Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts - Today!

9 Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts Today!

Consistently writing great content is key. If you don’t have a blog yet – WHY NOT?! (Yep, I’m yelling at you – you must have one!)  Find out why you MUST have a blog.

Back? Ok, great let’s get in to learning how to improve your blog posts!

So you’re writing content for your blog. You may even by writing a post a week – which is fantastic and definitely the way to go.

But are your statistics still low? Are you having trouble converting your blog readers into real customers? You know, actually giving you REAL money?

Unfortunately, writing awesome content on your blog isn’t everything. Your blog posts need to be found by readers and it needs to keep them engaged.

Let’s look at some ways you can improve your blog posts, today!

Structure Your Blog Post

You may think this is common sense, but do you know why you need to do it?

By structuring your blog post, you keep focused on the topic at hand and wont waffle!

You make the blog post easy to read and navigate for the viewer. Most people scan read blog posts until something captures their attention. Once something strikes a note with them, they’ll focus more and read on.

“Your headlines are the first and sometimes the only chance you get to grab readers attention. Write something that makes potential visitors want to know more about the topic.”— Steven Wilson

Use Headers

Think of headers like chapters in a book. Capture your readers attention with clever use of headers.

Headers are one of the most important ways to optimise your blog and website for search engines (SEO). Google will love you.

Break It Up

Another way to improve your blog posts is to use images, graphics and short videos or gifs to add interest.

Humans are pretty fickle creatures and we get bored easily! No-one wants to read a huge chunk of text (back to school anyone?!) so break it up with images and even add in calls to action.


Hit Return

The simplest thing you can do that will improve your blog posts in a matter of minutes is to hit the return key.

Writing shorter sentences and breaking up paragraphs will immediately:

  • make your post easier on the eye
  • quicker to read
  • seem like less of a ‘time suck’ for your reader.

Use the Hemingway App once you’ve written your blog post and check it’s readability score!

Hemingway App – I love this app! Copy and paste your text into the ‘write’ section and it highlights hard to read sentences and more!

Include Quotes & Statistics

Using quotes and statistics in your article will set you up as an expert. Remember why people buy from you… Because they know, like and trust you! It’s human nature to trust an expert and you’ll keep going back to them for more once you do.

Quotes are also a great way to easily and quickly improve your blog posts. Quotes benefits your posts by:

  • making your text more scannable
  • breaking up the text
  • adding interesting elements to keep your viewer’s attention

Be Personable

Make sure your blog posts reflects you. Always be professional, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be personable too. Know, like & trust, remember!


Perfection Matters

Be a perfectionist on your blog and website, please! Check for typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar. There’s nothing worse than reading an article (or a book or magazine) and seeing mistakes!

This is so important as simple mistakes like this can actually drive customers away!

Use the free spell checker in Microsoft Word if your blogging platform doesn’t have one built-in. Word also checks grammatical errors and now concise language too which is great!

Don’t want to use Word? Try PrePostSEO Grammar Checker – Just copy and paste your text and let it work it’s magic!

Hit A Pain Point

A really great blog post will hit on a pain point. To really connect with your audience you need to get inside their heads. You must know what their problems and pain points are. Your blog posts give tips on the solutions!

In order to touch on a pain point immediately, you need to mention it in your blog post title. The EMV Headline Analyser will test your blog post title to see if it has emotive words in it!

Remove Unwanted Info

Most blogging platforms automatically show the date when each blog post is published. Head into your dashboard and remove the date if you can. If you can’t remove it completely, you can make it the same colour as your page background so it can’t be seen.

This is also a great way to get rid of annoying tags and the name of who wrote each post. If it’s just you in your company, you don’t need to state your name of every post!

Another benefit to removing the date is that it automatically increases the longevity of your post.

For example, if you are search for SEO Audit tools and see a post dated 3 years ago (or even 1 year ago!) you will probably keep looking as things change so quickly in the SEO world. Who’s to say that post is even valid anymore?

If you are a brand new business, removing the dates on your blog posts means you won't stand out as a ‘newbie’ either!


Go through the last 5-10 blog posts you’ve written and check them against the tips to improve your blog posts that I’ve outlined. It’s worthwhile spending time on these!

Next, run your blog posts through these tools:

  • PrePost SEO Grammar Checker
  • EMV Headline Analyser
  • Hemingway App

Bonus points if you check your blog statistics and do this for your top 5 most popular posts too!

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