots!)
  97. Post fun life pics
  98. Honour someone close to you
  99. Honour a group of people  
  100. Write a vulnerable post
  101. Write stories about your business
  102. Share interviews of you / your business
  103. Share your guest blog posts
  104. Tell people when something exciting is happening for your brand
  105. Share events you are speaking at in person or online
  106. Ask people’s opinions: “what do you think about _____________?”
  107. Post seasonal/timely content
  108. Create games to sell more, increase traffic on your site and gain a database
  109. Get to know your fans
  110. Post your tagline
  111. Share a “comment to receive” post (this can be done easily with a chatbot like ManyChat)
  112. Create some “quick win” videos
  113. Inform your audience about interesting courses, seminars, webinars, etc. in your sector or those you plan to attend
  114. Do a #FollowFriday post
  115. Facilitate a discussion or debate
  116. Pose a problem and ask for advice
  117. Talk about your charities and causes
  118. Post your photos of your office or office pet!
  119. Highlight and recognise your fans
  120. Highlight & recognise your FB Page Top Fans
  121. Share exclusive content with just your Top Fans on your FB Page 
  122. Think about everyday situations and their relation to your business field to create content that connects with your followers
  123. Write a controversial post
  124. Post something cute or funny
  125. Create a ‘best of’ list (ie, blog posts, fb live videos etc)
  126. Offer to help someone for free
  127. Repost viral photos
  128. Share what’s on your mind
  129. Publish a short text of a new article from your blog, inviting your audience to see the full story on your page
  130. Create curiosity about your product or service
  131. Share posts from your local community
  132. Re-post customer photos
  133. ‘Throwback’ photos
  134. Live demonstrations
  135. Tutorials
  136. Hashtags
  137. Share helpful articles (yours and other peoples)
  138. Post holiday greetings!
  139. Tell the story behind the creation of a new product, project or service
  140. Share your company accomplishments
  141. Create a photo sharing threads (eg share a photo of your office pet and ash other to do the same!)
  142. Tell your audience about your experience in an event, fair, summit, course, etc
  143. Share your business vision
  144. Ask your followers about their needs
  145. Share a list of your favourite apps
  146. Share commercials
  147. Give discounts
  148. Create a regular series (eg a ‘how to’ post every Thursday)
  149. Re-share your top performing posts
  150. Get creative with emojis
  151. Share the agenda of events you will be attending and invite your contacts to meet you there!
  152. Give away something free
  153. Repurpose blog graphics
  154. Share a statistic
  155. Share a survey
  156. Share a quiz
  157. How-to videos
  158. Twitter Q&A sessions
  159. Share your Spotify playlists
  160. Share your YouTube playlists
  161. Cross promote YouTube videos from other people
  162. Share a product reviews
  163. Ask for customer feedback
  164. Host a twitter chat
  165. Write a "on this day in history" post
  166. Write ‘day of the year’ posts (eg National Eat Your Breakfast Month, Pirate Day etc)
  167. Image Zooms - take a super close up photo of something and ask your audience to guess what it is!
  168. Write positive reviews of books you’ve read lately
  169. Host a watch party
  170. Promote email sign-ups
  171. Promote an offer
  172. Links to free resources
  173. Share your lessons learned
  174. Posts showing your company's culture
  175. photos from company events
  176. Start a conversation with a leader in your industry
  177. Curated content
  178. Posts a Memes related to your industry or target market
  179. Post a GIF related to your industry or target market
  180. Share product/company videos
  181. Post about a webinar you’ll be running
  182. Share a ‘before and after’ photo of something you worked on
  183. Ask customers for suggestions for a new product
  184. Post an expert tip (about your product or one you use)
  185. Tell stories and relate them back to your audience
  186. Post original research
  187. Try original long-form content
  188. Do a little bragging!

Phew that was a LOT of social media post ideas!!!

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