5 Totally Unique Lead Magnets to Grow Your Audience


Are you tired of living month to month and constantly trying to find new leads and clients?

When I first started my coaching business, I have to admit, I panicked!

I went from being a Wedding & Portrait Photographer and having people come to me all the time to book me as their photographer to launching a brand new business, in a brand new county, where I knew no-one other than my husband & kids!

And my pooch, who is still the best work buddy anyone can ask for, although she never makes the tea!

All those same thoughts played on my mind…

  • How will I get clients?
  • What if no-one buys my stuff?
  • How can I get noticed in such a competitive industry?
  • Why would they choose me over him or her?
  • How can I grow my audience and show I’m the expert?
  • How do I build the like, know & trust factor?
  • Holy moly, why did I decide that this was a good idea?!!!!
  • And oh god.. so many more!

No matter how good you are at something, those same doubts always cross your mind.

But there was one thing I KNEW I could do, and do REALLY well.

I could launch and grow a business and make it profitable & successful.

You see, it’s because I’d already done it!

Being a Photographer is totally different from being a Business, Marketing & Success Coach… and it’s exactly the same too.

You see, back in 2008 when I started my photography business, I had the EXACT same doubts and fears!

And once I realised this, my whole mindset shifted.

I knew I could do this, because I ALREADY HAD.

So I applied my knowledge, experience and expertise to my coaching business.

The very first thing I did was to start building my audience.

Even before I had anything to sell. - Yep BEFORE, I had figured out my prices & packages and before I finished my website or had business cards printed.

I knew that my number one priority was to grow my audience and get noticed.

To me, my audience lives in two places - both equally as important as the other.

My email list, and my Facebook Group.

And so I sat down to think about how I could attract my ideal clients - other female entrepreneurs with online businesses - into my community.

By far, my favourite way to do this was to create irresistible lead magnets.

I LOVE creating content!  In fact, I usually have to slam on the brakes so I don't create so much content that it overwhelms people!

And there are a ton of ways you can use lead magnets to attract your ideal clients - most of which you’ve probably heard before.

And if you haven’t, or want those ideas too, check out this blog post!

...and never get stuck on what to post (or when!) again!


But today I wanted to share with you 5 totally unique lead magnet ideas that will help you grow your audience - quickly & easily.

And the best bit is that you don’t have to actually CREATE anything new at all!

These unique lead magnet ideas (or freebie ideas) all come from content you have ALREADY CREATED.

All you’re going to do is to put them into a different format - an eBook.

But not just any old eBook that you spend a couple of hours creating in Canva, Word, or Google Docs.

Hell no.

These lead magnets are going to be created in just a few minutes (like, 5 minutes - and that’s if you’re a perfectionist like me!)

So here you go…

5 'Out of the Box', Totally Unique Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Audience and Your Email List

1.  Facebook Group Lead Magnets

If you have your own Facebook Group, this one is a must have for any entrepreneur!

You know all that valuable content, tips and nuggets of pure gold that you post?

Why not grab that info and put it into an eBook for your Members?

If you have weekly or monthly themes in your group, you can easily collate that information all in one place!

Let’s say you have monthly themes.  For the Female Coaches Lounge, the first three months of 2020, our themes have been Lead Generation, Mindset & Content Creation.

That gives me three brand new lead magnets, all very topic specific, that I can use in a couple of ways:

  1. Upload the eBook as a File within your Facebook Group to gift to your Members
  2. Share the eBook as a Lead Magnet via a link & signup page to encourage Members of your Group who haven’t already opted in to your email list, to subscribe
  3. Use the eBook as a welcome gift to encourage new members to join your Group
  4. Create a Resources Page on your Website and ask visitors to subscribe to access the Page (have it password protected) or opt in to receive each eBook as you would with any other lead magnet or freebie
  5. Send the eBook to your current email subscribers as a gift OR to encourage them to join your Facebook Group

And those are just a few ideas off the top of my head!  I’m sure you can think of even more ways to use them!

Oh and bonus - you could do this with your Page too!

2.  Podcast Transcript

Do you have a podcast?  Or have you been interviewed on another podcast?

For your own podcast, why not have the audio file transcribed into a gorgeous PDF, complete with links & images!

You can then upload to your website, blog or wherever you host your podcast and listeners can download the written version too.

I love listening to podcasts, but it's something I do in my own time, so to speak, rather than when I’m in work mode.

If I’m in work mode and perhaps googled how to do something, and the answer pops up as a podcast, I very rarely listen to it, but I will scan read a document or article to see if my answers are in there.

Amy Porterfield does this very well on her podcast!  Every single one has a downloadable PDF transcript, so I’m happy to read through it!

You can also add your content upgrade inside the PDF to encourage readers to opt in to your email list, or have the PDF itself as your lead magnet so they opt in to your email list to get it!

If you are a guest expert on someone else’s podcast, why not offer to create a quick eBook of the content for them and gift it to them?  If it’s something they don’t already do, they’ll really appreciate it!

3.  YouTube Content Upgrade

Think this won't work for YouTube?  Think again!

Why do people watch YouTube videos?

Other than to watch cute puppies or humans doing daft things…

That’s right, to learn how to do something!

So what if your YouTube video had a content upgrade, which was a step by step written guide of what the video talks about?

You could even create a series of videos and collate all the information into one PDF Guide!

Don’t forget to link this one to your email list via an opt in form!

4.  Facebook Live Notes / Q&A

One more idea for you Facebook users!

Loving Facebook Live?  Here’s a quick tip for you!

Before you start your Live, write out your transcript in Word, or my personal preference, Google Docs.

You don't have to read it word for word (in fact, I recommend you don’t!) but having it written out first does 3 major things for you!

Having a script written up & showing on your screen while you go live is:

  1. A great way to give you more courage and confidence
  2. Ensures you don’t get off track and start chatting about something completely random
  3. Ensures you don’t forget to mention something important!

You can then use your script, make a couple of tweaks, ‘pretty’ it up and use it as a Lead Magnet & include a couple of bonus tips or some of the Q&A’s that happened during your Live!

Bonus… you can also use it as the basis of a blog post or email!

5.  5-Day Challenge Tasks

I love hosting 5 day challenges!

But what do you do with all that amazing content when the challenge is over?

Just forget about it?

I hope not!!

Instead of letting all that amazing, juicy content fly away with the wind, you could create an eBook holding all of the Challenge Tasks, a bumper Q&A segment, links to resources you mentioned, examples and so much more!

So what do you do with this eBook?

  1. You can give it away for free as a thank you to members for taking part in the challenge
  2. You can sell it as a stand-alone product to challenge participants
  3. Use it as a bonus to your main course / membership / service or product that you sell at the end of the challenge


What do you think?  Do you love those ideas?

I hope your mind is whirling now with new lead magnet ideas, and I’ve proved to you that lead magnets are anything but boring!  Who needs a checklist when you can do all these totally unique lead magnets?!



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