How to Tailor Your Marketing to Your Ideal Client

I'm going to let you in on a secret: not everyone who buys your product or service is the same. You must learn how to tailor your marketing to each type of client.

Let me explain.

Let's say you sell headphones. You sell them to people who need headphones - but there are many different types of people who need headphones right?

  1. You sell them to gamers
  2. You sell to runners
  3. You sell to 'listeners' - people who love listening to podcasts or audiobooks

You sell to each type of person by showing the value of your headphones for each of them.

In the headphone example:

  • The Gamers - "They have great surround sound so you can hear people sneaking up on you"
  • The Runners - "They won’t fall out while you're running or working out in the gym"
  • The Listeners - "These headphones are noise cancelling too lessen outside distractions so you can focus on the story or podcast"

It makes perfect sense right? Thinking of your consumers in this way will help to open your mind up to new possibilities and new markets to target.

You need to tailor your advertising to your customers and clients and tell them how your product will benefit them specifically.

I've just been looking at headphones for my son for Christmas but I'd also like some for myself. My son likes to play the XBox (specifically 'Fortnite' at the moment!) and he needs headphones so that he can hear people sneaking up on him (and the rest of us can still hold a normal conversation without the tv being so loud!)

I'd like some new headphones too. I'm not a gamer, but I love listening to podcasts and audio books, especially when I'm out walking the dog. So to me, it's important that they minimise outside noise; but surround sound isn't so important.

If I were to see an advert online for headphones with great surround sound - I'd think of my son. If I were to see something that had a woman listening to an audiobook, and it said that these particular headphone minimises distractions with its 'noise cancelling capabilities', I'd be interested in them for myself.

The product may be the same (if these particular headphones happened to do both) but the advertising speaks to a completely different market.

How Can You Target Different Clients With Your Marketing?


  • Write down a list of all the types of people that use your product or service. Think outside the box here, there will be many more than first come to mind!
  • What do these clients use your product or service for? what does it help them with?
  • Next, list the reasons why your product or service can help each specific type of client
  • Create some marketing for each client and use targeted ads to make sure you reach them!

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