Psssstt... Calling all online business owners looking to get more sales, more focus and take their business to the next level:

"Just email your list", they said...

"Just keep posting on social media" they said...

"Just keep providing value and the sales will come" they said...


I'm sure you've heard it all before...

But NONE of that matters if you're not getting sales, right?


Building relationships, nurturing your audience and being the Expert is great - but what do you do while all that is building?

How do you make sales each month and how do you know what's actually working in your business?

You've done all the above already, right?

You've tried social media, you've active in Facebook Groups, you're going Live and building your authority...


But you STILL sit at your computer in the morning and stare hopelessly at a blinking cursor...

...while you try to figure out what you should be doing today to get more sales.


...And let's be honest, that SUCKS.


You start to feel useless, like you don't have what it takes, that maybe you're just not cut out for this...

That there's something wrong with YOU...

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I know how frustrating this is because I've been there, too.

I used to feel the exact same way, an I kept thinking that something was missing, that perhaps I didn't know how to do something...

So I spent THOUSANDS on online courses, programs and coaching, trying to find that missing piece...

But after months of study and hard work, paying a small fortune for tools, software, courses & programs, I was STILL no better off.

What I'm about to share with you might just be that elusive missing piece of the puzzle...

And you'll be happy to know that it's not rocket science or a missing part of your DNA that 'successful people' have that you don't...

And that's why I'm so excited to share with you the one simple thing that you've been searching for...

The simple strategy to creating a sales and marketing plan that brings you Ideal Clients, helps you reach your goals with ease and grows your business week after week, month after month.


Imagine How Fast Your Business Would Grow if You…

    • Knew exactly how to get crystal clear on your financial goals and have an actionable plan in place to achieve them


    • Understood how to properly review your last 90 days so you can do more of what's working (and less of what's not!)


    • Followed the powerful and simple method to create a sales & marketing plan you can stick to - that generates consistent income every month


    • Had step-by-step, crumb-by-crumb instructions on how to grow & scale your business using the Cash Calendar to make sure you have everything ready & in place  - without getting overwhelmed


    • Could plan your products, services & offers and know when to market them to reach your ideal clients with ease
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"Lesley is AWESOME!  She took me from a state of confusion, overwhelm and feeling stuck, to developing clarity on my life & goals."

- Kara P


'The Cash Calendar'

The marketing & sales system to catapult you to 5 figure months and beyond.

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Achieve Your Sales Goals

with easy to action plans that are created specifically for you and your business

Create A Promotional Plan

with products, services and offers that give you a consistent income each month

Weave Special Occasions & Holidays Into Your Marketing

to keep your content, emails & offers relevant & up to date

Track Your Growth, Social Media & Profits

so you can grow month on month and know what to focus on in your business

What's Inside The Cash Calendar...

The Success Spy

(VALUE £197)

Uncover what content is bringing you sales, track your social media audience, discover what products & services are selling the best and much more!

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Included in The Success Spy:

  • The Content Checkup - so you can see what content attracts & converts your ideal clients & grows your audience
  • The Sales Summary - so you can learn to love your numbers and discover which offers sell best, and when
  • The Client & Cash Overview - so you can easily see at a glance how many new clients you book each month and how much money you make
  • The Growth Generator - so you can keep track of your email subscribers and social media followers to consistently grow your audience 
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The Prosperity Planner

(VALUE £297)

Create an easy to follow marketing & sales plan that schedules in your offers, products & services for a success strategy that works!

Included in The Prosperity Planner:

  • Your Personal 12 Month Cash Calendar - so you can stay focused and have complete clarity with what you're selling each month
  • The 90 Day Plan - to define your goals and create action plans to achieve them
  • Product Planner - to keep track of what products you have, what you are creating and what you need to do with them before you launch
  • Sales Goal Tracker - to define and focus on your monthly & quarterly financial goals, with weekly check-ins to keep you motivated and on track!
  • Holiday & Special Events Planner - so you can create content, sales & marketing around special occasions and boost your reach & sales
  • Promotional Planner - so you can map out exactly what you are selling and when for a consistent monthly income
  • Flash Sales & Quick Wins - discover quick and easy ways to make money and how to incorporate them into your monthly promotional plan so you can boost your monthly income at any time!

Let's get you set up for success, shall we?


Total Value: £925

Usual Price: £197

Today's Price: £47


Bonuses To Boost Your Success...


Bonus #1: Weekly 'Ask Me Anything' Coaching Sessions (VALUE £297 EACH)

Exclusive access to the Female Coaches Lounge, my incredible Facebook Community where you can join us for FREE weekly Coaching Calls every Friday!

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Bonus #2:  Financial Abundance Affirmations Audio (VALUE £37)

Get your hands on all the best financial affirmations that I personally have used to keep my mind in a growth & abundance mindset!

Listen to this powerful audio every morning & evening to reinforce a positive money mindset, empower yourself and know that everything you want is right there waiting for you!

Bonus #3: Goal Getting Masterclass (VALUE £97)

Take a deep dive with me into not just setting your goals, but getting your goals too!

Uncover how to set goals in a way that works for you, how to achieve those goals, deal with 'naysayers', keep motivated

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Frequently Asked Questions

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"Lesley has really helped my clarify my ideas & move forward which had a direct impact on my business"

- Emma J

Total Value: £925

Usual Price: £197

Today's Price: £47


The 'Fluff-Free' Guarantee

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I don't do fluff.  Or frills.  Or average.  And I believe that you are the kind of person that respects that.

You want results.  And you want a business that brings you new leads, clients, sales & a consistent income in a way that is easy to plan, deliver and make an impact in your space.

I believe in the Cash Calendar so thoroughly, that if at anytime over the next 7 days, you don't believe that you've been equipped with the tools and a system to help you achieve your goals, just send me an email and I'll refund you everything.  I wouldn't feel right keeping your money if you're not happy anyway!

It's time to get serious about success!




I believe that success is made up of 3 key components:

Mindset + Strategy + Action

Miss even one of these things, and you'll struggle.

Unfortunately, that's where many entrepreneurs fall flat - they may have an abundant, positive mindset but they lack the strategy and the action to make it work.

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After being in business for over 12 years, I can honestly tell you that all 3 things are CRITICAL - and that planning in your business is the number one most important thing you can do if you want to grow, scale and make sales consistently.

That's why I created the Cash Calendar.

Each element has been specifically crafted by me to enable you to track, measure, grow & scale - all the while creating content and offers that your Ideal Clients will love - and giving you that consistent income you need to run the business you love so much.

Let's Recap...

Get Instant Access To:

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✅ The Success Spy (Value £197)

✅ The Prosperity Planner (Value £297)

✅ Unlimited Lifetime Access (Value £Priceless)

✅ BONUS: Weekly 'Ask Me Anything' Coaching Sessions (Value £297 EACH)

✅ BONUS: Financial Abundance Affirmations Audio (Value £37)

✅ BONUS: Goal Getting Masterclass (Value £97)

Total Value: £925

Usual Price: £197

Today's Price: £47


Allow Me To Be So Bold...

This isn't just a quick PDF of a guide with a few hints & tips in that you're getting here.

Hell No.

The Cash Calendar is the backbone of your entire online business.

It's how you know what works in your industry, in your niche and with your audience.


There is no 'one-size-fits-all' in business.

Which is exactly why the Cash Calendar was specifically designed to fit YOU & YOUR BUSINESS.

Listen, if you're anything like the hundreds of other female entrepreneurs I help, you didn't go to business school.  You weren't taught how to run a business...

You probably started your own business because you wanted to do something you love, something on your own terms & something that meant you could help others - whilst still having time for your friends & family & becoming financially safe.


So let me ask you this:

  • Is that where you're at right now?
  • Do you have that financial and time freedom you so desire?
  • Are you making an impact and changing people's lives?


If you're struggling to find clients, you need to start with the INSIDE of your business first.

No amount of emails, posting on social or becoming known as an authority in your space will help you if you don't have the foundation of your business setg.

And I'm not talking about how old your ideal clients is here, I'm talking about how you will market & sell your offers.  

If you don't know that, if you have no plan set out that will work for you, then you're only going to go one way - and that's downhill - FAST.

What's standing in YOUR way from consistent success?

Don't let it be a measly £47 or the fear that you don't have what it takes.  I promise, YOU do.

All you need is a little focus, planning and strategy to take your business to the next level.  And if you've got this far, I'm pretty sure you've got the mindset down already and you're ready to go all in.


Total Value: £925

Usual Price: £197

Today's Price: £47