The Secret About Emails Lists & a Free Tool


The Secret to Building an Amazing Email List

Today I want to talk to you about email lists. It’s a hot subject over at the Empowered Entrepreneurs Club on Facebook so I thought I’d take a deeper look into it.

Today I want to talk about being a subscriber, not about having subscribers.

If you want to gain new subscribers to your own email list, and you want to keep them engaged and happy, then you need to look at what being a subscriber actually means!

The easiest way to do that is to look at your own behaviour.

How many email lists and subscriptions do you think you belong to?

10? 20? 30? More?

There’s an easy way to find out!

I’ll get there in just a sec, but I want you to think about why you are on these email lists.

Are you on my email list? If so, it’s for one of two reasons:

You signed up on my website to receive exclusive business tips & strategies via email, so you can build a better, more profitable business for yourself


You received a free guide, template, eBook, checklist or something else that would help you in your business and decided to stick around because you love the huge value I share!


WHY Are You On My Email List?

  • Why did you decide to stick around after you got your freebie?
  • Why do you open and read the emails I send you?

Hopefully, your answer is “because Lesley gives me insight into things!” Or “because I learn something new every week!”

And that’s my point. You must provide value to your subscribers!

I love helping business owners to create a lifestyle that suits them – whether you want to work 24/7 or you want your business to run a bit more on autopilot, so you can spend more time with your family and friends!

It’s the entire goal of Notton House Academy. It’s why I do what I do!

I love giving you amazing tips and tricks to enable you to do those things.

And you come to expect that from me. In turn, you are excited for my emails and love reading them!

This is what you have to create with your own email list.

“Your subscribers are the most important part of your business.”

You Must Look After Your Email List!

If you offer a free guide, mini course, video, template or something else, you need to be able to follow up with your subscribers and give them more value every single time.

By doing this, you will create a loyal following, engaged readers and happy customers.

Let's Look At Your Own Email List Subscriptions, As Promised!

In a minute, head over to

It’s a free tool that checks your email to see who you have a subscription to, and in just one click, you can unsubscribe from them!

Look at each subscription carefully and choose whether to stay with them, if they provide information that helps you, or are beneficial to you in some way.

Leave if it’s purely spammy 'selling emails' 99% of the time!

As you do this, you’ll understand consumer behaviour even more – and you’ll know what to do and what not to do with your own treasured email list!


Did I hear that right?

You may wonder why I’m telling you about it – isn’t it dangerous for me to do this? What if you unsubscribe from me?!

Well, yes to be honest, I do run that risk.

But I know that if you’ve come this far with me, you are serious about building a better business, you love the tips I’ve been giving you and you want more!

So there you have it! The secret about email lists!  + a free tool to help you manage your own personal subscriptions!


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