Will Writing a Book Get Me More Clients?

I have to admit, writing a book has been on my radar for quite some time.

In fact, all through my life, I’ve written stories and started various fiction and non-fiction books, purely because I love writing and have so much to say!

But writing a book for my business, as a way to generate more visibility and be able to reach and help thousands of more entrepreneurs, - that is something that I AM going to do - and finish!

Today I’m honoured to bring you a fabulous guest blog post by Publishing Consultant & Coach, Jessica Killingley!

Over to you, Jessica… :)


Will Writing a Book Get Me More Clients?

Picture the scene:

You’re working on a PR strategy to try and get yourself some media coverage, but coming up with new angles is HARD, when the day-to-day of your business…just isn’t that newsworthy!

Or how about:

You see a competitor is on the line-up to speak at an event that you’ve been DYING to get yourself into. But you just couldn’t get a response out of the organiser when you pitched yourself.

Or maybe:

The endless rounds of launching and the scramble to constantly get new leads into your business is just EXHAUSTING.

Any of this sound familiar?

These are all challenges that entrepreneurs face every day as we try to grow our businesses. And it’s not just a problem that affects startups. Even established brands can fall into the rut of struggling to get more eyes on their business.

Of course, there is plenty of small business advice out there that can help with strategies to tackle each of these problems individually, but what if I were to tell you that there was one incredible tool that could make all of these headaches disappear together?

No, I’m not about to sell you some whizzy new software or productivity hack!

I am, of course, talking about writing your own book.

Writing a book is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can create to leverage your intellectual property, grow your influence and increase your impact.

Whatever your current business model, however you might work with customers or clients, a book is going to reach a far, far wider audience than you ever can through 1:1 work or even group programmes and courses.

A book is an incredible authority marker.

It gives you instant credibility in your field and automatically positions you as an expert - and one that knows enough about her stuff to write upwards of 30,000 words about it!

If you think of some of the biggest names in the business and personal development space - they’ve ALL got a book to their name!

Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gabby Bernstein, Brene Brown, Jen Sincero have all used books as a central part of their strategy to grow their profiles.

Do you want to know exactly how you can do that too?

Keep reading for these 5 reasons to help you see just how impactful a book can be for your business.


1) Getting You Clarity On Your Business Goals And Objectives
This is perhaps a surprising one to start off with, and maybe not what you were expecting!

But here’s the thing, I’m not going to pretend that writing a book is the easiest thing you can do.

It’s probably going to take you between 6-9 months to write and publish something that’s a great ambassador for your business and profile.

There may be people on the internet that tell you it can be done in 30 days, and to that I say, well sure, but it won’t be any good!

If you are going to take the time away from other tasks in your business to get the book written, then you need be absolutely crystal clear that you are writing the RIGHT book. And to do that, you have to plan it out carefully within the context of where you are taking your business.

Ask yourself:

‘What do I want to be known for?’

Lots of people often have an idea for a book, but once you dig into it, it’s not really aligned with their future vision for their business.

The halo effect of this process is that it can really help you look at what you want to achieve and what you want the outcome of the book to be for you and your business.


2) Build Know, Like And Trust As An Entrepreneur

Writing your book is an incredibly efficient way of establishing Know, Like & Trust with your reader and potential client.

If someone wants to know more about how you operate, what results you get, what your values are, then they can spend a few months getting to know you on social media, visit your website to read your blog and follow along with your Facebook Lives.

OR they can read your book (and pay you for the privilege no less!).

Think about a time when you might have been making a decision about whether to invest money with a coach for example.

We do our due diligence before we commit to spending what could be 4 or 5 figures with someone, and that includes checking them out on Amazon.

How many people do you think bought ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch’ by Denise Duffield Thomas, before they decided to invest in her Money Bootcamp programme? (or indeed picked up the book as an affordable alternative when they couldn’t pay the course fees?).

I can’t tell you the exact answer to that question, but it was enough to help her grow a 7-figure business and attract the attention of the world’s biggest self-help publisher, Hay House, to offer her a deal for her 3rd book.


3) Leverage What You’re Already Doing By Becoming An Author

Australian Million Dollar Coach Taki Moore always advises his community to ‘Work Hard Once’.

Not only does that apply to the concentrated effort of writing the book in the first place, allowing you to reap the benefit of it for many years to come, but it also applies to the actual content.

If you are building your business using a content marketing strategy, then you will already be crafting thoughtful content that you know resonates with your target audience.

When it comes to planning out your chapter breakdown and starting to write, you may find you already have a wealth of content that can be repurposed.

Emails, blog posts, video transcripts all could get a second life worked into chapters of your book. Equally as you are writing new material, road test sections as blog posts or emails to see what gets the most engagement from your community.

Do you find that people constantly come to you with roughly the same problems and questions?

And that time and again, you help people by working them through a particular model or framework? Take that as a big flashing neon arrow - that’s what your book needs to be about!

Then you have a ready-made tool to offer them, which leads us neatly on to reason number four.


4) It’s A Powerful Lead Magnet

There are two ways that a book can be a lead magnet for you.

The first, is quite literally as a lead magnet or free opt-in.

You may have the content to hand to put together a short eBook that can be given away in exchange for someone’s email address. It’s a perfect taster of what you do, how you help people and what you can teach them.

The second way is more of a slow burn, but no less effective (and certainly with the potential to be more lucrative).

When we think about the messaging that we use as part of our marketing strategies, one of the things we frequently need to address is the question ‘what does somebody need to believe about themselves before they are ready to work with you’.

You may have the best coaching programme in the world, but if that potential client doesn’t see themselves as someone that sticks with things, then they’re never going to convert.

Your book is the tool that helps them answer that question about themselves. It can help them see how something IS possible for them.

If it’s been planned, structured and written in the right way, then your book is going to lead that reader right to your front door and begging to work with you! The right book will turn readers into engaged and loyal clients, which is where you start to see the return on investment for the time it took to write it.


5) A Book Is An Amazing Calling Card For Growing Your Visibility

We’ve already looked at how great a book is at establishing your authority and expert status, but how do you go about actually capitalising on that?

Part of the process of getting ready to publish, looks at focusing your attention at how you are growing your tribe - so that when the book comes out, you’ve got the largest possible eager audience waiting for it.

Talking about the book to your community as part of your launch strategy also serves to generate amazing (new! interesting!) content whilst also building anticipation for the book itself.

Having the book out is also a great tool for PR.

It gives you a reason to reach out to the kinds of places where your ideal readers and clients are to be found and it gives you an interesting story to pitch with.

Whether that’s mainstream national media or niche blogs and podcasts, pitching yourself for interviews, reviews and feature coverage because you’ve got a book coming out is always going to get you more attention than someone peddling the same old story.

And finally of course, it can be the key that opens the door to more speaking engagements.

Having a book to send to a event organiser is a fantastic way of showing your professionalism, expert status and knowledge. It sets you apart from the competition by showing that are committed and focused enough in the first place to actually get it written.


Everyone says they want to write a book; but if you want to give your business a real boost and get more clients, be one of the very, very few people that actually follows through and gets it done.

Author Bio

Jessica Killingley is a Publishing Consultant & Literary Agent who has spent 20 years working in the publishing industry. During that time she has worked for a number of major multi-award-winning UK publishing houses, worked with hundreds of authors and created countless bestsellers.



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