14 Must Have Tools For Female Entrepreneurs

Ever felt completely overwhelmed by #allthethings in your business?  There’s so much to do but don’t worry!  I have the perfect ‘must have’ list of the best tools for you all female entrepreneurs to help make your day easier!

  1. Google Docs 

This has to be first - because I simply couldn’t live without it!  In fact, I’m sitting here right now in my living room with an ice pack on my back (long story!) and using Google Docs to write this article!

Why You Should Use This Tool:

  1. It’s free!  
  2. It works seamlessly across mobile, tablet & desktop
  3. You can access, edit, download, etc wherever in the world you are
  4. You’re never tied to a desk
  5. You’re not at risk of losing your files stored on your PC / USB / external hard-drive
  6. You never have to press ‘Save’ again - or get that dreaded sinking feeling when you realise your system crashed and you forgot to save your work.
  7. Everything you create is saved automatically & hosted in the cloud
  8. You can access your documents offline too!
  9. It’s super easy to share with colleagues, keep individual or bulk files private or share with your clients
  10. It integrates with tons of other tools & apps!
  1. Zapier

Zapier is great to automate a ton of different tasks in your online business!

From cross-posting social media updates, storing files & videos, adding subscribers to email lists and so many others!

There’s a free plan too which gives you up to 5 Zaps for free!  And if you’re super savvy, this is all you’ll need!

  1. Send Pilot

Send Pilot is an awesome piece of software that drives traffic back to your website through automated & pre-scheduled social media posts for up to a year!

Simply add the RSS feed from your blog into the software and it will pick up when your next post is published!  You’ll get an email to drop in and make any edits you like (change the text, images, dates etc), set it & forget about it!

You now have traffic coming back to your website for a whole year!

  1. Tailwind Tribes

Did you know that you can use Tailwind Tribes for FREE?  


Create a free account, join a few Tribes, drop some of those gorgeous pins you’ve created for your blog posts, videos or other content and that's it!

Your Tribes will share your content for you!


  1. Google Drive

Earlier I mentioned the total awesomeness of Google Docs…

But Docs is just one part of the incredible suite of tools that Google gives you for FREE!

I love Sheets too (it’s just like Excel), Slides (instead of PowerPoint) and Drive, which is online storage!

  1. Canva

OMG, Canva is ah-mazing!

Canva is CONSTANTLY open on my browser - every time I go to close it down I find I have a new reason to use it again!

Canva is a quick and easy way to create images & graphics for your social media, blog, website & products, without any tech knowledge at all!

And if you’re worried about not being able to design anything, just use their 1000’s of free templates & photos!

I use Canva to create everything graphic related in my business!

It’s also a great place to get images of female entrepreneurs and other people to use with Remove.bg! More on Remove.bg in just a second...

  1. Creative Market

Oh the hours you could waste scrolling through this beautiful website!

Creative Market is the online marketplace for templates, fonts, design elements, blog branding and so much more!

Better yet, products are all individually priced, which means you can buy something from as little as $3!!

Free Social Media Content Plan
...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!
  1. Screencast-O-Matic

Ever wanted to record your screen?  Teach an online course?  Video a tutorial?

Screencast-O-Matic is your best friend!  It’s super simple to use (literally, anyone could do it!) and you can record your screen, from your webcam or both at the same time!

It also has a super handy (and VERY easy to use) video editor which is where I edit all my online courses!

Plans are super affordable and start at just $1.50 per month (billed yearly) - well worth it!!


  1. IFTTT

IFTTT (which stands for: If This Then That) is similar to Zapier, but calls it’s automations Applets instead of Zaps.  It’s also 100% free.

With IFTTT you can cross-post your social media updates, check the weather, link to tons of different apps and platforms, and even set it to update your calendars or welcome you home! 

  1. Remove.bg

If you’re creating a graphic in Canva (see tool #6) at some point, you’re going to want to remove the background from a photo of a person.

With Remove.bg you literally upload the photo & download the new file - background removed!

Easy as pie!

You can get as many small sized files as you like for free, but you can also pay for higher res files - just choose the resolution you need!

TIP:  For social media images and your blog, you’re probably only going to need the smaller sized files!

I don't go one day in my business without using any of these tools - expect maybe Creative Market, or else I’d be in trouble!!!

  1. Kajabi

A couple years ago, I noticed that all the big names were using a similar platform to host their online courses.  People like James Wedmore, Zach Spuckler…

And so of course I had to find out what they were using. 

The answer is Kajabi - but it’s not JUST for online courses, which is something it does very well!

I completely switched EVERYTHING over to Kajabi in one easy move…

My website, The £100K Club, The Content Creators Vault, my email service provider, webinar hosting… you name it, Kajabi does it.  And they do it BRILLIANTLY!

Kajabi even has built in sales funnel templates (they call them Pipelines) which take you step-by-step through exactly what to do!

Oh and with 24/7 chat support, you’re never stuck for more than a minute!

Hats off Kajabi, I love you!

  1. T4S

And speaking of sales funnels… If you’re looking for a Clickfunnels alternative, check out T4S

T4S was created by my friend Simon and it's a quick and easy way to create sales funnels for your online business at a fraction of the cost of Click Funnels!

  1. Squarespace

People often ask me what website platform I recommend, and I always say Squarespace (if you haven’t got the budget for Kajabi just yet).

It’s intuitive, drag & drop, looks beautiful and I used them for two of my websites for years.

  1. PayPal

I know it may seem obvious, but it amazes me how many entrepreneurs still don't have PayPal integrated into their website and sales pages!  

I know people who simply won't purchase ANYTHING online if they can’t do it through PayPal - it gives them the trust and confidence they need to make a payment!

On the flip side of that, as a female entrepreneur myself, I get so annoyed when I have to stop what I’m doing, get up, go find my hand back, locate my purse, rummage through for my bank card and then fill out a ton of fields just to pay for something!

With PayPal, it’s literally as easy as clicking a button or two, which actually helps your sales conversions! (Trust me, you really don't want to interrupt the sales flow by forcing your customer to do ALL those other things just to make a payment!)

So that’s it!

My 14 must have tools for female entrepreneurs!  Which one is your favourite?  Do you have any others to add?  I’d love to know!

Ps - If you found this post helpful, please share it with other awesome women in business so they can benefit from it too!

You’ll be like Santa in July! :)


Note: Some of these links are affiliate links because I love them so much that I'm happy to recommend them!  If you decide to purchase any of the paid versions of these products through my link, I may get a small commission, but it won't cost you a penny extra!  I ONLY ever recommend tools, products, software, service that I love and use myself, so take a dip in to these fab must have tools and save yourself a bunch of time!


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