5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Business [VIDEO]




What I want to do today is talk about a couple of ways that you can help keep yourself motivated when you are an online business owner!

When you run your own business, you're sat at home by yourself most of the day and you're trying to figure out how on earth you're going to get up, get out of bed, get dressed, get yourself sorted and stay visible...

...and make sure that you are doing what you need to be doing in your business to start making it really successful and profitable for you.

Let's talk about a couple of ways that you can stay really motivated and really get that energy up for when you are working in your business! 

Because when you're working by yourself it can sometimes be really tough, right ?

You're at home in your office, or at a desk by yourself and you can spend eight hours a day sitting there with nobody around to talk to.

It's not like in an office, a shop or any other type of business where you've got other people that you can go in and chat to!

You can get up and go and make coffee for a sneaky break and chat to someone around the water cooler!

You can't really do that when you're in business and you're working from home.

Sometimes it can be really tough to stay motivated and inspired on really simple things, like getting started in the morning - and you know what happens when you have that slumber 3 o'clock...!

Do you say ‘‘I’m done for today, I’ve had enough’’ and stop working, or have a way to break through?

Here's a couple of tricks that I use to stay motivated as a Entrepreneur:


Motivation Tip #1: The Jar of Hearts

One of them is called ‘‘The Jar of Hearts’’ and I sent this out on email this morning so if you signed up to my email list you should have got that through!

But for those of you who aren't on my VIP list I wanted to make sure that I shared it with you as well!

This can be really powerful!

So, all you've got to do is grab yourself a little glass jar (like a mason jar, an old jam jar, or whatever you have to hand) or you can go really cool and get yourself something beautiful that you absolutely love having!

For instance I love gold.

Gold is in everything so even like my pen pots up are all gold!

So, grab yourself some sort of jar if you want to, decorate it!

Get some post-it notes (you can either use just the normal sticky notes or you can be super cool and get yourself some of the really teeny tiny little ones!)

All you're going to do is write down some tiny little notes, affirmations, words and things that are going to help you stay motivated!

For instance:

  • Every time somebody says something awesome about you or your business...
  • Every time someone sends you a message...
  • Each time someone comments on your Facebook Live or a post and tells you how you helped them or thanks you...

Just grab a sticky note, write it down and pop it in your jar!

You can also write anything else you like too, like little daily affirmations and self-care affirmations.


  • "I am enough"
  • "I am more than enough"
  • "I've got this!"
  • "I can do this!"
  • "I am successful"
  • "Money is flowing to me"

Whenever you're having a moment of nervousness, anxiety, fear, doubt, feeling down or hopeless, or you just don't feel like working!...

...Just grab one of those little notes out of your jar and it's like a little post it note pick me up!

Grab one and read it and keep going through them until you start to feel a little bit more excited, more enthusiastic and motivated about what you're going to do!

And by the way if you do the Jar of Hearts please let me see your pictures of your Jar!

Post them here or if you're a member of the Female Coaches Lounge I'd love you to share them with us in there as well! 


Motivation Tip #2: Stay Well Dressed

The second tip is that another thing that us entrepreneurs do, is because we're working from home, if we don't have to dress up, we don't, right?

Admit it, sometimes you just don't feel like getting dressed in the morning and working in your PJ's!  (I know I do!!)

And that's totally fine to do sometimes when you feel like it.

It's nice to just wear cosy joggers, and a fluffy jumper and socks!

But if you do this too often...

  • It can make you feel more secluded (because you feel like you can't get visible online when you're in pj's!  Female entrepreneurs especially usually want to have hair and makeup done before we do things like videos, Lives and trainings etc

So, get yourself dressed up!  Do your hair, do your makeup, grab on a pretty top!

If you still want to wear joggers on your bottom half that's absolutely fine!  No-one will be any the wiser! 

It is actually proven that by being more dressed up you hold yourself, present yourself and think about yourself in a different way.

You're dressing to impress - but you're not dressing to impress anybody else.

You're dressing to impress yourself! 

This doesn't have to take much time though! 

I normally wear my hair up all day long!  If I'm doing a FB Live 9/10 I'm just going to chuck it down and part it in the middle because it makes me feel a bit better about doing going Live in front of thousands of people!

The more confident you feel, the more likely you are to stay visible online for your audience.

It also does keep you more motivated because you're already dressed up so you can jump on Live really quickly without having to think about it!

For female entrepreneurs especially, something that really holds us back is that we're so worried about what we're going to look like, how we're going to feel about ourselves and what other people might think / feel / say about us! 

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Motivation Tip #3: Enjoy Yourself While You're Working!

My third motivational tip is something that you probably do already - but if you don't...

Grab a YouTube playlist, stick it on in the background pop some really happy, upbeat music going!

I love to get my favorite summer songs going on in the background and go a little crazy!

I sing to myself (and the dog!) while I'm working and why should I?!

Dance around your office and be a bit daft every now again!  It's absolutely fine!!

...And you know there's no one there to see you!  

Music is a great way to lift your spirits and keep you motivated.  It jogs your memory and brings back happy memories too. 


Motivation Tip #4: Make a Vision Board


This is my vision board and I have this up on the wall behind my desk!

Every time I walk into my office, I get to see this and these are all the things that I want, desire or am aiming for in my life right now!

I've got affirmations, beautiful holiday destinations, shoes... 

Vision boards are really great to keep you motivated, focused and inspired!

Just pick things that make you happy!  I've even got a cute dress on there that I like!

So, grab a vision board make one yourself hang it in your office!


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Motivation TiP #5: Screensavers

Who doesn't love a beautiful photo?  I have them on my computer, tablet & phone!

On my phone is this one right here:


It's a personal self-care screensaver which has a ton of positive affirmations on!  I absolutely love it!  You can get it for free from the lovely Natalie at DoodleCraft!!

Another favourite screensaver I used to have was: Wakeup, get up, get dressed and get things done!

It was on my phone, so that when I reached for my phone every morning I saw it, and it reminded me to get started for the day ahead! 

I hope you found these motivational tips helpful!

Remember if you want more help from me, I'm here for you!  Click here to have a chat with me and come and join us in the Female Coaches Lounge!




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