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42 Ways To Make Sales Today!

Never get stuck on what to sell again! Here are 42 ways that you can create new offers or sell what you already have to make money today! (Just £17)

50 Calls To Action That Convert

Get more opt-ins with this list of the best-performing & high-converting Calls To Action so you never need to say ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Buy’ again! (Just £17)

51 Ways To Ask For The Sale!

If you’re worried about sounding ‘pushy’ or feeling lost when it comes to asking for the sale, use these ick-free sales scripts for social media, email & more! (Just £17)

160 Facebook Group Engagement Posts

Boost engagement with these 160 questions, quotes, games & more (Just £17)

30 Lead-Generating Social Media Posts

Generate more leads & sales with these easy to use fill-in-the-blank scripts! (Just £17)

27 Tweaks To Boost Engagement

Get more comments on your posts and beat the Facebook Algorithm with these tiny but powerful 'tweaks'! (Just £17)

80+ Ways To Grow Your FB Group

Fill your Group with Ideal Clients with these quick & easy strategies (Just £17)

Viral Lead Magnet Templates Bundle

Create an irresistible lead magnet with these drag & drop templates (Only £37)

How To Charge High-Ticket Prices

Uncover how to charge your worth and increase your prices to attract high-ticket clients that you BOTH feel good about! (Only £37)

How I Can Help You Scale Your Online Business

Lead Generation & Sales

How to generate & sell to the hottest leads in your industry using Organic (aka FREE) marketing strategies on Facebook & email

In-Depth Training

In-depth training to help you become the best Coach, Course Creator or Online Service Provider in your market so you become the Go To Expert

1-1 Coaching/Support

I'm personally on hand to help coach and support you through the process. I'll never just palm you off to other 'experts'!


Optimise/Create Your Product Stack & Offers

I'll help you craft offers that are irresistible offers that your perfect clients can't say no to! Plus in such a saturated market, you'll need to stand out and be totally unique - I'll show you how to do exactly that!


Fill Your Audience With Ideal Clients (without FB Ads!)

Your audience is the life-blood of your business! Together, we'll fill your email list, Facebook™ Group & Profile with Ideal Clients that become raving fans and evangelists for your business!


Create High-Converting Content & Copy To Generate 100's of Leads DAILY

Now you have your offers and your audience, you need to convert them into paying clients! I've spent years mastering the art and science of high-converting content and copy and you'll uncover how to get more leads and close more sales with ease.


Easily Create Passive Income

You started your business for more freedom, right? So it's time to create passive income with your Facebook™ Group & email... I'll show you how!


Experienced Coaching

Personal coaching with me - I don't palm you off onto other 'experts'! I'm here for you when you need me, via message, voice notes and face-to-face Zoom calls

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You can grab ALL 9 Success Bundles for just £97!

PLUS! Get all NEW Kits as they are added!


Lesley Notton, The Marketing & Mindset Coach

Hey! I'm so happy you're here and are ready to scale your online business! I've been an entrepreneur for over 12 years and it's my mission to show every woman how to build a business that's fun, successful & profitable!

We do this by implementing my 'secret sauce': Authentic Automation. This is the piece of the puzzle you've been missing if you're still struggling to find clients, hit £20K+ months or you're feeling overwhelmed & burnt out.

If you're ready to hit the next level in your business, click the button to schedule a FREE call with me below and let's chat!

You'll leave the call knowing the exact next steps you need to take to scale your online business!

Click the button below to schedule a time that works for you. If you can't find one (blimmin' time zones!) then please drop me a DM here on Facebook and we'll sort something out for you!

Chat soon!


I am known for my big launches twice a year, with which I am very happy. I wanted to work with Lesley to fill the gaps between launches. And although my launch figures were good, it seemed as if I had reached a ceiling.

After working with Lesley and creating a strategy that felt really exciting for me, I now have a sale EVERY day.

This month from Feb 1 to Feb 22 I made 68 sales! Really! How cool is that? And… to make things even better, all those sales give me so much connection with my clients that my big launches even become bigger. In my last LIVE training I received 587 comments! What a way to connect with people!

Now I feel really confident. I have upscaled my strategy to a new level.

I fill my group with new prospects every week (between 20-50 new members). I sell every day without icky selling. It just flows. And I feel more connected to my people.

What I love about Lesley is that she is to the point, no fluff, no bullshit. Always action-oriented. This was exactly what I want and need. A needle mover!


Business Coach

"With just a few of Lesley's strategies, I overcame my fear of going Live AND booked 2 new clients!"


Confidence & Mindset Coach

"After just a few weeks of coaching from Lesley, I booked my first 2 sales calls and signed a brand-new client"


Health & Wellness Coach

"The coaching & strategies I have received from Lesley has had an almost 100% success rate in converting leads to clients."


Relationship Coach

"After our very first call, I knew I had found a Coach I could really connect with!

Being a new business, I knew I had a lot to learn & appreciated Lesley's ability to dig in and ask the questions that made me think about things in a different way.

If you're stuck in your business, then speak to Lesley!

I can't thank you enough Lesley for all the coaching, support, trainings & advice you have given me - you have empowered me to become a more effective business owner!"


CEO Annikka and Koko LLC

"I implemented Lesley's EAB Method and have grown my group to over 100 people in the first 24 hours and we're now on 500 members (just 4 weeks later!)"


Pregnancy & Post-Partum Coach

"I just booked my first high-ticket client as a brand-new coach!

Thank you, Lesley!"


Women's Empowerment Coach


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